The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 7

3 years ago

Josh descended from the chopper landing with a silent thud on the muddy floor.
He pulled over the hood covering his face region. he was clad in a ninja suit with a backpack strapped to his back.

The night was chilly cold and the breeze blew softly.

“infiltration completed, over to the fortress”
Jude’s voice rang in his ear.

he replied.

Josh brought out a high tech binoculars, fixed it in his eyes and zoomed in.

He could see the gate of the fortress far away but it wasn’t guarded.

he removed the binoculars surprised, why is that?

“heyno time, its just thirty minutes infiltration”
Jude’s voice came over again.

He frowned, “copy”
Josh marched to the gate with his heavy boots but with silent steps.

The high walls of the fortress came into view with electrocuted barbed wires.
Josh smiled, just a piece of cake.

He ran to the tall fence. one bound, one pull off and he was inside the compound.
He eluded the barbed wires instinctively.

Guards flooded the compound with heavy guns all clad in green tuxedo wears.
one of the guards saw him as he landed. the guard pointed his assault rifle towards him, his hands on the trigger.

Josh was to infiltrate the fortress with stealth mode and not to be detected by any of the guards but that already happened and he had to stop it before it escalates.

Josh pulled out a handful of the throwing stars from his waist hostler and targeted it towards the guard.

The guard fell down with the blade in his right eye.

he didn’t plan to kill any of the guards, his main objective was to get the five faceless down but the problem was getting past the guards.

Josh stooped low in the dark surveying his surroundings, the fortress was heavily built with strong laser walls that it would repel if it detect a human body but Jude had switched all that off and he had just twenty minutes to get to the targets before they curb the infiltration.

Josh stood up bounding with slow but fast steps using the wall as a bait. he moved stealthily but fast enough not to be seen by any prying eyes.

Funny enough, the fortress was void of buildings. it had only a small structure of a house in the middle of the spacious land.. . …..

The faceless had it all planned out, the underground is their main base with High tech support. its somewhere you can’t infiltrate easily even if you’re a pro.

“turn left, the lid is about five meters away”
Jude’s voice came over in the intercom.


Josh did as he was instructed as he turned left and didn’t stop until he stumbled upon a rigid steel which looked like a cover.

This was it, he bent low and turned the lid open, he peered in. there was a ladder in the tunnel.

Gunshots skyrocketed the earth as he descended the stairs of the ladder.
They had found him and it would be a matter of time before they fished him out.
“watch out!” Jude’s voice rang in his ears yelling.

Josh looked down to meet the dreaded.
Two huge Rottweiler dogs were down anticipating his arrival.

The dogs sneered at him almost jumping on him.

Josh could hear heavy steps of boots hovering above him, they were coming for him but then he had the issue of the dogs.

He looked down for the last time, the dogs had their tongues out with saliva spurted over it. the dogs looked like they have been starved for years and couldn’t wait to finish off the meal that lay before them.

Josh jumped down without thinking twice and the dogs immediately pounced on him.

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