The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 8

3 years ago

Terror dominated Josh’s eyes as the two huge Rottweiler dogs pounced on him almost tearing him apart.

Josh was on the ground with his back to the floor. One of the dogs had his teeth on Josh, Josh struggled to free himself from the two monsters as he jerked off throwing his legs in the air hitting the other huge dog with a brown fur on its head. the dog seemed to be trained for this as he never moved an inch.

Josh could have used his gun but the gun fell off as he landed on the floor and it was just few meters away.

He continued struggling throwing his fist at the dog whose teeth was stung with his clothes dragging him.

The heavy blow hit the dog in its eyes and blood spilled out causing the dog to release its grasp on him as it go blinded.
Josh made use of the opportunity as he quickly crawled and reached for his gun.
he turned just in time and shot the one his blow hit his eye squarely in the face.
There was a loud bang, it fell to the ground.

The other dog with brown fur began to bark as loud as it could snarling at him with saliva dripping of its waggling tongue.

Josh sat upright and shot the one left spontaneously on its forehead.

Blood splattered on his face and he spat out in disgust..

Just too bad!

Josh rose up elated and made to leave but he inadvertently stopped when he saw two armed men pointing guns at him.
he stood static for a brief moment then looked over his shoulders when he heard sounds of people coming. they were also two making a total of four armed men.

Two ahead, two behind and they were fast closing in on him.

he knew he couldn’t try anything funny, they were four and he was just one.

Josh gripped his gun firmly, he shot twice and swirled quickly and took the other two out. they all fell in one thud.

“hey man”
Josh said over the earpiece but noise echoed in his ear. he knew immediately that Jude also was undergoing a tough time.

Josh shrugged off and continued walking in slow strides with his gun pointed forward.

in the corner of his eye, he saw a guard walking aimlessly around fidgeting with his gun.

Josh noiselessly crept to his back and held his throat in a stifling manner lifting him from his feet. the guard gasp wriggling in josh arms.

“where is the secret door?” Josh yelled.

The man continued gasping for breath and didn’t show any sign that he would talk.

“I said where is it!?” Josh barked with venom.

Josh angrily snapped the guard’s neck and dropped the lifeless body on the floor.

He knew there is a secret door leading to the main base of the faceless but he couldn’t tell where

The tunnel would be endless if he kept on walking and he knew it.

“hey buddy” Jude’s voice rang in his ear panting like he’d just finished a race.

“F--k you!”
Josh cursed, obviously angry.

“they know we are here and they are coming for us”
Jude warned.

Josh was less perturbed by the threat as he continued walking on in the dark tunnel.

His eyes widened when he saw a device attached to the wall not too far from where he was.

He trusted his instincts so much, he knew it was a device that would open the door .
He stopped in front of the device, it was a small device with a fingerprints screen embedded on it.

“hey I have a problem” Josh said into the mouthpiece. but silence answered back.

“Jude, do you copy?”_
he repeated. there was silence at the other end as there was the previous times he tried. he heaved a sigh of frustration giving up reluctantly.

He subconsciously pressed his thumb against the fingerprint panel and it started scanning.

He only hoped the door would open
he heard the click. the wall splits and formed a door shape, it opened inwards and he peered into the darkness.
Josh smiled, he never knew it would be this easy. next step was to find the five faceless!.

Josh walked in and the door automatically closed and formed back into a wall.

Gun shots skyrocketed as he stepped in, he scurried away to find cover as bullets whizzed and flew past him.

This was it!, it was an ambush and the door wasn’t opened by him as he’d thought.. it was opened by one of the men from inside laying a siege for him.
Josh took cover behind something which looked like a tanker if only he had time to check what he hid behind, he would have known the type of thing that covered him.
His eyes darted to his chest and he saw red blazing lights flickering on it.

“Get on your feet and put your hands where I can see them” A Portuguese’s voice commanded.

Josh rose slowly and put his gun down, his hands went up in a surrender demeanor.

The Caucasian man wore a long black coat stopping beneath his feet, a short blade was positioned in his hands in a way that he could strike any moment. Guards flocked around him with their guns aimed at Josh.

Josh smirked, he had found Richard Rodriguez.

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