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Violet's POV:

” Did you hear?” Liz asked.

” Hear what?”

” We’re having a new teacher. Is it true Mr Adam left?”

” Yes,” we were crossing the road to school together.

” But why did he leave in such a quick notice? He didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye. Why, he didn’t even last a term here.”

I shrugged. ” Who knows. Maybe he’s found something better.”

Liz raised an eyebrow. ” Something better?”

I nodded. Still recalling Adams last words of advice as he left with his luggages this morning.

” Be a good girl,” he patted my head playfully. And don’t mixed up with bad gangs. Your books are your priorities.”

” Awww,” I made a funny face. ” My childhood friend is missing me already.”

He laughed. ” You wish. I’m just looking out for you, stupid.”

” Hey, don’t call me stupid. By the way, when you get that girlfriend over there, send me her pictures so I can check if she’s going to be a good wife material.”

” Are you my parents?”

” Does it matter?” I showed my teeth. ” I don’t want my friend dating the wrong lady.”

” And I don’t want you dating the wrong guy while I’m gone.”

” You wish,” I laughed. ” I’m not getting a boyfriend till I’m twenty-five. I hate boys. When I get a boyfriend, I’m making sure it’s leading straight to marriage, else ehhh….that boy go hear am from me.”

We both laughed and I saw his happy face. ” Better,” he grinned. ” Better you don’t date at all.”

Was he hiding something from me? Did I sense some bit of tension in those eyes? Or is he planning something fishy?

” Well, I probably won’t date till I’m a fully grown young lady so don’t bother yourself about that. But you’d visit. Promise me you’d visit.”

He sighed as he grabbed his luggages. The taxi driver blew his horn impatiently. ” I hope so. Though it might take a long time."

I wasn’t happy about that but it’s alright. I want him to be happy and that’s all that really counts.

We walked down to the taxi and I helped him with his luggages. ” So where are you going to now?”

He licked his lips as he turned to me. ” I’ll be visiting my parents in the city then when it’s time, I’d take the two o’clock plane. Send my regards to your mom and also to Katelyn. I’ll miss you guys Soo much.”

I ran into his arms before he knew it and gave him a bone crushing hug that made my heart melt with emotions. ” I’m going to miss you, Adam. I’ll miss you Soo much.”

He raised my head towards his face and for a while I thought he going to kiss me. ” I’ll miss you too, Eve!”

His lips touched my forehead.

He called me Eve. He called me Eve.

I pulled away from him. ” Hey, my name is not Eve.”

He laughed and got into the taxi. ” Well, soo long, Violet. I’ll text you.”

My heart was melting really bad. I was missing him already. ” Goodbye, Adam.”

The engines roared and the taxi sped down the highway. I watched it go, Adams hand waving at me. I stared longingly after the vehicle till I thought my heart was gonna burst.

Then I yelled. ” I’ll miss youuuuuuu!”

” Violet!” Liz tapped me. ” Are you alright? You’ve been awfully quiet.”

I woke up from my flashback. ” Well, yeah I’m fine. Just thinking about something. How about your plans for a boyfriend?”

Liz looked away as we crossed the school gates. ” It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s forget about it. I’ve got exams to worry about.”

I smiled. ” Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

” Senior, Violet,” someone called me from behind. I turned around to see Katelyn running up to me.

” Good morning senior,” she greeted me.

” Morning dear,” I replied, surprised to see her. I was more surprised to see her in mofti instead of her uniforms. ” How are you feeling?”

” I’m feeling great, senior Violet,” she bowed her head. ” I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with Mr Adam catch my stepdad. I owe you a lot.”

I laughed, remembering I was the one who planned out the whole set-up. ” It was nothing. Speaking of which, what about your stepdad?”

” He’s going to face trial today, that’s one reason I’m not coming to school today. My mom got a lawyer. She’s going to make him leave her a settlement before he gets thrown in jail. We’re on the case this afternoon.”

” I’m sure you guys will win the case,” I assured her.

Liz was tugging my arms impatiently. ” Violet, we’ve got class now.”

” Thing is, I was wondering if Mr Adam could join us in court today. I was hoping he would be there to…” She began but I cut her short.

” Oh, I’m sorry about that,” I said. ” But he’s no longer going to be teaching any more.”

I saw the light go out in her eyes. ” Wha-what?”

I could see it now how clearly, Adam meant to her. Well, he’s gone. I’m sure she’d be able to move on with her life and concentrate on her books.

” He sent his regard to you and your mom. He said he was sorry for leaving soo soon.”

” Would he be back?”

” I don’t know, maybe Never,” okay, now that sounded harsh but I just wanted her to get the picture.

” Oh I see,” she said dejectedly. ” Well, thanks for everything.”

I watched her leave and shrugged. Love can be the most beautiful thing but sometimes it’s foolish. That’s one thing with Katelyn but I didn’t say anything o.

Our new maths teacher was a horror to see. Don’t even ask. He’s ugly and looks like he’d need a change of his old-school clothes and his barking manners but he was a maths guru and that was enough for principal Moore.

It was at that moment that everyone missed #oursexymaths_teacher.


Katelyn's POV:

” I’m not… crying,” I thought aloud as I walked alone towards home, cleaning my eyes with the back of my hands.

” I understand you took yourself as a fool,” Mr Adam’s voice rang in my head. ” You felt like an idiot for letting your emotions get the better of you over a man you barely knew. It’s normal for a teenage girl to get these types of feelings but you took it way too far. You suddenly realized your mistakes and you felt bad about them. That’s possibly the reason why you chose to kill yourself.

I understand perfectly now. It seems Soo sudden for Adam to leave but I’ll miss him. I really do. I’ll never forget him. When I grow up and I find a man I really like, I’ll do just as Mr Adam had taught me to. Take my time and limit my desperation towards relationships.

With all said and done, my upcoming exams no longer scares me. I felt I could handle anything now. My studies, my future relationships, my mom and anything that life has to throw at me. I can handle anything but maybe…just maybe…I can never handle Mr Adam.

#_The EnD...

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