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Katelyn's POV:

Knocking on his door, I waited. It took three minutes before the door swung opened. Mr Adam stared at me in shock them he uttered. ” What are you doing here?”

I took a deep breath. ” I want to talk to you, sir. I have something to confess.”

He turned to my suitcase and pointed at it. ” What’s that for?”

” I’ll explain later but first can I come in your house…”

” No, you cannot.”

” Please sir, don’t make me regret this. I need to talk to you. Just hear me out. If you send me out and the rain starts, I’ll be soaked wet.”

He considered this. ” What about your stepdad. I don’t want any trouble.”

” Trust me, I’m all alone. Stepdad went for a meeting and won’t be back till ten o’clock. Can I come in now, sir?”

” I don’t like students coming into my house,” he looked left and right to see if anyone is coming. ” But I’ll give you ten minutes to say what you want to say. I’m not in a good mood.”

I grabbed my suitcase. ” Thank you, sir. I promise I will be brief and blunt.”

He made way and I went in. Shutting the door behind me, he offered me the armchair in the room. ” Have a seat. What will you take? I’m making tea….”

” Just hear me out first,” I said, sitting down. ” I want you to listen to everything I have to say. It’s important that you know before I leave.”

” Leave? Where are you leaving to?” He suddenly sounded concerned. ” Don’t tell me you’re running away?”

I brushed a lock of hair off my face and nodded. ” Yes but I’m also eloping.”

He stiffened. ” Eloping with who?”

I raised my head and stared at him. ” Eloping with you.”

He opened his mouth but nothing came out.

” I love you, Adam. Believe me, I really do.”

Adam bowed his head and forced a bitter smile. ” Look kid, let’s be honest with each other but this is stupid. I admit it, I’m flattered you like me but I’m an adult and you’re….”

” Shut up!”

He glanced up. ” Excuse me?”

I was holding my skirt tightly as angry emotions were rising up my face. ” Just shut up about me being a minor. I don’t give a d--n how if I’m fourteen and you’re twenty three. I love you, can’t you see that? The age difference between us doesn’t matter. I mean when you want to get married, wouldn’t you marry someone younger than you?”

” That’s not the point,” he responded. ” The age difference matters at this moment. If I began going out with you, I’ll be thrown in jail. This is against the law and you know it. You’re far too young to date a man like me.”

” Then I’ll wait,” I stood up. ” I’ll wait till I’m eighteen, then we can get married.”

” Stop this, Kate. You’re going way out of line.”

” I don’t care! Can’t you see I don’t care? I know I’m stupid, I know this is foolish but I just can’t help myself. I’m running away just to be with you. We can go someplace far away. If it’s money, I have money. I’ve saved enough over the past six years. We can both start a new life together. You can get a job in another school and I can work as a waiter…”

” Shut up!” He yelled and grabbed my shoulders, shaking me hard. ” Shut the hell up. I don’t want to hear.”

” I want to be with you forever Adam. I don’t care if we’re rich or poor. I’ll be happy with you in a cave.”

” Have you lost your mind?”

” Yes I lost my mind the moment I set eyes on you.”

” Oh my God,” he sighed. ” God tell me this is a dream. Kate, you are going way too far with this. Eloping with a fourteen years old girl? Do you want me thrown in prison?”

” I….”

” That’s enough,” he drew away from me. ” I’ve heard everything you said, Kate. But I’m sorry, I’m not eloping with you.”

I frowned. ” And why?”

He shooked his head. ” There are many reasons but I’m sure you won’t want to hear them because you already know. The truth is…..”

I glared at him. ” What Truth? What are you hiding, Adam? Do you have a lover?”

He met my eyes and looked away. ” I have but it’s stupid. I feel guilty about it. You don’t know me, Kate. I’m not what you think I am.”

” Then what the hell are you?” I yelled. ” A gangster, a killer, a womaniser? Tell me, I want to know the sort of man you are?”

He stood up and tried to walk away. ” You should start going. I’m not going to have this conversation again.”

Before he knew it, I ran up to him and pushed him on the bed. We both fell on each other and he stared at me in shock.

I held his hand and looked at his eyes. He was shocked to see me shedding tears.

” I want to know, Adam,” I sobbed as my tears touched his face. ” Who are you? What are you? I’ve tried to make you hungry for me. Yet you remained distant from me. Many men get a hard-on whenever they looked at me but you, you’re different. It’s as if you have no manhood. I just don’t get it.”

He didn’t say anything. He stared at me, watching my tears fall freely.

I raised my voice. ” So tell me I ain’t beautiful. Tell me why you aren’t hard between your legs, tell me why your lover is soo better preferred than me. I man We’re both women. We both have boobs and I’m sure mine is bigger than hers. I’ve got a well packaged ass and I know men like you dig for large ass. So why aren’t you hard? Why, despite everything I do, you’re still indifferent towards me. Tell me why! I want to know. D--n you Adam. Tell me!”

He raised his free hand and touched my head. ” Katelyn calm down.”

” Don’t tell me to calm down! Answer my question,” I yelled. ” What’s this dark secret of yours?”

He closed his eyes bitterly for a while then opened them. ” #I’M_GAY!”



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