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Violet's POV:

” Thank you for calling the police and planning this thing out, Violet,” Adam spoke as we walked out of the hospital. ” I couldn’t have done it without you.”

We watched as Katelyn’s stepdad was being forced into the dark police van. Then the van roared and it sped past us. I caught Katelyn’s stepdad glaring at Adam then the van disappeared into the highway.

I stretched my hands and looked away. ” It’s late. We better be heading home now.”

Adam glanced at his watch. ” It’s after midnight. Won’t your mom be mad at you for staying Soo late at night?”

I yawned tiredly. ” She’s at a night vigil and won’t be back till tomorrow. It’s some kind of prayer meeting stuff.”

Adam looked worried. ” Meaning you would be all alone tonight?”

I stopped yawning. ” Yes it’s not my first time. Why do you ask?”

He glanced down at his feet and I noticed his hesitation as he said the words. ” I want you to spend the night with me.”

I turned to face him.

We were all alone now in the streets. Except for a few cars and two night walkers that passed us by, all was lonely.

” Why?”

Adam dug his hands into his pockets. He seemed nervous about what he was about to say. ” It’s because I will be flying back to America tomorrow.”

My heart chilled and my blood raced. I felt blood leave my face. ” Adam you’re joking. Tell me you’re joking.”

He shooked his head. ” I’m taking the flight. I just wanted you to know before I….”

” Please and please, don’t tell me you are going all the way to America to meet that boyfriend of yours!” I interrupted him harshly.

” Not necessarily,” he said, refusing to meet my eyes. ” I’m going back to do my degree. Thereafter, I’ll get a job….”

” Don’t you dare lie to me,” I yelled at him. ” How dare you lie to me? You’re not going for any stupid degree. You’re going back to meet your lover, aren’t you?”

” Violet,” Adam scratched the back of his head. ” You won’t understand.”

” Then make me understand.”

” It’s complicated. I’m sorry but I just can’t stay here anymore.”

” Then why the hell did you return back home, ehh? You should have remained where you were since you know it’s going to get complicated.”

Adam frowned. He seemed to be hating himself over this issue. ” I came because of you.”

I listened attentively, folding my arms as he spoke. ” Because of me? Why? To tell me you’re a gay? That you left all the way from home for six long years only for you to get involved with a homosexual? Oh come on tell me more. Are there any more surprises? Well, I guess not because if there were, I’m telling you, I might end up in a hospital bed because I haven’t fully yet recovered from my first shock tonight.”

Adam shooked his head. ” I came back because I wanted to purge myself of my sins. It’s not been easy for me, trying to hide the truth from you. I needed you. I needed you to change me.”

” I don’t get it. How can I change you? What you need is spiritual help. My mother is very good at these things. She knows all the pastors, men of God….”

” Violet,” Adam cut me short. ” It’s not all about spirituality. It’s something way deeper than that. Ever since my affairs with Gary started, I’ve never had sex with a woman. My relationship with Gary killed whatsoever sexual feelings I once had for women. When I finally realized it, I decided to fly back to seek solace and find a way to fix it. I tried everything in the books; watching p--n, interacting with women but I felt nothing. I also visited a bishop, still, nothing. The only girl that’s ever made me….”

He paused. This got me anxious. ” The only girl that’s ever made you what?”

Adam was hesitant as if he was scared of telling me what went on in his mind. ” The only girl that has ever made me felt alike a real man was….” He glanced up at me and said it. ” You.”

Everything became still. It was as if the world had paused and we were the only ones moving and talking.

” Adam,” I called then stopped, probably because I didn’t know what else to say.

” Ever since I got back,” Adam continued. ” I’ve been at peace of mind with myself. But whenever I’m with you, it feels more different and amazing. It gives me this sense of feeling that I can change. My feelings for Gary is strong but with you around me, I feel stronger. You arouse me without you knowing. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve ever lusted after a female. I was hoping you’d change me and as I expected, you did without putting much effort. Now that I’ve met you, I feel confident of changing for the better.”

I held my wrist Behind me. ” Would you come back?”

He shooked his head. ” Maybe not. When I returned, I’m going to find a girlfriend, we’d date and we’d eventually get married.”

Those words hurt me but I kept quiet.

