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Final Episode

It was so obvious that Alex was in love with Angela but he doesn’t want to admit to it.

The arrow of love had been shot in to his heart and he doesn’t want to accept that he was wounded.

Ever since Alex and Angela had their first meal together at the restaurant, they had gradually grown into becoming friends.

Every night Alex would stay up thinking about Angela, there is this nagging feeling deep down in his hearts that always told him that his feelings for Angela was way more than respect

But he choose to bury that feelings deep in his heart to stop the feelings from coming alive .

But one-day something magical happened,

Alex had walked out of the elevator as he made his way towards his office with a sweet smile on his face, ever since he became friends with Angela, he always seemed to be in a good mood.

For the first ever he responded to all the greetings that was thrown at him by his workers, as he walked in to his office.

Half an hour later, He was seated in his office when his secretary, Ada walked into his office and then the Secretary entered seriously but there was a nervous smile on her face

“Sir I have something important to Discuss with you” and Alex responded “I’m all ears”

For weeks, Alex’s Secretary had been trying hard to seduce him, but Alex wasn’t even paying attention, and the young beautiful lady had decided to confess her feelings to Alex.

The secretary was quiet for a few seconds and then she said “Sir, I don’t know how to say this but I’m in love……… With you” and Alex smiled.

That was not the first time a girl had walked up to him to confess their feelings.

“Are you sure?” Alex entered

“Yes sir, I love you” Ada replied.

“But why? I am your boss and you are my Secretary, you don’t have the right to fall in love with me, you don’t, I’m giving you a last chance or else, you would had lost your job today, focus on your job not on me, besides I’m in love with some one else, I love Angela so much.” Alex admitted unknowingly

He was done with his statement when realized what he had said.

Ada dismissed herself immediately and Alex fell into a deep thought, a quick smile lightened up his face.

“So it’s love” he thought in smiles but then his smile quickly turned into a frown

“It would only be true love if Angela loves me right back” Alex added.

That day Alex couldn’t perform his daily routine at his office, they were a lot of paperwork on his desk that needed his attention but he was just overwhelmed with his feelings for Angela, Even his brain, wasn’t even working straight enough to do any work that day.

Few months later, It was Alex’s 28th birthday,

That morning he woke up to more than a hundred birthday messages on his phone, he got messages from his clients, friends and relatives. He had a sweet smile on his face as he read and responded to some of the messages.

That day, Alex received a lot of presents as well but he didn’t get the present that he cherished so much untill his sister, Princess arrived.

“Happy birthday my darling big brother, the sky is your limit, you have done well for yourself and I’m always proud of you, God will always bless you” Princess had said with smiles as she walked into Alex’s office with a brown paper bag.

Alex thanked her and hugged her.

“Lil Sis, I have been expecting you all morning, how is my birthday party arrangements? I hope you contracted a good party planner, tonight party should be perfect” Alex said with smiles

“Trust me bro, I got this” Princess entered.

“Princess, Where is my present?” Alex said at once with a big smile.

“Oh I almost forgot” Princess entered as she digged into the brown paper bag, and brought out three wrapped presents.

“Here bro, this two presents are from me, and once again Happy Birthday, I love you” Princess added as she placed two presents on Alex’s office table.

Alex ignored the two presents as he glared at the other present.

“And this present is not from me, it’s from Angela, I hope you like it” Princess revealed as she placed the third present on the table with the other two presents.

Alex immediately opened the third present that was from Angela and he was surprised to see a black suit.

“A suit?”Alex entered

“Yes, Angela made it specially for you, I hope you like it, although I told her that you like designer suits like Armani and the rest but still Angela insisted on making a suit for you, if you don’t like it, you can give it to your PA” Princess said.

“What are you saying? Its my birthday present, I will be the one to decide what I will do with my present” Alex said calmly

That same day, it was 7pm, Alex had arrived at his birthday party venue, the party took place in a classic hotel and suites that was not too far away from his parent’s mansion, Alex was looking so handsome, Princess couldn’t believe her eyes when she noticed that Alex wore the suit Angela had made. She was in smiles as Alex walked up to her.

“Princess, where is Angela, I can’t find her anywhere, I hope you invited her specially to my birthday party, I just want to appreciate her for this present” Alex said calmly as he touched the suit that he wore

“I love this suit, it’s so comfortable, Angela is so talented”Alex added and Princess smiled

“That’s why she won the fashion show last year, she is way too talented, and by the way big bro you are looking very handsome” Princess entered and Alex smiled.

“Big brother, I spoke to Angela, few minutes ago, she is already on her way with her younger sister, they will be here soon” Princess added and Alex nodded and walked away to join his friends

Half an hour later, Angela stormed the party with her sister, Esther. Immediately they walked in to the party, Angela looked around, she was only looking for Princess, but instead she sighted Alex with his friends, she decided to wish him a happy birthday, as she walked closer to Alex, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw that Alex was wearing the suit that she had made for him, a quick smile filled her face.

“I can’t believe Alex worn the suit” Angela thought.

Alex immediately saw her walking to his direction, he politely dismissed his friends and arranged his neck tie.

Angela flashed him a silly smirk as he walked closer.

“You look so good today birthday boy” Angela entered

“I have been searching for you, I just want to see the designer that made this suit that I’m wearing” Alex entered in smiles.

“I’m right here Alex, you can stop searching” Angela replied with smiles

Alex walked closer and gave her a hug.

“Thank you, I love the suit, I never knew you could make a lovely suit like this” Alex said as he disengaged from the hug.

Angela’s heart skipped beats but she comported herself.

“I’m glad you love it,….. this is my sister her name is Esther” Angela entered and Esther greeted Alex who responded so politely.

“You look so beautiful Esther like your sister, thank you for coming to my party”

And Esther smiled

Two hours later and the birthday party was finally over, Angela and her sister were ready to go when Alex walked up to them.

“I want to thank you once again for the present and for attending my party” Alex entered.

“Thank you for having us, my sister and I really had a great time” Angela responded and then Alex continued “Angela, can we talk for a moment, I promise I won’t take much of your time”

And Angela nodded in acceptance and she turned to her younger sister

“Esther, please wait for me in the car” and to Alex she said

“I’m all ears”

Alex was quiet for few seconds and when he finally spoke he said

“Angela I don’t know how you are going to react to what I have to say but I want you to to know that all I’m about to say is nothing but the truth”

And Angela stared at him to continue but instead he walked closer and kissed Angela.

Alex was expecting a slap but instead Angela kissed him back.

Alex was so excited, They kissed for a while and then Angela stopped the kiss abruptly.

“I love you” Alex managed to say.

And his joy knew no bound when Angela admitted that she loved him too.

From that day, A new relationship was born and in few months later, Angela and Alex got married in an elaborate wedding. Chief Ogbolu was so excited as he walked Angela down the aisle.

“You look so beautiful my daughter, you are not just my daughter in-law now, you are also my daughter, thank you for the opportunity to walk you down the altar, you would had walked alone if you wanted but you requested I walk you down the aisle, thank you my child” Chief Ogbolu said and Angela smiled.

When Alex’s Secretary heard about the wedding,

The End

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