The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 12

3 years ago


The clanging of swords disturbed the serenity of the underground while the atmosphere around them was tensed.

The room was dimly lit by green and blue rays of light ejected from its power source which shone on the duo striking their swords at each other.

Some Guards stood watching at a vantage point in the corner of the room.
All with their barrels aimed at Josh for any foul play.

Josh breathed heavily, the fight for dominance was getting tough contrary to what he had thought.

They fought effortlessly with their swords swinging at opposite direction in a rapid movements like a pro which they were.

Josh’s slipped the sword off Richard Rodriguez’s sword which caught him in the arm.

He watched as the furious Richard Rodriguez came striking back with his sharp blade and he defended himself.

The swords against each other in a star like shape.

Both moved anticlockwise with the swords in their hands, each calculating his opponent’s next move.

Josh cross-examined Richard Rodriguez’s movements, his hands were outstretched with the sword against his. The legs were apart as he moved in accordance to the circle rotation, positioning himself like a boxer who was about to hit the punching bag.

He knew his next move, he had watched under close surveillance with his computerized eyes and he was certain of it which got him the upper hand in the duel.

Richard Rodriguez momentarily swung the sword at his neck just as he had presumed and he quickly stopped it halfway and the impact moved them backwards a bit.

Josh was careful enough not to repeat his moves twice and even if he did, he’d make sure it was in different direction. He back flipped twice and stretched forth his sword to strike before he landed.

Richard Rodriguez weaved the sword away with his and quickly followed it up with a jab in the chest which caught Josh unawares. The impact made him fell and he loosed his grip on the sword as he landed with his back on the floor.

Richard Rodriguez grinned, “I ghat ya”

Jude twitched in pain and discomfort as a bucket of cold water was splashed on his face. He opened his eyes slowly but it was blurry as the images he saw were in twos and not clear enough to see their faces.

A lanky man stepped forward, a flourishing smile perched his lips. He bent down to the height of Jude who was strapped to a chair.

Spooky Skurry grinned, he bent down Jude’s head and pummeled him with hefty blows.

Jude groaned and winced in pains as he received the life tortures from Spooky Skurry. he was going to die!, he knew it but not in the hands of Spooky Skurry.
Not for once had he thought he would die slowly not even from tortures.

Blood oozed out from his bursted lip, he also bled through the cuts on his forehead which the blood trickled down from.

He couldn’t assure himself of falsified hope so he gave up all hope and awaited what his fate hold for him.
Josh fell again, his head pounded as monsters danced holding a feast. He looked up just in time to see the blade coming down on his head and he rolled away.

Richard Rodriguez roared as he missed, he charged at Josh again rolling the blade as he ran towards him.

Josh was up on his feet but his sword was still a metre away and he couldn’t dare the dreaded.

He back flipped and expertly ducked the continuous strikes of the blade.

He got to a vantage point and kicked the sword which flew in the air and he caught it.

He was right in time to block a strike on his left shoulder. he pressed back the sword but it only moved inches away.

Josh slipped behind him and swept him off his feet with a sweep kick, he fell to the floor and his sword flung away.

Josh raised his sword and brought it down but he rolled away before the sword landed.

Josh charged after him again roaring like a triumphant lion, he swung his sword in two quick succession which hit Richard Rodriguez on his thighs and neck. He groaned as blood spilled out in both directions.

Josh finished him off cutting off his head and blood oozed out as he fell to the floor lifeless.

The guards immediately poured out fire shooting their heavy duty guns.

Josh flipped thrice in the air weaving away the bullets as he swung his sword diagonally.

He threw the sword to a guard as he landed which pierced the guard in the chest and he fell face down to the floor.

Josh rolled on the floor knocking a guard out and instinctively disarmed him.

He shot sporadically using the fast threat kill and in split seconds, all were down. Some instantly dead while some whimpered .

Josh smiled. One out, four more to kill.

His subconscious mind drifted to Jude and a frown appeared on his face.

Jude should have radioed in even without the earpiece wig, he always find a way to keep the communication alive but in this case, it wasn’t which only meant one word. DANGER!!!

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