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Angela stared at the couple speechlessly.

“Chidinma, how are you?” Alex’s Father continued but Angela stared at the man confusingly.

“Oh dad, mom finally you are back home, where did you guys go?” Alex asked as he walked into the sitting room with Princess. Angela wondered when Alex got there as Princess had told her earlier that no one was home.

“Angela, meet my parents” Princess said in smiles.

And Angela nodded.

“Princess, so you have meet Chidinma already?” Alex’s Father threw in pointing at Angela and Alex listened speechlessly.

“No Dad, her name is Angela not Chidinma, you and mom did not attend the Fashion show, else you would had known her” Princess said confusingly.

“Princess……My name is also Chidinma, but I don’t understand, no one else knew that my name was also Chidinma apart from my late parents and younger sister, I didn’t even include Chidinma in my documents, and I haven’t met your father before now, so how did he know my other name?”Angela admitted and everyone was shocked except Alex’s father even Alex couldn’t believe his ears.

“So Angela is actually Chidinma, the girl my dad wants me to marry, I’m finished, oh my God” Alex thought.

“Sir, how did you know my name?” Angela asked curiously.

Hot tears rolled down from Alex’s father’s eyes,

“I met your late father, more than twenty years ago, my son Alex had lost his way home, your father saw him on the road alone and he took him to the police station to make a report, he didn’t stop there, he took Alex home with him and took good care of him till we found Alex” Alex Father said and Alex’s mother nodded in agreement.

While Alex and Princess listened speechlessly.

Alex couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he wondered why his father never cared to share this story before now.

“When Alex returned home, we were so happy, because we thought we had lost him, at the time he was only 7 years old, some weeks later, I went to visit your father to know what I will do to repay his kindness but he told me that I shouldn’t bother, he praised Alex instead, he told me that I was blessed to have a smart boy like Alex because he was the one who had saved himself, he said Alex had walked up to him when he was passing bye and in tears, he told your father that he was lost and needed his help to get home, your father was amazed that he put it upon himself to make sure Alex was safe, since your father didn’t accept any kind of repayment for his favour, I gave him my business card and told him to come to me, if he needs my help, he took the card reluctantly, he visited me twice in my work place, I thought he had changed his mind or maybe he needed my help but he told me smiling that he only needed my friendship”

Alex’s Father paused for a while and continued.

“Many years later, i was coming back from work, one Saturday evening, I had a lot of paperwork to take care of, I don’t usually work on Saturday but because I was expecting some new foriegn investors the coming Monday, I had to take care of all the pending work that weekend so I can have time to meet up with my new investors, i was heading home, when my driver Abiodun suddenly stopped the car and he told me that two cars ran into each other, I had wondered if they were casualties, my driver wanted to move but I told him to wait, we both got out of the car to find out if there’s a way, we could help the victims, ever since the incident happened with Alex, that a total stranger who happened to be your father, helped my son to get home safey, I became more kind and generous towards others especially strangers, I walked into the accident scene with my driver, I have alerted the police about the accident but they didn’t come early enough as I expected, but I was shocked to see your father inside one of the vehicle, with your mother, there was two cars in the scene, both were extremely damaged due to the accident, the windscreen and the side mirror were broken, infact your father was the one who had recognized me, immediately i looked into the damaged vehicle, I was shocked when he called my name, and then I recognized him immediately, I tried to get them out of the vehicle but the doors were damaged, I couldn’t open the door”

Angela was already in tears, Alex’s mother walked closer to her and held her by her shoulder.

And Alex’s father continued ” my driver and i managed to get them out of the vehicle but it wasn’t easy, we rushed them into my car and we headed to the hospital, Chidinma, your father was thankful, he told me that I have repaid his kindness, I was a bit happy when he said that because I thought he would make it out alive, he was silent for while, then he told me his wife was not breathing, I was so frightened, i told Abiodun my driver to step on the car so we could reach the hospital quickly and on time, he obeyed, Abiodun has never speeded like he did that day, and then your father told me that he was not afraid of death because he lived well but was concerned about his children, I can remember vividly the last word he said “who will tell Chidinma my daughter that she should please take care of her little sister?”, your mom had been silent all through the drive to the hospital and when your father suddenly became calm as well, I was afraid but I was relieved that we have at least gotten to the hospital, your parents were rushed into the emergency ward, and then 30 minutes later, the doctor came out and pronounced them dead,

“they died more than 40 minutes ago, that means they both died on their way here” the doctor told me and I gave out a loud noise of pain”

Everyone in the room was in tears including Alex, Even Alex’s father wiped two tears from his eyes and added “you see Chidinma my dear, your father mentioned your name to me before he died”

“But sir why are we just meeting today? Sir I wished I knew this before now, I would have thank you for the effort you put in trying to save my late parents, I don’t even know all this happened” Chidinma entered in tears.

