The Atheist [completed] Season 1

3 years ago

There is no God, God doesn’t exist.
No he doesn’t, not on earth nor in heaven nor anywhere all over the planets.

They were taught strictly to kill and nothing else.

God never existed coz if he does, he wouldn’t have allowed his parents being brutally murdered by some sort of assassins.

Tears almost prickle down his face as he remembered the day his parents were murdered right in front of him.

it was a deadly night, a night he wished never existed.

he couldn’t do anything he only watched like a dummy.

he knocked himself over and over, he could have done something to stop it but then, he was only a young naive chap.
He fought back the tears, no room for emotions not even love.

a smile crept over the frown on his face, he was going to kill.

what was he trained for?

strictly to kill, killing is fun and surviving is life.

he stepped out into the frosty night air, the night was cold and hawkish and it caressed his skin frigidly.

he was clad in an all black ninja suit and a backpack strapped to his back containing all he needed for the mission.

he walked to the end of the street road, a power bike was there waiting for him.

he knew it would be there, like it always does whenever he had a mission to accomplish.

he jumped on the black shining bike and wore the black helmet.
it was a black night so he wanted everything black.

the bike roared to life as he kicked it, he stepped on the gears and sped into the night.

the mission would be a deadly one, he knew it.

he was going against a deadly clan called THE FACELESS.

They kill and leave no trace, like they never existed.

they had no face and were never caught, not for once.

He had five main targets he needed to eliminate. he had collected every data he needed to know about them and he found this.

Name: Richard Rodriguez
Age: 32
Nationality: Caucasian / Portuguese
Position: Night Eye
Skill: Melee Weapons (Short blade and Dagger)
Organisation: Faceless.. F.C

James Rogue
Age: 26
Nationality: Caucasian / Australian
Position: Sharp Shooter

Weapons (Sniper Rifles)
Organisation: Faceless F.C

Zhu Xin Tai
Age: 28
Nationality: Asian / china
Position: B.B, Left Hand Man
Skill: Assassin and Martial Art (Five Style Kung Fu)
Organisation: Faceless .F.C

spooky skurry
Age: 25
Nationality: Caucasian / Russian
Position: B.B, Right Hand Man
Skill: Ex-Assassin and Weapons (Guns)
Organisation: Faceless F.C.

Blake Hunter
Age: 48
Nationality: Caucasian / American
Position: B.B aka Big Boss
Skill: Unknown Martial Art and Weapons (Guns)

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