The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 14

3 years ago


There was a gigantic silence in the whole building except for sounds from heavy boots which persisted for a while and then, it eventually stopped. There was a click from a cylinder shaped door; the door rotated round and opened, blinking green from a pass card device.

Guards numbering up to twenty walked in. Jude and Josh trudged behind them; Jude had the iPod device held in his hands, he was throwing occasional glances at the device monitoring the changes of the control mode. The guards weren’t mere mortals like the ones they previously killed; they were robots made by the faceless, specifically programmed to be killer machines. Good thing he hacked into the robotic system; it would sure make their mission a success, only if things doesn’t go wrong.

Jude controlled the guards to a stop.
They all stood before two huge doors; the doors were made of glass, a small sized screen panel with buttons from zero to nine was situated beside it.

Jude gave Josh a signal and he dragged himself out and stood, whimpering and clutching his arm before the door.

“we need to put in a pass code, but the problem is, how do we decrypt it?”
Jude said, obviously in a hopeless demeanor.

“You don’t need to decrypt it anymore”
an husky voice said, the huge glass door gave a beeping sound and it slid open. Two huge men stepped out clad in armor suit with big sneakers; One was tall, lanky, white freckled face, long goatee beards and a long black blonde hair flowing down his back. He’s Xhu Xin Tai while the other was just the opposite; he was way too short for a man, an oval face with a short brusque hair on his chin, he seemed young if judged by the looks but had a body of an athletic. He’s Blake Hunter a.k.a (Big Boss).

“I’m impressed”
the short man said, nodding his head. “its a pity y’ll be wasted but ama offer you a chance of working with me and as y’all know, ama spare ya life.” he spurted out in his American accent with a mischievous grin.

“ya know, am not intimidated by ’em silly threats, yo can kiss ma a-s all ya want”
Josh said, fury blazing his bloodshot eyes.

Blake Hunter laughed heartily like he’d gone mad.

Suddenly, he stopped laughing and feigned a serious deadly mean look but that didn’t shake Josh nor Jude. They stood static with their gaze strictly fixed on the duo standing in front of them.

“I know why you’re here but you ain’t gonna have that”
Blake Hunter said amidst gritted teeth and chuckled afterwards.

Jude was observant enough to notice a red tiny light blinking on his chest, he glanced at Josh; he also had noticed but decided to play cool. They knew it was from a sniper rifle and they need to make acute strategies before they launch an attack.

Blake Hunter stepped forward, a little too close to Josh.

“you’re a coward a-----e”
he muttered into Josh ears which earned him a blow on his chin from Josh. He stepped back and spat out blood, a smile emitted from his lips, smiling wryly. “you ghat to pay, you son of a b---h!”

Spooky skurry came out through the other door while James Rogue slid down from the rooftop and landed with a silent thud.

All stood with weapons in position seemingly ready for war.

Blake Hunter pressed a button on his wristwatch and the robotic guards deformed and
scattered into pieces.

Blake Hunter gave a signal and they dropped their weapons.

Josh winked at Jude and he reciprocated the message in split seconds. He ran and flipped twice in the air, Zhu Xin Tai also flipped up to meet him and he launched a kick at his chest which Jude dodged easily and sent back a backflip kick before he landed.

Zhu Xin Tai got hit by the kick and he stumbled backwards while Spooky Skurry acted as a back up fighter as he came running with his fist pushed forward; he launched a straight blow but Jude ducked and rolled backwards and tactically flipped back to his feet.
Zhu Xin Tai was up on his feet, he strode alongside with Spooky Skurry, each with a clenched fist approaching him.
meanwhile, Josh was in a fight with Blake Hunter, both had scored points from his opponent.

They moved anticlockwise in a circular motion, Josh wiped off his sweaty face and clenched back his fist.

Suddenly, Josh attacked Blake Hunter using triple kick and followed it up with a jab on the chest but Blake Hunter deflected all the attacks with his palm and foot.

Josh sighed, this ain’t gonna end well.

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