“I have meet you couple of times my dear, the first time was at your parent’s funeral and I can’t just walk up to you with this sad story, after the funeral, I lost my peace, I kept remembering your father’s last words which is “who will tell Chidinma my daughter to take care of her little sister” And then I put it upon myself to take care of your little sister and you as well..,…the second time, I saw you, you were standing at the main road, before Abiodun could park the car and I came running out of the car, you had left, i visited your apartment countlessly but I always meet your absence although your neighbours told me how hardworking you are and that’s why you were never at home, they told me that you are a good girl, most times i meet Chief Bello, the landlord, Mr Bello might have mentioned my name to you, because I told him that I was your late father’s friend” Alex’s father threw in.

“No he didn’t” Angela said at once.

“Really? Are you sure because Bello had called me more than thrice and he told me that you wanted to say hello, yes..Now I remember, we have spoken on the phone before, where you told me you needed 100 thousand naira to sort out your sister’s school bills” Alex’s father said

‘no that’s not true sir, I have never begged for anything in my life, I have always worked hard for everything”Angela said at once

“Really? I have always sent money to you and your younger sister through Chief Bello” Alex’s father revealed and Angela was shocked

“Come to think of it, the girl’s voice I heard on the phone is quite different from yours, that means chief Bello was playing me, apart from sending your monthly allowance through him, I also sent your school fees to him every now or then, he told me about your birthdays and always sent expensive gifts through him, I also paid the house rents and many more, Bello had been scamming me, I always sent Abiodun my driver to him…, Alex my boy, go and bring Abiodun here, so he would confirm what I’m saying” Alex’s father entered firmly and Alex obeyed

“Sir the only favor, i and my sister ever received from Chief Bello was that he allowed us to live in his house for free and that’s was for five years”Angela said softly.

“I paid him his rents, infact I paid in arrears, he had collected 10 years rents from me” Alex’s father announced. Coolval Stories

“What?and here I was thinking he was doing us a favor” Angela entered

In no time, Alex returned with the driver Abiodun and one good stare at the man, Angela remembered him.

“some months ago, You once came to my old apartment but immediately Chief Bello walked in you were speechless, yes I remembered you were there to see Chief Bello and you knocked on the wrong apartment ”

“Oh I see but Abiodun, I thought you told me that you didn’t meet Angela at home that very day, I have sent you to bring Chidinma to the house because I had something important to discuss with her”Alex Father entered without revealing much. It was obvious that the important discussion, he wanted to have with Angela was about his plans to get her married to his son Alex.

Abiodun was so afraid, he was quivering and on a bended knee, hot tears and sweat rolled from his face.

“sir, I will confess” he said fearfully. Abiodun confessed to all his crimes and also to chief Bello’s crimes.

“Miss Angela, i have meet you at your parent’s funeral with my boss, even when he saw you at the main road, I was with him” The driver revealed.

“And so? I have told her already” Alex’s Father entered impatiently.

And then the driver continued

“Sir all I want to say is that i know her in person but Chief Bello thought that I don’t know her in person, so one-day, my boss has sent me to you Angela, he told me to give you 500 hundred thousand naira personally that I should not give the money to chief Bello as always, when I arrived Chief Bello brought a different girl, claiming she was you, and then I opened up and he was shocked when I described how you look and I threatened to expose him to my boss but the man pleaded and he told me, that we can become partners, the deal seemed tempting so I agreed, we shared that Money, I got 30 percent of that money and we also shared so much money apart from that five hundred thousand naira, please sir forgive me, it’s the devil’s work” Abiodun confessed and the next day Chief Bello and Abiodun were arrested by the Police and they would be doing a long time in jail.

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