Men Dey Reason - S01 E03

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We got to Pkc’s house on time to meet a full


I quickly took a glimpse at the room or rather

the hall to notice it was as big as two

convention rooms put together. It had two

wardrobes and a wallpaper of Jesus was hung

on the wall, on the wallpaper was written;


WANT” boldly.

Though the room was beautiful, the number

of guys in the room added to its beauty.

I and Brainbox sat on the floor because there

was no space to seat on the bed. “man the

food never done?” one of the guys said with a

loud voice, “e don dey done” a voice

responded from the kitchen. “make e done

quick oh, i dey hungry die” i almost said.

It was time for introduction.

“na me dem dey call Baba Jay, i graduate from

FUTO, na me be the only guy wey collect award

for guiness book of record as the world best

mess, my mess fit break concrete” Baba Jay

gave a short but precise description of

himself. “Baba jay!! Baba jay!! Baba jay!!”

the other guys cheered. I and Brainbox

laughed at such a funny introduction.

“na me be Tega, the finest boy, fine boy no

pimples, i graduate from Nekede Poly, but i

never serve” Tega gave a short but sharp

introduction of himself. He was indeed fine

(dat kin Chris brown type of fine na).

“na me dem dey Call Snoop, i graduate from

IMSU, I still dey wait to go serve” Another

guy that really looked like Snoop Dogg said.

Infact, if he had said Snoop Dogg was his twin

brother, i would have believed.

“i am Pkc, the pastor of this house, i

graduated from IMSU too, but am currently

doing God’s work” Pkc said what i already

knew. One thing about Pkc was that even if he

was in a gathering where people spoke pigin

English, he always stuck to speaking English,

and he had his way with English words if i

must confess. “Pkc, a.k.a every mountain of

Eba must be brought down” Baba Jay added. I

and Brainbox laughed uncontrollably because

we knew what that meant; Baba jay was

trying to tell us what we already knew. Pkc

just smiled in response.

“i be Brainbox, the wisest man, i even wise

pass Herbert Einstien sef, na why people dey

call me Brainbox” Brainbox said and i cheered


“na me be Flow, i dey Flow like butterfly and

sting like bee” I said. “i get spill over for

IMSU” I added.

One thing we all had in common was that we

were all Spill over students that were nursing

our wounds far from our sch premises. But i

wondered why God used Pkc to bring us

together. Maybe God had a plan for us, so i


Now it was food time, and there was one

person that haven’t yet introduced himself;

the person that was cooking in the kitchen

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