The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 16

3 years ago

Josh woke up to see Blake Hunter (Big Boss) standing over him with his back turned. Anger and fury immediately surged through him as he acrobatically sprang up to his feet. He clenched his hand and it turned into a fist. He was just in time to see Blake Hunter turning back towards him and he wasted no time as he charged foreward sending him a bone cracking punch which met him at the forehead. The impact made him reeled backwards, far away as he was taken by surprise. He stood still, blood trickling down his head and wiped it away with the back of his hand then, he clenched his fist.

Josh charged again, his fist clenched moving rhythmically with his legs as he ran, half flipping in the air and swinging his hands and legs diagonally but this time, Blake Hunter deflected the attacks with his palm and followed it up with a jab in the chest.

Josh stood straight, eyes bulging with rage and stared at his opponent. That is; the big boss. He watched him sneer, cracking up his knuckles.

A memory flashed and a vivid image of his parents showed again. They were huddled and bundled up with chains, their faces freckled white and sleek. Fear and trepidation filled their eyes as they cried and wailed in anguish of excruciating pains. Behind them was Blake Hunter and the remaining four heroes of the Faceless clan and each had a smirk on their face as they brought out a short shiny knife and tossed it to the big boss. He took the knives, tossed one to Zhu Xin Tai and held it against the father’s neck. Just before them was Josh; The toddler was tied to a pole whizzing hard like an old machine spewing smoke, Phlegm dropped down from his nostrils as he watched Blake Hunter pressing the knife against his father’s skin slowly.

The image suddenly faded away as a blow landed on his face and he reeled backward in shock. The first punch grazed his chin. he saw it too late, though he was drowned in his reverie and couldn’t have ducked.

The second punch doubled him over and he fell butt to the floor. Josh acrobatically flipped up to his feet as adrenaline rushed through his veins and he charged against Blake Hunter. Blake Hunter also came running with his fist pushed forward. In a split move, Josh removed a short hand knife from his boot and drove it into Blake Hunter’s belly. His eyes popped open in shock as he felt a wetness in his stomach, he looked down and touched it; It was blood.

James Rogue saw the unexpected and he quickly pulled the trigger but he was split seconds late. Josh ducked and rolled backwards and acrobatically flipped up to his feet.

Spooky Skurry and Zhu Xin Tai immediately brought out guns, each with a SPG rifle. They shot sporadically at Josh who scurried away for cover.

Josh hid behind a metal door which demarcated the hall from the inner chambers of the Faceless.

Bullets rained on the metal door and he could tell they were close.

He hurriedly pressed a button on a device which was strapped to his hand like a wrist watch. The device beeped and it formed into a gun; it was a self controlled gun which automatically shoots at its target with the aid of a telescope for shooting accuracy. he brought out other gadgets from his side pocket and arranged it to form a bazooka.
A bullet whizzed past his arm as he was about standing up, the door had been ripped open by the bullets and it was no longer a safe cover to hide. He leapt up and fired with the gun strapped on his hand which fired continuously at Spooky Skurry who was running to shield himself but the bullets pierced his back and he fell to the ground.

Josh looked over to Jude, he was no longer on the ground which kept him wondering where he could be.

James Rogue squinted into the sniper rifle as Josh came into view looking for Zhu Xin Tai who had dragged the big boss into a room in the hall.

James Rogue smirked, he wasn’t going to miss this time though, he’d never missed. He squinted again, aiming for an headshot. A bullet flew into his back just as he was about pulling the trigger. His hands mistakenly changed the angle of the aim as the trigger released. He fell and slumped down to the ground.

Jude staggered out of his hiding and went over to the sniper rifle, he looked down to see Zhu Xin Tai and Blake Hunter pointing guns at Josh.

Blake clutched his stomach with a hand and held the gun with the other.

“Drop your gun and put your hands where I can see them”
Blake Hunter ordered motioning him with his gun.

Josh lowered and dropped the gun on the floor. Zhu Xin Tai immediately kicked the gun far away. Zhu Xin Tai suddenly fell to the amazement of Josh and the Big Boss.

Josh knew it couldn’t have been James Rogue. Reason?

because he knew too well that James couldn’t have missed to the extent of killing one of their men. He looked up to see Blake Hunter advancing towards him with the gun in his hand. He saw a glint in his eye and he knew what that meant.
He tactically flipped back shooting in the process but Blake Hunter saw it right on time and he ducked, shooting back.
Jude slid down from the rooftop and landed behind Blake hunter.

Blake Hunter Immediately swirled back and shot twice but Jude had already ducked and responded with a sweeping kick which swept the big boss of his feet and he landed sideways with the ribs knocking the ground which sent fresh ripples of pain through his torso as he wriggled on the floor.

Jude stood over him pointing a gun to his head. He cocked the gun then, he hesitated.

“Blow off his brain Jude or ama do’t maself ”
Josh said walking over to him with a gun in his hand.

“No, i can’t”
Jude replied, uncorked the gun and threw it away.

Josh was surprised. “what’s wrong?”

Jude shook his head, “Naffing”
“No, I won’t allow this”
Josh rained the remaining of his bullets on Blake Hunter until his body stopped moving.

“Happy now?”
Jude said staggering as he walked away.

“obviously yes” Josh stooped down and spat on his body. “fairwell punk”

Suddenly, an alarm began to sound in the whole building.

“Fcdecon activated. 60 seconds till self destruct.”
a computerized voice sounded in the building.

“what the hell is that?” Josh asked.

“I think Blake Hunter had programmed the FC to self destruct with his death. The building will go off once his heart stop beating.” Jude explained as he staggered out of the hall with Josh tailing behind.

“We need to move out now!”
Josh screamed at Jude who was struggling to steady himself and walk normal.

“50 seconds to self destruct”
The computer voice sounded again.

“Move faster!, we have no time!”
Josh yelled at Jude again, he was trying to quicken his pace but he couldn’t and was rather slowing down as his legs failed him. He slumped to the ground after countless times of trying to walk normally.

“C’mon, lets get the hell outta here!”
Josh shouted with vigour seeing Jude reluctance to get up and at the same time, fear dominated his eyes at the little time they had left to escape.

“No, ain’t going anywhere?” Jude stopped struggling and gave up hope.

“what ya saying man?, ama get the hell out of here before the bomb goes off”

“I can’t make it man, its only remaining 45 seconds and you need to get on board as fast as possible.”

“are you crazy?”
Josh looked at him like he was out of his mind. They had nothing less than 40 seconds to get on the chopper and he was here spitting spitting out gibberish talks.

“you can say that a million times, just get ya a-s outta here!” Jude groaned clutching his stomach as it bled.
Josh continued staring in disbelief. “why are you doing this?”

“I want you to believe there is God and we couldn’t have survived without him.”
Jude said with a glint in his eyes.

“oh my! You doing this just for me to believe that crap?” Josh shouted in utmost surprise.

” Yeah man, I was lucky I cheated death once and that’s not happening this time”Jude closed his eyes and let the tears fall freely. He was going to make it_ heaven-haven.

The timer suddenly started beeping loud. “20 seconds till self destruct” The computerized voice said again.

“Go, go, go”
Jude shouted.

Josh shook his head, “Don’t do this” He ran out as the beeping sound intensified.

“Please don’t die an Atheist!” Jude shouted after him as a ladder slid down from the chopper.

Josh climbed the chopper and almost immediately the chopper took off ascending as it disappeared.
Boom! The bomb went off.

Josh watched as the building went up in flames. Fragments and debris filled the air. His mission was successful, and the faceless is gone but Jude.. A tear dropped from his eyes. He was not going to die an atheist.


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