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Alex was shocked and at the same time, he was some how bothered

“what does she want and how did she get here?…. Oh I see Princess or Dad would be behind this unexpected visit”

“You can let her in” Alex said with thought and dropped the intercom.

Angela was already in the company’s building, It was a giant magnificent building that speaks of luxury, The front of the building was boldly written: OGBOLU INDUSTRIES

When Angela was inside the building, she saw that the inside Was even more beautiful than the outside, everywhere was well decorated.

She saw that many people worked in the building.

Angela got into the elevator and pressed the 6th floor like she was directed, when she got to the sixth floor she came out of the elevator and then she walked in the hallway that led to Alex’s office, she meet Alex’s Secretary who inquired If she had an appointment with Alex and Angela smiled and said “not really but I want to see him”.

The beautiful female secretary had to confirm from her boss before she allowed Angela to go in. When Angela got closer to Alex’s office, she softly knocked at the office door and she heard “come in”.

She opened the door and walked in and she met Alex sitting on his chair.

When she walked in she managed to take Alex’s breath away, with her beautiful face and gorgeous dress, She wore a green dress she had made and Green had always been Alex’s favorite color.

But he comported himself like it was nothing. He stared at her intensely and Angela stared right back at him too, Alex was wearing a designer suit and he was looking so fine

“You are welcome Miss Angela, what brings you here, please sit” Alex said in a business tone as he pointed to the couch that was behind Angela.

Angela made her way to the couch and sat on it, and she watched him stare at her as his eyes flicked up and down.

And then Alex asked with so much scarcasm

“what can I offer you, do you want some cold drinks or I almost forgot you don’t want anything from me, I’m a rich monkey, I’m arrogant and wicked…… ” And Angela smiled half shyly

“I’m good thank you”she replied as Alex rolled his eyes and continued to glare at Angela.

“Are you sure because I don’t want some one to call me names, the weather is too hot, I’m only feeling cool because of this Air conditioner, please don’t warm up this office with your burning anger” Alex entered and Angela smiled again.

This time her smiles melt his heart.

“She looks more beautiful when She smiles”Alex thought.

And then there was a sudden silence and Angela broke the silence.

“I know that you are wondering why I am here” Angela said and Alex nodded.

“I came here to apologize officially for everything I did wrong, I don’t know why I took out all my bitterness on you, ever since i lost my parents, life became very tough, I worked very hard because that was the only way I know how to survive, I apologise for the times I insulted you, for the times I misjudged you, I apologise for the time I rejected your apology, I apologise for all the stress I put you through, please forgive me” Angela said softly

“I have forgiven you, trust me!”Alex replied

“Are you sure?” Angela asked

“Do you want me to prove it?” Alex asked in smiles

“Yes” Angela said softly as her face lightened up with smiles.

“I’m starving, please would you accompany me to a restaurant nearby” Alex threw in and Angela smiled.

Few minutes later, Alex and Angela were at the car park, Alex walked to his Lamborghini and held the door for Angela to get in. Angela got in to the car, and then she remembered the first time that they had meet, Alex also was thinking the same thing.

“I can’t believe the feisty girl is riding with me in my Lambo.” Alex thought and smiled and then they drove off to a nice restaurant.

After the meal, They got talking and they learnt one or two about each other.

“Angela alot of people thought that life is perfect for the Rich but no, wealthy people shed tears too, they get disappointed too, having money doesn’t mean you have Peace or happiness or especially love, as the CEO of a billion naira company, I have my own struggles too, I feel bitter too and experience setbacks most times” Alex said calmly and Angela was so touched with the speech that she had apologize again for calling him unprintable names like “Rich monkey and money miss road”

“It’s okay, trust me I have forgiven you, I am happy that you have realized that I’m not as terrible as you had thought, yes I might seem arrogant and domineering, but the truth is I have a good heart and my intentions are always pure, I’m not saying that I’m perfect but I am trying hard to be a good person, but most people that I have met both male and female wants to take advantage of me because they know I’m wealthy, while some other kind of people judge me before they get to know me, I wasn’t asked to be born rich, I didn’t have a perfect childhoo d like every one thought, yes my parents were wealthy, they gave me everything money can buy but they always fought all the time, I was glad when I got an admission to study abroad, they were the main reason why stayed alone but I’m grateful that now they seem to love each other’s company, so you see no one have a perfect life” Alex said calmly

They were still conversing when

Angela looked at his wrist watch and noticed that it was getting late, it was 4pm already. She had thought

“I’m sorry, Please I beg to take my leave,Your sister would be waiting for me at the office” Angela entered

“Okay, let me drop you off” He said with a big smile

“I came with my car remember and it’s still parked at your company’s car park” Angela announced

“Don’t worry it’s safe, I will send some one to bring your car to you, let me drop you off” Alex entered and Angela reluctantly agreed.

When they got to Princess Fashion World, They bid each other “goodbye” as Angela came out of the Lamborghini, she had already given Alex her car key.

“Please say hi to Princess on my behalf” Alex had said and he reassured Angela that her car was safe and that he would send some one with the car as soon as he gets to the office.

Before the close of work, Alex sent some one to deliver Angela’s car to her as he had promised and she was so impressed.

At the close of work, Angela got into her car and drove home after she had bid Princess”Goodbye.

Angela went to bed that night but couldn’t help but to think about what had happened earlier that day

The next day Alex woke up with a groan, he couldn’t get any sleep last night either,

Cause he kept thinking about Angela. He

wondered what was happening to him.

“Why I’m I feeling this way about Angela, have I fallen for her?” Alex thought

“No I’m not it’s obvious, Its not love but Respect, I respect Angela now because she had put her ego aside and she had admitted she made a mistake in misjudging me and she had apologized, respect is not love” Alex told him self

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