The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 3

3 years ago

Josh looked through the window of the plane as it continued its descent. the atmosphere was clear, it was going to be a deadly week.

he glanced back at Jude who sat beside him reading a magazine
his head was bandaged.

josh smiled, that was the effect of his blow. they had fought after the heated arguments about God and who he was.
he had dealt with josh since he didn’t stop rambling about God and that was enough to seal his mouth. though he didn’t fight back, something he couldn’t do.

he wondered who jude really was.

Josh craned his neck as he looked down. there were tall fascinating buildings and different roads, mostly bridges. exotic and modernized ones.

A few minutes later, the plane stopped and the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign went off.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Guadalajara airport, Mexico.”
the captain announced. “the time is 10:05am…”

Josh ignored the mumbling pilot and unfastened his seatbelt, he stood up and looked beside him, Jude was gone.
he looked around, he couldn’t find him.

Josh descended the stairs, clad in a body hug suit with a black hat on his head with a black shining Italian shoe.

he looked undoubtedly handsome, such a guy any girl would love to get down with.
“hey man, got a cab” he heard Jude’s voice from behind as he joined the line in the arrival lounge.

he spun around.
“where went you man?”

Jude grinned.

“I thought you would have gone to heaven”

“I had to greet Lucifer for you”_
“but Lucifer never exist”

Jude laughed and walked away with the luggage while josh followed behind.

“hey, Hampton inn, pueblo” Jude said to the cab driver as he peered in through the window.

the driver ushered them in, and they both hopped into the car.

Josh sat beside Jude in the back seat and the driver drove off.
After hours of driving through the city road to the west of pueblo, they arrived at the hotel.

the name ‘Hampton inn & suites’ was boldly inscribed on the building. The view from the hotel’s veranda was stunning, beautifully facing the beach. the blue sky that morning was decorated by flying sea gulls with the sounds of people chattering from afar and some people surfing and sailing on their yachts.

josh wished he could be there for vacation and not business. the hotel was the least famous in the whole mexico but it got big buildings.

Josh collected the keys to the room 918 from the hotel attendant and they walked into the elevator room.

A young man dressed in blue overalls hurriedly walked in before the elevator door closed.

he mistakenly stepped on josh toes. Josh looked at him with a frown on his face.

“sorry sir” the man mumbled and clutched more tightly to his suitcase.

The elevator door clicked and it opened.
The young man stepped out first, then Josh, followed by Jude.

“wow! its really a classic and luxurious hotel” Josh exclaimed as he stepped into the room dropping off his luggage.

The bed was large and it had the most beautiful duvets he’d ever seen.

on the wall was a large painting of a ninja leaning on a power bike with a gun pointed straight.

he heard Jude’s voice from behind.

“really fascinating”

Josh slumped on the bed and bounced. the bed was soft too.

“hey man. let’s make plans, we have nothing less than five hours to swing into action” josh said as he sat upright on the bed.

Jude was already busy arranging the computer gadgets. he looked up and met josh gaze.

“wanna ask me something?”

“oh yeah, I was wondering how you escaped and cheated death. The governor’s house was completely blown to smithereens, there’s no way anyone can survive that. I saw the tape, it was …”
Jude cut his words before he could even finished.

“Impossible? There’s nothing impossible if you know what to do. The whole building was planted with C-4, they trapped me to assassinate the governor in his own house. Seconds before the building was doomed, I managed to chase after the governor who ran down to the basement, I killed him, I noticed he was heading to something in the basement.”

“What do you mean?”
Josh asked curiously.

“There’s a secret tunnel in the basement linked to the nearest park around Moscow. I barely managed to enter the tunnel when the building started exploding. The loud sound echoed through the tunnel almost made me deaf. But I’m glad that I survived.”

“And you survived, without telling me that you’re still alive for years.”

“I’m sorry Josh, i had to. I need to clear up my mind. But how did you know I was alive when you started contacting me just about recently?”

“Because I know you won’t die that easy Jude, There’s no way they can’t find your body at the building but the governor, unless you had managed to escape.”

“So that’s that.”

“Yes, that’s that.”

“would you fancy a drink lemme order for one”
Josh asked.

“sure, that wasn’t a bad idea.”

Jude replied, he was done arranging the gadgets and he set two systems on the table beside the bed.

Josh ordered for a cappuccino drink using the hotel’s room service.

minutes later, a knock sounded on the door.

“who is there?”
Josh shouted not moving an inch from where he sat.

“martin Elliott, I’m here to fix the electrical fault in your room.”

Josh opened the door, the man shoved his I.D in his eyes but he didn’t look.
he was looking at something else, the face of the man was perfectly hidden in the blue face cap he wore.

he had seen him somewhere before but he couldn’t be sure.

he stepped aside and the man walked in with his suitcase in his hand.

Jude was less perturbed by the technician as he only focused on operating the system.

“you mentioned a fault?”
josh asked.

“yes sir, I’ll have to check some wiring In the bathroom.”

“go ahead”
josh nodded his head in approval.

he now remembered who he was.

it was the f-----g driver that drove them minutes ago.

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