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Adam's POV:

” Yeah, Gary,” I said to the receiver. ” It’s Adam.”

His voice came fast and breathlessly over the phone. ” Adam, where the hell have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you. You’re not picking my calls, you’re….”

” I’m breaking up with you, Gary,” I interrupted him sharply. I heard him catch his breath. ” I’m sorry but I just can’t do this anymore.”

” Adam, you can’t do that! That’s unfair. Look I told you I was sorry. Dude that lady mean nothing to me. It’s you I want. I love you and no one else can change that. Please don’t do this to me. Come back home.”

I turned to my bed where Violet was sleeping peacefully. ” I’m coming back home, Gary but I’m not coming because of you. I’m coming to do my degree. I’m…I’m in love with someone else.”

His voice croaked like a frog. ” Who is the girl? Tell me who is that mother fcking btch!”

I smiled. ” She’s not a b*tch, bro. She’s someone special to me.”

” Bro? Who are you calling bro? So, this b*tch has really hooked you hadn’t she? She’s taking you away from me. I can’t stand that.”

” Gary,” I stood to my feet and opened my window to let in air. ” Don’t you think it’s about time we both put up the shutters? You want kids right? I can’t give you kids. I’m a man. I have no v----a and even if you want me to undergo a transgender surgery, I still won’t do it. It’s against my culture. It ain’t normal. A man was created specially for a woman. If the creator wanted a man for a man he wouldn’t have created Eve.”

Gary barked. ” Oh now, you’re quoting the Bible for me, eh! What makes you think that way? Is it because your name is Adam or something.”

” Probably,” I sighed contentedly. ” I am Adam and I have found my Eve.”

” You make me sick, Adam. Calling me just to tell me this bullshit! Despite all we’ve been through. Who is this Nigerian b*tch of yours? I’m gonna shoot her down….”

I chuckled. ” Don’t bother yourself, Gary. You won’t even know her if you see her. I’m just calling to let you know of my decision. I’m taking the afternoon flight back home and when I do, can we just pretend not to know each other? The moment I’m back to do my degree, I’d like to meet with the ladies and have a good time.”

” F--k you, Adam!” Gary yelled from the other side of the phone. ” And f--k your disgusting Nigerian b*tch!”

And he hung up.

Well, at least the break up was successful. It was my first breakup. I had thought breakups brought pains and heartaches but instead I was feeling really happy. Soo Happy I just couldn’t wait to travel back to do my degree.

Walking to where Violet was sleeping, I sat beside her and stroked her cheeks. She was Soo beautiful when she’s asleep.

I remembered Katelyn’s words:

“Just shut up about me being a minor. I don’t give a d--n if I’m fourteen and you’re twenty three. I love you, can’t you see that? The age difference between us doesn’t matter. I mean when you want to get married, wouldn’t you marry someone younger than you?”

She was right about one thing. If I wanted to get married, wouldn’t I marry someone younger than me? I had lied to Violet about finding a white woman to marry. I said that just to cover up my real intentions. It was Violet I want to marry. I’m simply going back to make a better life for the both of us. I just don’t want her to be distracted. She’s just seventeen years old. Next year she’ll be eighteen and would definitely be in her first year in the University. By the time I’m twenty-eight years of age, she’d be twenty three, a young beautiful woman ready and ripe for marriage.

I laid on the mat spread on the ground beside my bed as I imagined the surprise on her face when I’ll travel back to propose to her. It’d be a surprise but I’d have to keep in touch with her in order not to lose her to these naija boys.

She changed me.


She had always respected me, now was the time for me to respect her as well. We had talked about many things before she headed to bed. I learnt to my delight that she was still a virgin.

A virgin. How incredible. This was a dream come true for me. I decided to wait and I’d keep waiting patiently for the day after our wedding to be the first man in her life to take it with honour. But all these are planned for the future. I don’t know what the future holds for the both of us but I know in seven years time, I shall know.

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