The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 15

3 years ago

James Rogue mounted a sniper rifle on the rooftop; it was a nice position to take down his target. He looked down, watching the wildest fight for dominance.

The big boss was in a fight with Josh; both engaged in a serious fight as their lives depended on it. Not far away, Jude was also engaged in a fight with Spooky Skurry and Zhu Xin Tai. He was fighting two well trained assassins single-handedly which his strength couldn’t sustain him as he was already inflicted with a bullet in the arm likewise Josh.

James Rogue squinted into the sniper rifle; the sniper rifle had an infrared view that could infiltrate the darkest of nights. He zoomed in on Jude, the sniper aim was positioned at the back of his head; it would sure be a clean head-shot. The grasp on the trigger tightened as he focused more on the target.

Jude’s face had been battered by blows and kicks from the duo, blood saturated the black tuxedo coat he wore as he bled from different cuts on the head. More worse with the bullet in his arm which was now taking its toll on him as he was fast loosing consciousness yet, he was dauntless and not willing to give up.

A kick from Zhu Xin Tai sent him flying in the air and he crashed to the floor another kick hit him hard at the pelvis and a groan escaped his lips. Zhu Xin Tai grinned widely, smiling satisfactorily.
He bent low, squatting beside Jude and ran his fingers through his hair.
“you’re a coward assassin” He said still smiling while Spooky Skurry chuckled, sniggering quietly.

Jude fought fruitlessly to keep his eye open but it kept closing back to the darkness. He popped the eye open again, his sight had become blurry and he could only make out hazy figures of Zhu Xin Tai and Spooky Skurry who were smiling mischievously. Soon enough, the eyes finally closed and he drifted into unconsciousness.

James Rogue released his grasp on the trigger as he saw Jude sprawled on the floor, obviously beaten to a state of comatose. He changed the direction of the sniper and aimed at Josh who was still fighting the big boss; both showing their dexterity in the fight.

Josh back flipped twice as the big boss threw a spiral kick and followed it up with a straight punch which hit Jude squarely on the face and the impact made him fell backwards. He acrobatically rose back to his feet.

The big boss came running and flipped up in the air sending bicycle kicks before he could gain momentum. Josh tried to stop some of the kicks with his arms and foot but he couldn’t. He tumbled backwards and fell heavily on the floor.

Blake hunter stooped down and pummeled Josh in the face and didn’t stop until he started bleeding.

Josh winced and whimper as excruciating pains surged through his body. He looked over to Jude and the realization hit him hard as he fumed with furry.

He was sent back to the floor as he struggled getting up.

D--n it! He’d watched his parents die in cold blood and he couldn’t see his friend die too.

He closed his eyes for a moment then, he began hearing faint voices of his mother and father.

“No,don’t Josh” a feminine voice said. “you can’t give up”.

The voice was louder now.
Josh saw himself in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, it was their home in Boston. he stood in the large sitting room, his eyes darted around the room.

The room was dark and dimly lit by rays from the moon which peered in through the open louvres.

A gruff voice called.
Josh looked up to see his father descending the stairs which spiraled down to the sitting room. He was wearing a brown leather jacket over a combat trouser.

“Josh” a feminine voice also called from behind. He looked over his shoulder, his mother was seated on a three seater couch with her legs crossed.
Josh opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out. He was stunned beyond belief, “Mom” he breathed out. “Dad, is this real?”
“you’re alive”

“No, we’re not”
The father replied, now standing at his front.

“you need to be you, survive and live up to our names” the father said, “we believe in you, don’t let us down”

The mother nodded, “you can do this”.

“Mom, dad”.
He reached out to them. “what’s all this you saying”

They faded slowly just as he was about touching them and their voices echoed in his head.

“you can do this, you can do this” reverberated in his head as he woke up to the reality.

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