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Some weeks later, Angela stormed the prison to see Chief Bello’s awful face. When Chief Bello came out from his cell to meet Angela, he bowed his head in shame.

“For five years, I thought you were a God’s sent, I thought you were a good man, most times I prayed to God to bless you because I thought that you did us a favor, I never knew you were deceitful and a greedy fraudster” Angela entered furiously.

Chief Bello couldn’t say a word, he was too ashamed, he never knew that his sins would find him out.

“You stole from my sister and I, we were orphans, did you even stop to think about how we were coping with out our parents and God sent some one to help us, you became a stumbling block, many nights we went to bed hungry, I worked so hard because I knew if i don’t we will be hungry, where as you were living large, you even became a chief with the money that was meant for our upkeep, Now I see why you were so elated when we left your house, because you thought Chief Ogbolu would never find us and he would keep sending money to you, no wonder you didn’t accept the two hundred thousand naira I gave you as a gift, your conscience won’t let you or better still , two hundred thousand was peanuts compare to what you always received from our Benefactor, I know everything now, my God will judge you”Angela said and walked away, leaving Chief Bello in the state of regret and shame.

On the other hand, Ever since Alex got to know that Angela was Chidinma, he felt perplexed because he knew Angela was not the kind of girl that he would fake a relationship with, his father had also explained in details, why he wants him to marry Chidinma

“Chidinma’s late father always appeared in my dreams, he wants his daughter to be part of my family, and getting his daughter married to you is the best way to turn her to a family member, I am not shocked to see Chidinma’s late father in my dreams because when he was alive, I had given him my word, I had told him that he should come to me whenever he needed my help, so you see, marrying Chidinma would bring me peace, you once asked if she had an English name, now you know, it’s Angela”

“Dad, what are you saying, there’s no such thing as Ghost, it’s just what you have on your mind, you just want her to be part of our family and subconsciously you think her late father would be happy when she becomes a part of our family, it’s you.Dad… That’s what you want, yes I’m very grateful that the late man saved me when I was little boy but getting married to Angela to repay that favor, it’s uncalled for… Jeez I was only seven years old when her late father saved me” Alex entered.

“I’m not lying my son, you know your father is not liar but you are not totally wrong, I must admit I want this too, I want to make her part of our family, her father was such a nice man, he had integrity, he was some one you can trust and according to what I have heard, Chidinma is exactly like her father, Princess told me how she almost forfeit her Prize because she thought it was charity, she is not a free loader, money doesn’t move her, she is not greedy, she is hard working and self dependent as a wealthy young man, I believe you need such a woman by your side, who would love you for you not for what you have or represent” Alex’s father said and Alex fell into a deep thought instead.

All the women he had met wanted him because of what they stand to gain, only Angela doesn’t even care about what he represents, “I know Angela is different but there’s a limit to everything, she has ego and to me thats a big problem, how can I explain all this to Dad, That I can’t marry Angela, she always misunderstand my motives , We are not compatible, no I can’t spend my life with her, no, I don’t want to get married, not now and not to her” Alex thought.

But it was as if his father read his mind.

“Alex my son, you are right there’s no such thing as ghost, I guess it’s my subconsciousness like you said, my subconsciousness wants you to marry Angela because I believe it’s the right thing and it would make me feel better, I couldn’t do anything for her late father, if her father was still alive, her daughter’s marriage would mean a lot to him, when Angela’s father was alive he seemed like he was fond of you..and if you get married to his first daughter, he would have been happy if he was still alive…. but I just thought about everything, I can’t impose my feelings on you, no I can’t because you are a grown up man, but Alexander my son, can you do something for me?” Alex’s Father asked politely.

Alex knew that whenever his father pronounce his full name that he was about to give him a difficult task.

“What Dad?”Alex said immediately with a quick frown

“Would you at least get to know Chidinma first, if you don’t like her, then don’t marry her, I will adopt her and her younger sister as my god daughters but if you like her and you marry her like I suggested, then I will be the happiest man on earth” Alex’s father entered and Alex smiled, he seemed to like the strange plan.

“Okay Dad I accept” Alex replied in smiles.

“Don’t forget, you must try your best to know her, Your sister had told me how you avoid poor Chidinma like a plague, you don’t visit your sister at her work place anymore because you don’t want to run into Chidinma, you have to get close to Chidinma if you want to know her” Alex’s Father entered and Alex smiled “I never knew my sister is a gossip, but don’t worry Dad, I will try my best” Alex concluded.

For the first time in a while, Alex visited Princess Fashion World, Alex’s couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw how different every where looked. The building was repainted and Alex was stunned when he saw Angela’s picture boldly in place at the entrance of the building as the winner of the fashion show. In that picture Angela had strike a pose with her prize and she looked very beautiful.

Alex walked into the tall building, as always greetings were directed at him as he walked into her sister’s office. He nodded to some greetings and to some he waved.

Princess was always excited to see her brother and they both always acted like kids around each other.

“Dad, told me to supervise you while you are here!” Princess entered suddenly.

“What does that mean? Supervise?”Alex asked at once.

“Have you forgotten, you have to speak to Angela, try to know her and my job as a supervisor is to make sure it happens” Princess entered in smiles

“You and Dad is taking this too seriously, I don’t like her, it’s obvious but if that is what I have to do to be free from all madness then I am ready, by the way where is she?” Alex entered.

“At the workshop, please be nice” Princess entered and Alex left for the workshop.

He found Angela using the industrial sewing machine, she was working on a outfit.

Immediately she sighted Alex

“Good day Mr Alex” She greeted professionally for the first time ever and Alex smiled with in.

“Finally, he used my name, I was tired of hearing her call me “Rich monkey, I was beginning to feel guilty for being born with a silver spoon” Alex thought.

“Good day Miss Angela” Alex responded and Angela’s who has been feeling remorseful ever since the fashion show incident, walked closer to Alex

“I just want to apologise for everything, I know I misjudged you and I called you unprintable names, please would you forgive me?” Angela entered in a serious tone.

“Nice try but I can never like some like you,” Alex thought before he responded

“I forgive you” and Angela smiled.

“Thank you, I am so happy now” Angela replied

Still in smiles.

“But why?” Alex asked at once.

” I know we started off as enemies, please can We be friends now?” Angela said smiling.

Alex didn’t utter a word instead he walked away

Right there Angela knew that Alex was still hurt. That day she went straight to Princess.

“Princess, I just apologized to your brother but I feel he is still angry with me, he is your brother and you know him better, what can I do to make him forgive me wholeheartedly” Angela said and Princess smiled within. “This is the opportunity that I have been waiting for” she thought

“Don’t worry, my brother doesn’t even know how to keep a grudge for a long time, he would warm up to you soon but You can visit him at his office and tell him that you are deeply remorseful about everything” Princess entered at once.

“Really, are you sure this would work, I’m scared what if he walks me out of his office?” Angela asked

“Trust me it will work, my brother wouldn’t dare to walk you out” Princess said smiling

“Why do you think so?” Angela threw in curiously

“Because…. My father would… Sorry I mean he is my brother, I know him after all” Princess entered nervously, she almost opened up unknowingly but she smiled instantly to cover up

“It’s Okay, I will visit him at his office tomorrow at lunch time” Angela decided and Princess smiled.

The next day, at lunch time,

Alex was about to step out from his office, when his intercom rang, he quickly pressed the button when he heard the voice of his chief security officer “Sir, a lady is here to see you”

“And what’s her name?”Alex asked.

” Angela” and Alex’s heart skipped a beat.

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