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Katelyn's POV:

” People want to believe in something,” Mr Adam said offering my pen back to me with a smile on his Charming face. ” Right now, I believe in you.”

” Just remember,” he smiled. ” Whenever you get stuck in trouble, just call on me and I’ll be there. We’re best of friends now, aren’t we?”

” Wake up, Kate,” I heard someone calling. ” Wake up!”

My eyes flung opened. Through my hazy vision, I saw Mr Adam, pumping my chest to push out water from my guts. I felt hot liquid rushing up my throat and I spat it out. I kept at it until there was no more water in my guts.

Mr Adam breath a sigh of relief and slipped closely beside me. He raised my head and wiped my face with his hands.

” You’re alive, thank God you’re alive,” he panted gratefully.

I stared at him. His clothes were wet and glued tightly to his body. He seemed to have swam in the river as well.

” W-what happened?”

He shooked his head. ” It’s nothing Kate, just relax and rest. An ambulance is coming soon.”

It was still dark and I couldn’t see his face clearly. The sand around me were rough and warm. That was weird. Wasn’t I forced into the river by the tough current, a while ago?

Mr Adam held me tight like a little child. I could feel his warmth around me and I closed my eyes.

When I opened them again, I was being carried towards an ambulance. I turned to see Mr Adam rushing up with me in his arms as he screamed for help.

” Hurry up, she’s passing out real quick!”

The next thing I knew, I was being put on a stretcher and carried into the ambulance.

Mr Adam sat beside me and held my hands tightly. ” It’s gonna be okay, dear. Don’t worry, I’ll stick by you till you make it through. Just hold on tight.”

A nurse and a man in white coat attended to me as the van drove off into the highway.

” You know this girl, sir?” The nurse asked.

Mr Adam nodded. ” She’s my student.”

” You are a hero,” the man in white coat said. ” If you hadn’t rescued her before she drowned, she would have been dead by now.”

Those were the last words I heard before I closed my eyes and was plunged into darkness again.


Adam's POV:

I waited outside her ward when the doctor came out. ” How is she, doctor?”

He nodded his satisfaction. ” She is doing great. I’m glad you gave her a resuscitation before bringing her here. Else she would have died.”

I was happy she was okay. ” Can I see her now?”

” But ofcourse,” he stepped aside and opened the door for me. ” You will excuse me, I will be attending to another patient right away.”

And he left, leaving me alone with Katelyn. She was lying on the bed, with a drip fixed on her arm. It broke my heart to see her like this in such a heart wrecking position. I began regretting ever coming back home. I never wanted anyone to get hurt but now, I was the reason why this little girl was at the verge of Killing herself.

Walking quietly into the room, I sat down beside her and waited for no reason except to watch her as she slept peacefully.

As if she knew I was close by she opened her eyes and stared at me.

I smiled. ” Hi, Kate. How are you feeling?”

She gave a weak smile. ” I’m going to be alright, won’t I, Mr Adam?”

” Ofcourse you are,” I patted her head playfully. ” But you scared me. You shouldn’t have jumped over that bridge. If I hadn’t….” I paused, wondering if it was best to tell her I had dived in after her when she fell into that raging river. The moment I grabbed hold of her, I had swam against the current to a safer ground.

” You saved me, didn’t you, sir?”

” Yes, I did.”

” But why? I’m rotten. I don’t deserve to live. Why did you risk your life to save mine?”

I licked my dried lips. ” Because you don’t deserve to die. I understand how you feel, Kate. You discovered my darkest secret, it scared you. I understand you and it’s not your fault.”

She looked away. ” You’re wrong. You don’t understand me. Nobody does.”

” I understand you took yourself as a fool,” I said. ” You felt like an idiot for letting your emotions get the better of you over a man you barely knew. It’s normal for a teenage girl to get these types of feelings but you took it way too far. You suddenly realized your mistakes and you felt bad about them. That’s possibly the reason why you chose to kill yourself.”

She chuckled bitterly. ” I guess you’re partly right.”

” Partly? I don’t understand.”

She turned to face me. ” You are right about everything you said but that wasn’t the only reason why I chose to throw myself over the bridge.”

This was something new to me. ” Kate, is there something you’ve been meaning to tell me?”

She sobbed and she covered her face with her blanket. ” I’m such a bad child. I’m rotten. I’m the worse.”

” Does this have anything to do with your stepdad?”

She lowered the blanket down a little bit. ” Yes. How did you….”

” I’m observant. I see the way you talk with bitterness at the mention of his name and whenever he was around you, your eyes shows your hatred toward him. When you came to my house this evening, I noticed the wounds on your face but I pretended not to notice,” I leaned forward to her face. ” Tell me the truth. Has your stepdad been abusing you?”

She lowered the blanket down to her chest and sighed. ” Yes he has.”

I didn’t say anything. Hot boiling rage began rising up inside me.

” It started when I was turning into a teenager. He crept upon me at night and made love to me. He threatened that if a word was said to my mom about our affairs, he’d throw us out of his house back to where he picked us from. I obeyed because I didn’t want my mom to suffer again in poverty. Stepdad took that as an advantage and began frequenting my room whenever my mom was away on trips. When I tried to fight him off, he’d raised his hands on me.”

I was listening to her in silence but my anger was way beyond Control.

” I committed incest with my stepdad that’s the more reason why I chose to take my life. I made that decision because I thought you would elope with me. I promise to myself that if Mr Adam does not elope with me, I’d take my life. It’s the only way out for me. So when you told me you were gay, it shattered me to pieces. Taking my life seemed the only possible solution to get rid of all these pains. I’m guilty of many things, Mr Adam. Soo guilty I can’t….I hate myself Soo much. I just can’t forgive myself.”

I stared at her for a long time. Now I understood her perfectly. Her reasons for trying to kill herself.

A nurse came in. ” Mr Adam Edward. Can you step downstairs. We’d like you to sign some forms.”

Katelyn looked at me. ” You aren’t leaving me now are you?”

I shooked my head. ” I will be right back.” And I left the room but I was in a sour mood. Katelyn’s story about her stepdad instilled in me a murderous rage soo dangerous I felt like strangling him the moment I set eyes on him.

Heading downstairs, I bumped into a fat elderly man. ” Sorry,” I said and turned to view him.

It was Katelyn’s stepdad.

We stood on the stairs looking at each other without saying a word.

Then he spoke. ” Mr Adam, why, this must be some coincidence.”

I didn’t say anything. The sight of him made me want to tear his guts out.

” To be honest with you, I feel grateful for saving my daughter’s life. I must say, I misjudged you. I apologise for the harsh words I used on you earlier this evening.”

I glared at him, fists turning into balls. Because of the respect of his elderly age, I kept my cool and climbed down the stairs to where I was needed. He stared after me and I wondered what he was up to.

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