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Katelyn's POV:

“No sane man born of a woman would resist a h---y teenage girl. There is something to it.”

“Adam knows more about women. You are just not his type.”

” You think Mr Adam cares for you? He doesn’t. Now look kid, men like Adam are poison. They act quiet and gentle but deep within them, they are vipers. Touch their tail and they’d tear you to pieces. They are dangerous. That’s his line: cute on the outside and specializes in bedrooms. Don’t think he’s hook on you, he isn’t.”

“Who in the world would want a fourteen years old girl for a girlfriend. You’re rotten and used up, Adam could sense it and that’s why he’s playing with your emotions”

” You would never see that perfect man. No man is perfect. All men are cheats; I know that because I’m a man.”

Step dad’s words ranged in my head as I ran further away from Adam’s neighborhood.

As I ran, I cried.

The reality of Adams words hit me like a bombshell. I still couldn’t believe it.

The rain was Soo heavy and dangerous drivers had to stay clear off the road but I didn’t stay clear of the road. I kept running and crying, not knowing where I was heading to but knowing I was running around without reasons. People under shades and inside their houses saw me and yelled at me.

” Foolish girl, what are you doing? Get out of the rain. It’s too dangerous!”

But I ignored them. That’s right, I’m a foolish girl. A big time fool! What’s there to hide?

Suddenly I tripped and fell to the ground. I remained on the ground, crying while the rain danced around my body like hailstones. I recalled our last conversation at lesson today as my mind went into a flashback:

“Don’t you find me attractive?”

He turned to me and frowned. ” No, I don’t.”

My heart chilled and I felt tears welling inside me. I raised my voice. ” Why?”

” Because I don’t like you,” he said buttoning his shirt. “I’m a monster, I may be quiet and a gentleman but trust me, I’m a devil in disguise. I’m not what you think I am and I definitely don’t want you to know what’s behind the man you see before you because I don’t want to hurt you.”

But you did, I sobbed bitterly. You hurt me to pieces. D--n you, Adam! How could I have been Soo stupid?

Rising up to my feet, I looked around me and found out I was standing on the town’s bridge. Underneath me was the river, raging fast like a flood.

Moving closer, I stared at the raging waters and cried. I passed my legs over the rails of the bridge and held on tight to let go.

The waters roared below me which got me struck with fear. Once I let go of this rail, I’d be head deep in those waters. I can’t swim so I’ll drown easily, head, line and sinkers. What other better ways to die than this? It’d be quick and easy. Once I’m dead, I’d have forgotten about Adam and my stepdad. I’d forget I ever existed. I’ve suffered enough heartbreak already, I can’t afford to suffer again. This one was way too much for me to take.

The river roared again in line with the storm as thunder and lightening crashed the atmosphere. I held on tight, staring at the waters, unsure of whether or not to let go. Unknown to me, the rails were rusty and old and my weight was loosing it from it’s base.

” Katelyn!” Someone shouted behind me.

I turned sharply to see Adam and a girl running up towards where I was. They stopped in shock, seeing I was heartbeats from jumping into the river.

” Katelyn, don’t do this,” Adam spoke soothingly, moving cautiously to approach me.

” Stay away from me!” I barked at him bitterly. He stopped immediately. ” Any further movement from you and I’ll jump.”

Adam took a deep breath. ” Katelyn please, listen to me.”

” I’m not listening to anything that you have to say,” I cried. ” Just leave me alone. I’m far better dead than to bear this pain anymore.”

” Katelyn, there’s nothing gained in trying to take your own life. It’s wrong…it’s an abomination….”

I cut him short. ” Speak for yourself. You’re the one who’s gay. Isn’t that ten times an abomination?!”

” But I’m not yet dead,” he replied, speaking fast. ” I’m still alive, meaning I can still change. Trust me, I’m trying hard to change but it’s not been easy for me. It takes time. I know I’m rotten. I know I’ve done shady things that aren’t natural but I’m still alive. I’m still alive because I didn’t let my emotions get the better of me. When talking about pains, I’ve felt worse pains than you, yet I never killed myself.”

” Don’t say that,” I blasted at him. ” You don’t know the kind of pains I’ve been through my entire life. I can’t take it anymore. The only way out of all my misery is death. Once I’m dead, I won’t remember anything.”

Adam bowed his head. ” Kate, you don’t know that. The life after this might not be pleasant for you if you commit suicide. I wouldn’t want that to happen to you. I don’t want you to leave, Kate. I want you to stay.”

I glared at him. ” I loved you Adam. I really do but you only played with my emotions. It’s alright to refuse me but gay? I thought you were perfect, I thought you were the one to rescue me. But I was wrong. You are the worse. How I wish I hadn’t fell in love with you. How I wished I never knew you. Instead of being my savior, you only succeeded in breaking me to pieces. I never meant anything to you and why? Because you’re a die hard homosexual!”

Adam’s fist tightened and he whispered against the rain. ” I’m soo sorry, Kate.”

” You were my first love!” I screamed at him over the heavy downpour. ” Your voice is Soo nice and warm and kind. Someone with that kind of voice gave me comfort and joy but it was not enough. I needed more out of you. I am that selfish. I needed you. I needed you to fill me up and save me. B-but…but you only caused me…. I-I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t!”

” Kate…” Adam began but he stopped.

I felt the rusty old rail giving way and before I knew it, the rail broke out of it’s base and fell with me towards the river.

My eyes grew wide. Everything became slow. The rain drops, the lightening and thunder above me and Adam’s scream piercing through the noises around me.

” Katelyn, nooooooo!!!”

I splashed into the raging waters and was carried away. I tried to breath above water but I was pushed down deep by the current.

I fought and tried to struggled against the waters. I failed. I started losing consciousness until I became filled with water and began sinking into darkness.


Kate’s mom’s phone dropped to the ground and crashed to pieces. She stared into space for a long time, tears welling up her eyes.

The video recording Kate had sent to her paralyzed her from moving. After watching the recording and watching the raping of her daughter by her husband, she was instantly filled bitterly with grief and guilt.

Rushing up to her feet, she ran from her hotel room to the reception office and dialed her daughter’s number. It buzzed for a long time and went off.

Couldn’t be reached. Switched off.

Something bad has happened to her. Something bad has happened to my daughter.

She was shedding tears even as the receptionist stared oddly at her. She dialed Kate’s number again. Can’t be reached, switched off.

Oh God, no. I need to get out of here. I need to find my daughter. Just as she was about turning towards her room, she saw the evening news.

A high school student, named Katelyn Agu, was seen jumping off the town’s bridge……

Kate’s mom screamed her lungs out!!!!



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