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Pragya is ready to go to work. She is a teacher in a college. She wakes Bulbul, her sister, up.
Blublu complains that she was dreaming if Abhi, the music superstar.
Pragya says he's just a person and she has heard he only loves himself. She says his music is just like shouting.
Bulbul tells her not to judge especially as she's marrying a stranger today.
Pragya says she's met the guy, Taurun, and he's not a stranger. He called her up and they met.
He told her that they don't have a very big house, his parents wanted a house as dowry but he says he doesn't want one. He talked about saving money.
Bubu asks if she likes him because he saves money.
Pragya says she likes his qualities.

They play fight and their mother calls them to have breakfast.
Pragya says she has to go to work and Bulbul asks who goes to work on their wedding day.
Pragya says its her last day of school, so it's important.
Her mum and aunt cover her hands in henna designs.

Pragya's friend and colleague Suresh, comes to pick her up for work.
He is a geek who rides a motor cycle and fusses about everything.

Grandmother tells Bulbul that he's a special man and needs to pull up his pants.
They laugh at him and call Pragya to meet her friend.

Pragya comes outside to see him trying to fix a broken street light. He gets a shock and falls down, making the children playing outside laugh.

Pragya gets on the scooter with him and they leave for the college.

As they climb the steps of the school building, some students laugh at him and says Pragya might be dating him.
Suresh gets upset but Pragya tells him not to react as it is her wedding day.

They get to the school office and a little party is hosted for Pragya.
Her fellow teachers give her flowers and she thanks them all.

Suresh accuses the messenger who purchased the refreshments for the party that he wasted money and even kept some for himself.
Pragya tells Suresh not to fuss about it. She asks if he's coming to her wedding.
He says he can't come, he doesn't have a suit and he hates wedding because it's a waste of money.
He asks why she's marrying Tarun, he doesn't know her favourite colour and she can do better and find someone else.
Pragya says like who.
He complains that her groom to be, doesn't know anything about her.
He insists he can't come to the wedding.
Pragya tells him that when his scooter breaks down, she is always by his side and he said that this is the biggest mistake of her life, so he has to come and be by her side.
He says if she insists, then he will attend the wedding.

Pragya's parents are setting up the wedding hall, which happens to belong to them.
Sanla, pragya's mother, sees her mother playing a videogame on her phone and Sanla takes the phone.
Grandmother complains that her friends have reached advanced stages in the game and she is still stuck in one level.
Sanla says people are different and she shouldn't try to be like her friends.
Grandmother says it's the same way that Pragya and Bulbul are different and she doesn't know why Sanla doesn't want Bulbul to meet her in laws.
Sanla says she wants Pragya to get married first because she's 29 years old.

Pragya is all dressed up. Blublu teases her about her looks then tells her she looks beautiful.
Pragya starts to shed tears which makes Blublu cry as well.
They hug each other and Blublu admits that she will miss her.
She says she's crying because Pragya also cried.
Pragya says she's not crying, it's the contact lenses that are making her eyes water.
They tease each other and laugh again.

The groom's family arrives at the venue amidst great celebration.
Pragya is escorted in by Bulbul and some cousins.
Pragya searches for Suresh with her eyes and sees him wearing a yellow tie that she got for him. This makes her happy.
Blublu leads Pragya to go and sit next to her husband to be. She also calls Suresh to come over, so Pragya introduces him to Tarun.

Tarun's mother, Pushpa sees Bulbul and asks their father who she is.
He tells her that she's also his daughter and Pragya's younger sister.

Pushpa takes Sanla aside to berate her for not showing Bulbul to them instead of Pragya.
Sadla apologises to her and begs her not to call off the wedding.
Pushpa accuses her of doing it on purpose; she deliberately hid Blublu from them even during the engagement because Bulbul is younger and more beautiful.
Sanla says it wasn't deliberate. She begs Pushpa not to call off the wedding.
Push tells her not to cry because she won't call off the wedding but they need to work something out as compensation.
She tells Sanla to transfer the wedding Hall to Tarun's name.
Sanla pleads that Pragya and Bulbul both have equal shares in the wedding hall business and she can't do transfer it all to Tarun.
Pushpa says that's the only condition.

Sanla informs her husband and he gets very upset.
He confronts Pushpa and they have a shouting match with Pushpa saying she will call off the wedding.
Sanla begs her to please not call off the wedding.
Blublu sees them and goes to meet her mother.
Sanla tells her not to say anything because she is responsible for the trouble and shouldn't have come to the wedding.

Pragya comes out to meet them and asks why her mother is crying.
Sanla tells her to go back to the wedding and not to worry.
Bulbul tells Pragya that Tarun's family demanded for the wedding Hall as dowry.
Sanla begs Pragya not to do anything.

Pragya goes to meet Tarun who is with his family.
She asks if he's aware that his parents want the wedding Hall transferred in his name.
His mother gives him a sign and he tells Pragya that his family thinks her younger sister is prettier than her but he doesn't agree with them and if done wedding hall is transferred in his name, it will be better for both of them as they can earn extra income.
He reminds her that his parents could have asked for a bigger house but instead they are asking for something that will be a source of income.

Pragya tells her mother to transfer the hall in his name.
Sanla says she will get the papers.
Pragya tells her to hold on first. She tells Tarun that if they transfer the hall to anyone, she will prefer to marry his cousin who is more handsome and schooled abroad.
Pushpa asks what she's talking about.
Pragya says she is giving in to their demands so she needs to also make her own. She says they are making her mother transfer her source of income to them and her mother is willing to sacrifice it for her daughter's happiness.She says a daughter is supposed to make her parents' life easier after marriage not make it worse.
Tarun and his parents stare at her.

She tells him that she can't marry him.
Tarun says he likes her and is only doing it for their future.
She gives him back his ring and Blublu tells him and his family to leave.
They leave in shame and anger.

Pragya's father asks who will inform the guests.
Pragya says she will inform them.
She faces the guests and tells them that she appreciates their presence and she wants to inform them that her wedding has been called off.
She begs them not to feel bad for her because several girls have had to face the same thing on their wedding day. She says brides families tend to give in to these crazy demands that often come at the last minute because they don't want to face the shame but it has to stop.
She says if she eventually decides to get married, it will be with someone who loves her and respects her family.

Suresh and his friend are back home. The friend says Pragya is a strong woman.
Suresh says she is like the colour white, she looks plain to most people but people don't know that in order to make white, you need seven colours.

Pragya is taking off her jewellery at home.
Blublu tells her that it's okay to cry.
Pragya tells her to call her college and inform them that she will be at work tomorrow.
Blublu asks of she's not even a little sad to want to go back to work already.
Pragya says she knows she will eventually meet the man she's destined to.

Suresh is still telling his friend about Pragya and the friend says the way he's talking about her will make one think he's in love with her.
Suresh goes to the window to look at Pragya's house.
She moves to her window to shut it, then waves at him.


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