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“ehn na me be Man, Man wey dey reason, na

me reason out dis beans and yam wey una wan

chop, if no be so, all of una for drink water

and sleep with empty belle” A not too short

and not too chubby guy introduced himself. “i

be the Ibo boy wey grow up for Sokoto, even

sultan of Sokoto know me sef” he added after

arranging the plates of food on the floor. I

instantly believed he grew up in Sokoto

because his skin was as black as charcoal.

I knew all these guys as my church members,

but i never knew them by their names,

sometimes i always saw them with Pkc in

church, but my relationship with them was

just a “hello-hi” relationship. They were my

friends from a distance that would soon turn

my bosom friends, or so i tot.

Ozommiri could be interpreted in English to

mean Riverside. Not up to 100metres behind

our small lodge lies a river. The river was a

tributary of the dreaded Otammiri River. And

just in front of our lodge was the Ozommiri

bus stop. So our lodge was called Ozommiri


We started to eat the very tasty Beans and

yam. The formation was 2-2-2-1. A one man

attacking formation, the one man attacking

was Pkc. While the rest of us ate in two’s.

“Man wey dey reason!!” Snoop hailed “dis ur

food make sense oh”. I saw from the corner

of my eyes that Baba Jay was eating with so

much speed, despite the fact that the food

was piping hot. “dis food no dey burn dis guy

for mouth, abi him mouth na Ac?” i said that

out of my mind’s mouth.

“Baba jay u dey cheat me oh, i no go dey chop

with u again oh” Man complained. “na me tell

u say make u dey chop like woman? chop like

man na, abi u dey fear?” Baba jay responded.

“God forbid bad tin, if na to chop like u be

man, i no wan be man, i wan be woman” Man

said as he tried increasing his pace.

I had never lived in the same room with six

guys all my life, so i was already savouring

the Euphoria of the relationship.

Time to sleep, the bed was made. “na who go

sleep for ground na?” Man asked. “Man just

sleep for ground today abeg, tommorow we go

write the timetable for people wey go dey

sleep for ground” Pkc said. “dis house sef

ehn? na every tin una dey write timetable

for, to cook na timetable, to wash plate na

timetable, to sweep house na timetable, to

fetch water na timetable, now to sleep for

bed una wan write timetable” Tega said. “e

good na, so quarel no go dey na” Baba jay


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