The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 9

3 years ago

Jude had infiltrated the faceless base easily and he’d switched off the lasers in the building.

he was also on a stealth mode and his cover wasn’t blown yet unlike josh.
He continued walking in slow strides but meticulous enough to notice some guards laying a siege for him.

one came out from the left while the other from the right aiming at him.

he shot twice and the two guards instantly fell. it was a clean headshot.
Jude checked his timer on his wristwatch as he walked on, he’d nothing less than 10 minutes to be in the main base of the faceless.

things would surely go wrong if he gets there late.

the laser walls, security cams, face detection would all be reactivated again in less than ten minutes and with the look of things, he wasn’t any near to the base and there will be a lot more guards.

“Josh, what’s the status over there?”
he spoke into the earpiece tucked in his ear.

there was silence at the other end, it was disconnected.

Jude smelt danger, he quickly brought out his iPod from his backpack strapped to his back.

he minimized different running apps and opened a tracker app which displayed a blinking red dot but it was static on the same position.

Jude shook his head, this ain’t going well at all.

josh had been captured but not dead yet and he’d limited time to go save his a-s.
he checked the timer again, 00:08:53.

he was running out of time and he needed to get into the base first before he could locate josh.

he started bounding, running but not too fast.

bullets whizzed and he ducked as he ran throwing short knives to whoever that came into view.

he heard a gun cocked behind him and he quickly swirl and threw two knives at the guard who was about pulling the trigger. the guard slumped down to the ground with the two knives on his forehead and blood oozing out.

he cursed as he checked the timer again. 00:05:47secs.

time was not on his side and he couldn’t afford to be stucked there forever.

he suddenly stopped when he saw five heavily armed guards walking simultaneously and interchangeably, they were guarding something which he presumed to be the main entrance to the base.

the guards were exceptionally armed with assault rifles with added telescope for shooting accuracy and all wore black tight tuxedo wears.

this ain’t getting any funnier at all.
Jude clenched his hand and it formed into a tight fist, he needed to take them out in split seconds no matter how tough they are.

He whistled loudly as he charged towards them with the new twin silverballers in his hand and the trigger in the grasp of his fingers.

The guards fully alerted quickly drew out their assault rifle and shot sporadically at him, all rotating taking sides.

Jude did a backflip simultaneously and instinctively evitated the bullets spray on him.

he fired spontaneously at the guards as soon as he landed.

four of the guards were down and were whimpering loudly while the other one left continued pouring out fire.

this time, the bullets caught jude in the arm and he yelped out in pain.

He immediately did a front barrel roll and kicked the guard hard on his g---n, the effect of the kick got the guard falling off to the floor.

Jude grimaced as pain shot through him, he clutched more tightly to his twin silverballers and shot at the guard wriggling on the floor and he went still.
“F--k it!” he’d wasted time again! even worse with the inflicted pain on his arm.

He stood at the huge portrait gate for a moment looking for any repelling inconspicuous gadgets on the wall.
the gate was a brown wooden door with the statue of an iris god embedded on it. there was a small panel screen just beside the handle of the door.

he looked at his watch for the umpteenth time in five minutes, the timer was fast counting down and he’d less than a minute to be in the base.

without further ado, he pressed his thumb against the rigid panel and it started synchronizing.
00:00:35 secs
it was still sync slowly.

he heard loud grunts behind him, he quickly swirled back but cautiously enough not to remove his thumb.

one of the guards was up again, the gun aimed at him.

Jude gritted his teeth with fury blazing in his eyes. they just don’t give up… do they?

he used his amputated hand to fire at the guard who instantly fell in a loud thud. he turned back just in time to see the door open and he quickly slid in before the door closed back. his eyes widened as he saw guards surrounding him.

A young man wearing a long black coat with a long girlie hair stopping beneath his waist stepped out of the circle the guards formed.

a smile crept over his black skinned face in a smirk.

“welcome Jude, I’ve been expecting you”
he said in his Russian accent.
Jude frowned. here is spooky skurry, his long time enemy.

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