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Angela walked into her home as she narrated what had happened to her little sister, she locked the door behind her. It was just a two bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and built in bathrooms for both rooms. It was not a big house like Alex’s mansion but it was a safe neighborhood and they had been living there for a long time even before they had lost their parents.

The next day, Angela heard her sister call out her name but she refused to respond, as she wanted to sleep more because she couldn’t sleep last night, she had kept recalling what had happened and how she had insulted Alex.

“Sister Angela, it’s almost 8:30am, are you not going to work today?” Angela’s sister entered as soon as she walked in to the bed room.

“Oh my God, I’m late for work” Angela said, she stood up from the bed and headed straight to her closet.

“Esther why didn’t you wake me earlier” Angela said as she was going through her clothes.

“Sister Angela I did but you told me to leave you alone… You know what sis, go take your bath, let me pick out an outfit for you” Esther said and Angela obeyed as she walked in to the bathroom immediately while her younger sister began to search for a nice outfit for her.

Angela had never had a quickest bath in her life before. In no time she had rushed out of the bathroom with a towel drying herself. She saw the dress her younger sister had selected for her and smiled. It was a perfect selection.

Esther reminded her of their late mother, apart from the striking resemblance, Esther was also caring, thoughtful and loving like their late mother.

Angela quickly wore the dress and combed her hair, she applied a lip balm on her lip and powdered her face as there’s was no time to apply makeup. When Angela was done she made her way to the living room, Esther her little sister had prepared breakfast and she ate hurriedly but happily. “Esther is not little anymore”She had thought in smiles.

When she was done with the meal, she turned to Esther,

“Are you not going to school today?” Angela asked.

“No big sis, I don’t have exam today, Today’s paper is solely for Art students” Esther responded.

“I can’t believe my little sister is already writing her WEAC exams, the next exam would be JAMB and you will be off to the University” Angela said happily and Esther smiled.

“I need to work harder so I can meet up with the University bills” Angela added

Angela was ready to leave for work, she told her sister to take care of herself.

“Esther, lock the door, please don’t go anywhere, stay at home and read your book, I’m leaving, I will be home as soon as possible,” Angela finally said and she made her way out of the apartment. She was outside the compound when she saw Chief Bello, their Landlord, she greeted the old man politely.

Angela had so much regard for the old man, ever since their parents died, the man had not for once demanded for his rents, even when Angela reminded him, he told her

“my daughter, don’t worry. Your rents are paid in full”.

When Angela curiously asked who had paid the bills, he politely waved it off. Angela had been waiting for the day he would demand for his rents but that day did not come as the man would always be in smiles whenever he sees Angela or her younger sister.

“How are you doing today my daughter” Chief Bello had responded with a smile

“I’m okay sir”Angela had responded

“And how is Esther? Your little sister” The man added.

“She is alright sir, thank you sir” Angela replied hurriedly

“Sir, I have to run along, I am running late for work”Angela added and the man permitted her to leave.

“Have a great day my daughter” the man finally said and Angela headed to where she had packed her motorbike and zoomed off.

That same morning, Alex woke up angrily, he was calm but angry, he didn’t go to the company, he had decided to resign.

“I’m going to start my own company, I will resign, I don’t want to get married not now, and even worst my father wants me to marry a total stranger, that’s unacceptable, I have heard dreadful stories about marriage, I don’t want to get married” He thought

Alex was still in thought when his phone rang, he came out from his thoughts, as he picked up his phone he wished that the caller won’t be his father as he wasn’t in the mood to speak to his father not after everything that went down between them yesterday. Alex’s wish was fulfilled as the caller turned out to be his mother. He reluctantly took the call.

“How are you doing today my son” his mother asked at once.

“Mom, I’m not alright, Dad had asked me to resign and I just did” Alex responded

“Son, you can not do that, you have worked so hard for that company, that company had achieved alot just because of your Zealousness, I don’t want you to make hasty decisions that you would regret later”Alex’s mother advised.

After they hanged up, Alex decided to go to the company, there was alot of pending work that needed his attention.

“Mom is right, I can’t resign not now, if I do, we will not only lose contracts that I worked hard for, we will also lose Clients” Alex thought.

He got ready, headed to his garage, he wanted to take his Lamborghini but on a second thought, he got into his Gwagon instead and drove off. He was on his way to the company, when he sighted Angela on her motorbike, He smiled mischievously.

“She is going to pay for how she treated me yesterday, no one has ever dared to insult me like she did yesterday” Alex thought as he decided to follow her.

Few minutes later, Angela had gotten to the warehouse where she works, as a dispatch rider, she comes to the warehouse every morning to collect the goods she would be dispatching. She had no idea that the “Rich monkey” had trailed her to her work place.

She parked her motorbike and rushed inside the warehouse, she saw her boss, a older woman, who appeared to be strict, Angela greeted her softly and checked the time out of nervousness, she discovered she was two hours late.

And It was obvious that the woman was going to make a fuss about it.

“You are late, why are you late?” The woman entered at once.

“I’m so sorry ma, please forgive me ma, it will never happen again” Angela threw in.

“Forgive you? Did I just hear you say that it won’t happen again? This is the third time that you are coming late to work and I have to make you an example for others to learn, first time you came 15 minutes late, I deducted 30 percent from your salary, the second time you were 40 minutes late, I deducted 35 percent from your salary, today you are 2 hours late And you have to be punished severely” the strict woman entered.

“Please ma, pardon me, please” Angela pleaded.

“No way, infact you are fired, go home!” The woman entered at once.

Angela tried all she could to save her job but the woman appeared to be heartless.

“Young lady, Drop my key, where did you even park the motorbike? The woman entered.

Everyone present at the warehouse pleaded with the woman to spare Angela especially Angela’s colleagues but the woman became more furious.

“You all should stop begging me, let her go back home first, you can’t change my mind, if you like beg me till tomorrow, my mind is made up, Angela go home” The woman concluded as she collected the bike’s key from Angela.

Angela walked away in tears.

On the other hand, Alex was tired of waiting, he wanted to drive off when he sighted Angela coming out from the warehouse, she sat on the bare floor and Alex watched closely and then he observed that she was in tears.

He came out from his car and headed towards where Angela sat. The poor lady was thinking on how She was going to pay her bills and take care of her sister.

“Esther would be furthering her education, I have to start saving money for her University education, now I lost my job, how are we going to feed till I get another job?” she thought in tears. She glanced and was shocked to see “The Rich monkey” standing beside her

“What are you doing here?” Angela entered as she tried to dry her tears with her hands.

“What has made the feisty female rider sad” Alex responded.

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