The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 13

3 years ago


Guards clad in black tuxedo overalls with assault rifles crowded the underground as the alert siren went off reverberating in the whole underground building.

Josh hid himself behind an empty container amongst the several containers littered on the floor. He watched as some guards scurried away while others immediately replaced them positioning themselves behind a cover.

Josh brought out two guns from his waist holster and filled it with cartridges.
He then brought out a mini iPod device, swiped it left thrice and an app automatically opened; It loaded for a while before a map appeared on the screen, blinking a red tiny arrow.

Josh zoomed in and checked the location in which the arrow was blinking on, it was still in the underground building which he wasn’t far from.

He stood up and shot sporadically at the guards who were at his front but surprisingly, none fell. He was astounded, not sure of what happened. He changed the gun to a double barrel and continued shooting non stop until he heard clicks of the gun indicating that he was out of ammunition.

With fear, he drew back as the guards assembled approaching him.
The loud sound of the siren woke Jude up, he opened his eyes and quickly shot it back.

The powerful rays of light ejected from the bulbs made him close back his eyes as the velocity of the light was at its maximum voltage.

He opened it afterwards, squinting as he opened it. His pupil finally adjusted to its surroundings and he could make out hazy figures with heavy duty guns standing at the front of an iron gate which enclosed the room he was held captive.

He was seated on his haunches which was very uncomfortable for him and his hands were shackled with strong chains. He remained in that same position for some time before he decided to rest his back on the wall which emitted a groan from his lips. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Then, he began meditating.

A loud explosion jerked him off his meditation, and he cringed back in fear with loud yelps and groans as the wall splattered on him, his ear rang and it echoed. A man dressed in a black hoodie jumped down from the opening the explosion caused. He removed the fallen bricks on Jude and was about dragging him out when Jude suddenly pulled him by the hand and he fell heavily on Jude; both groaned.

“hey man, its me”
Josh squealed, rolling over and stood up.

“what took you so long?”
Jude asked, sitting upright while Josh picked up a wrench and unhooked the chains.

“Had a bad time with Rodriguez”
Josh grinned.

“ghat his head huh?”

Josh nodded,”gotta ghat more heads rolling” Josh helped Jude up to his feet and the duo maneuvered their way out of the room.

“we need to get to safe house right now”
Josh said looking at Jude’s bleeding arm while Jude only nodded and hummed a ‘yes’. He had no strength and was fast loosing consciousness.

“Watch out!” Josh screamed as he pushed Jude and both rolled backward and took cover.

Heavily built-in guards clambered above the fallen bricks and were shooting sporadically with a perfect aim on their targets; Jude and Josh reeled back trying to evade the bullets spray but were unlucky as it pierced their skin; both on their arms as they tried firing back.

They yelped out loudly, the pains coursing through their veins and they grimaced. Josh leapt his head a little above the cover and shot thrice at one of the guards but the guard remained fitted on the ground. He immediately cast a surprised look at Jude who held his arms in pains.

“We have a problem” Josh said bringing out his iPod device.

“They aren’t mortals?” Jude asked.

Josh nodded, “seems like it”

“Give me the device”
Jude ordered stretching forth his amputated hand, he collected it and began typing on the screen pad.

“what are you gonna do?”
Josh asked with a whimper as a bullet flew in his left shoulder.

“ama hack into the robotic system and activate the auto control”

“is that gonna work?”

“it’s worth a trial”
Jude stood up and faced the guards lined up horizontally.

The word ‘processing’ displayed boldly on the device’s screen and a number was loading in sequence beneath it. The guards had stopped shooting but still stood static on the same position with their guns across their chest.

The device beeped in Jude hands displaying ‘process complete’ then showed ‘auto control mode’ afterwards.

Jude grinned, “easy peasy”

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