The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 10

3 years ago

He’d been in tough situations such as this and like he believed, there was always a way out but this seems to be different.

It was more hazardous and perilous contrary to what he’d thought. He didn’t settle down nor plan well for the mission.

He allowed the fury and annoyance of his brutalized parents get inside of him which didn’t make him think straight but rather compelled him.

Vengeance soared high above his thinking and it cursed through every part of his body… his eyes also depicted that.
it was d--n red and bloodshot. Fury was all one could see in those still red eyes.

His hands and legs were tied to an iron pole and his backpack had been ransacked by one of the guards.

The earpiece was removed and crushed at the foot of Richard Rodriguez.

he was only left with the black hoodie he wore, the knives and throwing stars he had on his body has been removed too and was left with no weapon whatsoever to fight with even if he was to make it out.

He looked up to meet Richard Rodriguez gaze fixed on his.

“I knew you would come seeking for revenge which you’ll never get, coz right now am gonna have you killed by one of my men”
Richard Rodriguez said with a smirk on his face.

Josh smirked too but with a devilish grin. “let’s watch and see who gonna be killed”

He twisted his fingers in the ropes used in tying his hands. he felt a small tiny knife which couldn’t be noticed by anyone.

He smiled, he knew it would be there.

now there’s a way out which only needed the right timing.

“take care of him” Richard Rodriguez said to the leader of the guards who was more huge and muscular than the rest. “make his death a slow but painful one”

The guard nodded and walked towards Josh with a smirk on his face.

“enjoy it while it last” Richard Rodriguez said and walked away with the short blade in his hands.

Josh beamed with smiles, he was going to survive this.

“Here we go!” the guard hit Josh real hard on his chin and blood came spilling out of his mouth while the other guards hailed.

Josh spat out blood, rage almost engulfed him at the sight of his blood but discarded the feeling and focused more on the right timing.

The guard hit Josh again at his left chin, blood spilled out yet again making his mouth battered and out of shape.
Chants filled the air again.

Josh’s eyes popped open when he saw the guard with two short knives. he needed no soothsayer to tell him what the knives would be used for and there’s no way he would allow that happen.

The guard grinned as he came forward with the knives in his hand, one at the right and the other at his left.

Josh knew he’d to act fast, really pretty fast.

The guard drove the knife in his left thigh and Josh yelped out in pain.

He couldn’t withstand to get more of that, he wriggled vigorously twisting his fingers and making the ropes slid on the knife in his hand.

phew!, his hands were free but he still pretended as though it was still tied.

Josh blazing eyes roamed over the guards in the room numbering up to twenty. They were all muscular in shape and all heavily armed.

he would have to take them all out in one single piece which almost seemed impossible.

in this mission, it is either you kill or be killed, no time for emotion.

They were taught to be ruthless and detest the existence of God, that is even if they believed he existed.

The guard smirked as he charged at Josh with the knife in his hand.

Josh quickly hit his tied leg at the iron pole and the boot he wore automatically pointed out knives at the edges cutting the rope in the process.

The guard’s eyes widened as he saw what Josh did, a knife pierced his chest before he could retaliate and he slowly fell face down.

Josh immediately jumped down as the other guards came running, shooting in the process.

He brought out knives from his boot and threw it simultaneously at the guards.

some dropped down dead with the knives in their chest.

everything happened in a second.

He came face to face with ten guards remaining, they all had their guns aimed at him.

Josh was out of knives and he had no other weapon with him. his eyes darted to the guards who came running and back to the gun on the floor.

he did a front barrel roll picking the gun and knocking out one of the guards.

One guard ran to his left and he shot him right in the head, blood flying as he fell.

Another made way to his right as the other ran to his middle.

He allowed the guard on his right get closer and he whacked him with the butt of his gun, his eyes rolling to the back as he fell.

The guard on his middle shot at him but missed and he shot him in the kneecap.
“ah F--k!” The guard screamed, falling to the ground, clutching his knee.

The other guards seeing what was happening fired sporadically at him and josh flipped up in the air, rolling as the bullets whizzed past him.

He landed on one of the guards neck, twisted his thighs around the neck while the guard wriggled gasping for breath.
He snapped off the guard’s neck and the guard fell in a loud thud.

Josh back flipped and landed on another’s neck shooting as he landed, two more guards instantly fell down.
Josh sq££zed his thighs together,
blocking his airway.

The guard dug his nails into his thighs and he cartwheeled slamming his body onto the ground.

He then snapped his neck and a bone crunched.

Josh wheezed heavily, his chest had gotten tight which made it hard for him to breath.

The guards littered the floor, all dead.

Perfect, the coast was clear. time to move.

He hasn’t taken more than a step when Richard Rodriguez stepped in clapping as he walked.

“Wow, Impressive but let’s see how you gonna take me down”
he smirked. “ya know, you can’t”
Josh gritted his teeth as adrenaline rushed through him.

Richard Rodriguez smirked again twisting his neck getting ready for the kill.

Both started rotating in circles, their fist pushed forward and each took his time to observe his opponent’s weak point.
Josh shook his head as the image of his dying father popped up in his face.

Anger engulfed him and the adrenaline doubled. He charged at him roaring loudly as he ran.

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