” It’s the only way out for me,” Adam added. ” Gary is still pleading for me to return back to him which was the more reason why I was scared of returning. I needed to regain my sexuality towards the opposite sex first before I return. I’m sure once I’m interested in the females, I’d be able to resist Gary and breakup with him.”

” Why are you telling me all these? It’s not as if you’d f--k me if I gave my body to you.”

” Violet, I don’t need your body.”

” Then why all these grammar. Why don’t you just go straight to the point already. You want me to spend the night with you, right? So you can sleep with me to get back your sexuality for women.”

” Violet, that’s not what I’m trying to say. Understand me here. I’m just want to say thank you. For everything and I know you don’t find this comfortable but I won’t have sex with you. Even if we share the same bed. We’re childhood friends. I can’t betray you. Never.”

I bite my lips soo hard it hurts. ” So, you’re never coming back.”

” I’m sorry, Violet.”

” You’re going to abandon me again, just as you did last time?”

” That was last Time. This time I really have to go.”

” You’re going to leave me again for some white girl?”

Adam rubbed his forehead. ” I just felt like you should know. I’m sorry for being such a d*ck over the years. But my decision stays final. It’s for the best.”

” You jerk,” I yelled at him, sulking like a child. ” Do you even care how I feel? You promised we’d be friends forever, didn’t you?”

Adam was about to say something when I ran up to him, hugging him Soo hard that he lost his balance and landed on the ground. I was on top of him. I raised my head and stared eye balls to eye balls with him.

Adam’s eyes gleamed with surprise. ” Violet, what are you…”

Before he could say anything, I covered my mouth over his and kissed him. Yes I kissed my childhood friend. I kissed Adam, the repentant gay.

He didn’t stir or push me away and I could feel his d*ck rising in between his trousers. His tongue found its way into my mouth and his hand went over my head as he pulled me closer with his eyes closed. I closed my eyes and savoured the sweet taste of his mouth. It was my first kiss ever. The first time I’d ever kissed a man and the first man who had ever made me crazy over him.

We stayed like that for a while, then we broke our kiss.

Adam opened his eyes and stared with guilt at me. ” Why did you do that? We shouldn’t have kissed.”

I wet my lips as I met those amazing eyes. ” Because I’ve been in love with you since I was five but I’ve kept my feelings under control for years hoping I’d grow over it. I like you Adam, not just as a friend, I really like you a lot. I get jealous when I see you with other girls. It got soo serious I feel soo depressed and stupid and then I throw tantrums and get mad at you for no good reason.”

Adam looked away. ” I like you too, Violet but as a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.”

” Then hold me like a friend,” I said, fighting back a tear. ” Or better still, kiss me like a friend.”

He pushed me away gently. ” Violet, we’re in public. Anyone can pass by.”

I ignored him. ” Are you still flying back to America? You really want to start dating women, right?”

He nodded. ” I know you’re not happy about this.”

” On the contrary, I’m glad I was the one who changed you. Still, I want to be the first woman in your life before any other woman. Let’s spend the night together. I’m really happy you’re with me here right now. That’s why even if it’s only for a little bit longer, would you stay with me?”

He stroked my cheeks with a smile on his face. ” Look what you’ve caused. You’ve given me a hard-on. I will stay with you.” Then rising to his feet, he bent low infront of me. ” You look tired. Climbed on my back, I’ll carry you home.”

I cleaned my eyes with the back of my hand. ” You want to give me a piggy back ride? Just like old times?”

Adam smiled. ” Yes. Come on, don’t be shy.”

I climbed his back and he lifted me up from the ground. We moved towards home, Adam holding me behind his back with his incredible strength. I tightened my arms around his neck and leaned my head closer to his cheeks. I felt like a baby and I was happy. I can never remembered when last I’ve felt Soo happy in my life.

My mind flashed back to when I was just turning six. A bully had taken my ice cream and pushed me away to the ground. Adam was around when it happened. He was just twelve years old then. He fought the bully off, bought me another ice cream and had given me a piggy back ride home.

That was exactly what he was what he was doing now. I suddenly realized that Adam was the one I loved. I want more out of him. I want to be with him forever but…..

I closed my eyes and felt my heart beating against his back. Adam deserves better. He’s my best friend and it would have to remain that way. I want Adam to be Happy. To find someone older than me. Someone who could understand him better and make him feel like a man. Everyone has a place in this world. Mine is here and Adam’s is outside the country.

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