The Atheist - Season 1 - Episode 11

3 years ago

“you wanted me dead a long time ago but..”
a grin crept over Jude’s face.. “ya dumb head never told you I would survive the explosion.”

A frown appeared on spooky skurry’s wrinkled face. Anger flecked through his bloodshot eyes, he snapped his fingers and a guard ran up to him.

He said something Jude couldn’t deduce. It was in whispers, barely heard by a third party.

The guard walked towards Jude clenching his hand.

Jude took two step backwards, wondering what the guard was up to..
Jude looked back when he saw a guard in the corner of his eye running towards him. Another came running at his front, another by the left and another also by the right.

Making four guards to one. For a moment, he was astounded and couldn’t think straight but then, his brain multitasked and he processed the message in less than a second.

He stood erect with the twin silver ballers in his hand as the four guards came running in all directions.

Jude raised the gun and did the triple threat fast kill in 360 degree rotation, killing all the guards in less than three seconds and they all fell in one thud.
Jude twirled his gun and smiled.
.”that was just too easy, next?”

Spooky skurry narrowed his eyes as though he wanted to squint. he strode towards Jude and stopped in front of him.
“you want me dead and not the guards”

a scowl crept over his face and it immediately vanished and a smile perched his lips. “kill me if you can”

The lights immediately flickered and went off putting them into abject darkness. Hardly would you be able to see your shadow.

Jude stepped back meticulously and alerted of any attacks albeit the fact that he couldn’t see his opponent’s face but he could still deduce where he was at the moment.

He saw a punch coming but he saw it too late. The punch landed on his nose and it bursted open, blood spilling out.

his head bent down and he rose up to regain himself but ended up receiving an uppercut which sent him flying in the air and crashed to the floor. He groaned as pain shot through him.

He struggled to get up but a kick sent him back and the groan became louder.
“ya never gonna kill me and no one will.”

Jude sq££zed his face as he mustered all his strength. He rolled sideways and got up in one fierce move.

He was just in time to see a kick coming and he stopped it midway and sent back a kick at the g---n.

A loud groan erupted and he could see spooky skurry holding his thigh region as he bent down.

Jude smirked, “don’t start what you can’t finish” he rushed him with hefty blows which hit him at the face and blood spurted out.

Jude grinned.” I hope you enjoy yourself”

He flipped up twice in the air and landed on his neck. Squeezing his thighs as he landed.

Spooky skurry yelped, he dung his nails into Jude’s thighs and flanked him away with aggressiveness.

Jude fell with his back in a bone jarring thud and a shattering scream emitted from his lips.

“you like that?”
spooky skurry said amidst gritted teeth. Even in the darkness, Jude could still see the gritted teeth.

Spooky skurry approached him, bent down and launched a blow on his chin.
Jude yelped out wincing in pains as blood came flying out disfiguring the face.

Jude was unable to stand up due to the excruciating pain. He was too weak and couldn’t even move a bone.

He winced as pain shot through him in every part of his body, he saw the fight as a loosed battle not any near close to win.

Spooky skurry sent two blows on his belly which emitted a louder scream.
The two men continued to move slowly in an anticlockwise direction. Each having his gaze strictly fixed on his opponent.
Josh had been more watchful since he’d taken the uncalculated move, charging against Richard Rodriguez with a blow on his face which he easily dodged and had sent back a jab at his chest which caught him unawares.
Josh tightened his fist in anticipation of his next move, he couldn’t afford to make mistakes.

Mistakes are really perilous and could sure cost a life.

“are you ready to die?”
Josh asked as he ran towards him raising up his leg to knock him out but he grabbed the leg and slammed him down, knocking the breath out of him. Pain shot up through his back and he gasped for air.

Josh groaned as he got up clenching his fist and positioning himself to fight back.
Josh swung at him but missed and he quickly followed it up with a jab on the face which sent him backward.

Richard Rodriguez came running with his fist pushed forward, he threw a blow at Josh but Josh stopped it midway and sent back a kick to the throat.

Richard Rodriguez wriggled away and fell to the ground with his butt on the floor. He groaned as his throat ache and within some minutes of absorbing the pain, he was up again.

He leapt up in the sky sending flying kicks which caught Josh in the chest and he fell backwards.

Josh immediately recovered and rose up, a smirk appeared on his face as fury engulfed him.

He clenched his fists, the left fist positioned at the hip level with the knuckles up. He launched a straight punch with the right which hit Richard Rodriguez on his jaw.

Richard Rodriguez stumbled backward and clutched his jaw as it throbbed. He drew out his blade which has sharp edges.

Josh also drew out a long shining medieval sword from his leather belt. The sword was very sharp with double edged blades.

They started rotating in circle and at the same time closing the gap between them.

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