The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 5

3 years ago

“I think the faceless sent him, they know we are
coming for them”
Josh said to Jude who kept on
operating his device.

They survived the explosion by tactics but were

Jude had suggested they move out from the hotel
away from spies. They could tell that spies would
be everywhere even if they lodged into another

“where the hell is this place?”
Josh asked
confused. they had been walking for hours through
the woods in a forest.

“I want to show you something, it’s where I live”

Jude replied.

“you live in a wood?”
“not exactly”
“then where?”
“keep your calm, we will get there soon”

They continued the journey through bush paths and

Josh suddenly stopped as he saw a hill not far

“a hill in the middle of a wood?”
“yes, that’s where we’re going”

Josh opened his mouth surprised,
he couldn’t believe he was well hidden in a hill.

“here it is, we’re home”
said Jude.

“what are you talking about, this is just a big hill
with trees ….”
Josh had to keep shut as the hill he
insulted changed shape. he was dumb surprise.

“It’s a base where me and the others are working
all this time. This place is well protected and
disguised. The four corners of this hill, have some
sophisticated hologram technology that creates an
image of virtual illusion. Well hidden from
government and satelite cam.”

“Holy Molly. That’s just crazy.”

“I know, and I don’t have much time to explain.

Let’s go inside. We need to strategize and map out
our plans”

Josh nodded concurring to his opinion.
“who’s that?” asked Josh pointing to a statue of a
man in a standing posture, situated at the entrance
of the cave.

“Thats Dr. Fred. He’s the founder of this secret
base. He’s the one who saved me after I went out
to escape the explosion from the governor’s house
in Moscow years ago.

he was murdered the same year he saved me but
before he passed away, he made me swore that I
won’t revenge his death and through that he made
me a better person.

he shaped my life to what I am now. c’mon , we
need to get in now before the government’s satellite
capture our image.”

Josh was touched with the revelation but he quickly
dismissed it and went back to his former self.
instead, he was totally amazed with the secret
base. It was a secret base and also a hidden lab.

The base were mostly underground while the lab
are above ground but still hidden from naked eyes.

Jude stepped over at the front of an electronic panel
embedded with a small sized screen which
enclosed a hidden door.

Jude pressed his palm against the panel. it started
scanning and the door automatically opened when
the scanning was completed.

Josh exclaimed in a stunned manner.

“here we go”

They walked along an hallway heading towards a
sphere, cylinder shaped glass elevator. Two guards
stood at the entrance of the elevator, holding a gun
which looked like a glock but with an added
telescope sight for shooting accuracy.

They wore uniforms exactly like swat uniforms but
only the color were deep blue.

The guards parted ways for them to step in.

Jude pressed his thumb finger against a fingerprint
device installed on the wall next to the elevator

The door slipped open and they were in.
Josh stared in awe at the technology in the building,
it was way too much compared to what he’d

The elevator was equipped with an holographic
screen which displayed a Caucasian female
assistance with a robotic voice giving instructions
of the do’s and don’t’s when inside the elevator.

“Epa take us to the top floor”
Jude ordered.

“Alright sir, you’re required to stay calm, relax and
be aware of your surroundings while I take you to
the top floor.

No eating, drinking or smoking are allowed Agent

josh was baffled, “how did she know my name?”he
whispered to Jude.

“she has searched all info about you even before
we stepped in”

Josh hummed, “impressive”

The elevator door opened and both stepped out.

“Thank you for using my service. Agent Josh, you
can call me Epa.
have a nice day”

Josh smiled As he watched the elevator door

“still surprised?”
Jude asked from behind.

He spun around and nodded his head in the

“just superb” he replied.

Jude suddenly stopped before a wall, raised up his
two hands and the wall split and it changed shape
into a door.

Josh couldn’t contain his bewilderment as he
opened his mouth wide open surprised.
“oh my… a door in a wall?”
“yes for security purpose”

The door opened and they strode into a room.

the room was
exquisitely furnished and well equipped with
advanced computer gadgets.

The four corners of the room were made of glass.

transparent, creating an illusion of one self.

“this is just crazy”
Said Josh with smiles beaming
on his face.

“well, you do realize that your worst enemy is
yourself, going after the faceless means killing
yourself gradually”

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