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Chief Bello interrupted the stranger before the man got a chance to say a word.

“Angela my child please go in, this young man is here for me’ Chief Bello entered and Angela obeyed as she went back in immediately. Chief Bello dragged the man to his apartment.

“But Chief why did you do that? You know why I’m here, I don’t want to lose my job, chief let me speak to her, you have taken this too far” The man uttered but Chief Bello told him to go

“Don’t ever repeat this ever again,You know you always got a share from every money I received, we are business partners and if you still want to get more money, I suggest you keep quiet, and pretend as if you didn’t meet Angela today” Chief Bello said and the man left speechlessly.

The next day Angela and other shortlisted candidates arrived at Princess Fashion World as instructed, Alex’s sister welcomed everyone. Angela seemed to like Princess because of her politeness, but who would inform her that she was actually “Rich monkey’s” younger Sister.

The competition began that same day and Princess explained the terms and conditions of the competition to the candidates.

“We have beautiful models that would show off your design on the grand finale, that would be the last day of the competition and that day falls on Saturday, you would make three outfits every week for 4 weeks, making a total of 12 outfits at the end of the 4 weeks, please give this your best, I wish you all success, have a great time in this competition, I remain yours sincerely, Princess Ogbolu, the CEO of Princess Fashion world” Alex’s sister said and politely dismissed herself from the little crowd.

Angela and other candidates were given one industrial sewing machine each and Beautiful materials as well, materials like lace, chiffon, Ankara and many many more, to enable them complete their Task.

A month later, it was the grand finale of the fashion show, it was a sunny Saturday, Angela was so nervous, she had invited her younger sister to the show as everyone was permitted to come with their loved ones.

Before the show began, Esther had reassured Angela that she would do just fine.

“Don’t be nervous big sis, I have seen the outfits you made, they are lovely, trust me” Esther said in smiles.

“Are you sure?”Angela asked and Esther nodded. Angela hugged her.

The show finally began, Princess had invited her brother, her parents and her grand father but none had arrived yet.

All the judges was introduced to the audience and the show officially began, the beautiful models began to showcase the beautiful outfits made by the candidates, there were 40 candidates and Angela’s designs were called out last, twelve beautiful models had wore her clothes and when they were called upon, they came out, one after the other and when the judges called her name, Angela came to the stage wearing an Ankara outfit she had made.

And then the judges recollected that when other candidates were called upon, they were not wearing such outfit, some candidates even wore jeans trouser and a simple casual top.

After the cheering and clapping by the audience, there was a sudden silent.

“Young lady, can you please introduce yourself” one of the judges said.

“My name is Angela Wilson, I’m 25 years old… I have been making clothes since I turned 17, at the time I had learnt how to sow from my late mother” Angela said as she wiped two tears from her eyes.

The Judges noticed the tears, even the audience, as they began to clap and cheer for her.

“Miss Angela, you are wearing one of the outfit you made, right” one of the judges asked and Angela responded “yes”

“Why?” Another judge asked.

“I just want to showcase my design as well, because I believe in myself and in what I do, most of the dresses I have in my closet at home were made by me” Angela replied nervously. And every one clapped and cheered for her again.

“I love your confidence it will take you far in life, and your designs speaks of creativity…. beauty and originality. You didn’t only make beautiful outfits for your models, you also made one for yourself, well done Angela” Another judge praised her.

After the Judges Praised Angela, she happily left the stage with her models.

There was a musical break, the music artists they had invited to the show performed for almost an hour and afterwards Alex’s sister came to the stage with a golden envelope in her left hand as she held the microphone with the other hand.

“My name is Princess Ogbolu, the CEO of Princess Fashion world, I want to acknowledge all our sponsors and also everyone that has participated in this year fashion show, infact this year’s candidates are awesome, but there must always be a winner” Princess said as she open the golden envelope containing the name of the Winner and continued “and the winner of this year Fashion Show is……. and then a popular song that it’s lyrics says “Stand up…for the championship… For the champion”began to play, It was so obvious that someone had told the DJ to play the song, when the name of the winner would be announced.

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Every one stood up and then Princess continued again “and the winner of this year competition is…….. Angela……. Wilson, congratulations girl”

Angela heard her name and she rushed to the stage in tears.

“Oh my God” she said in tears. She also chanted “Thank you Lord God”

She couldn’t believe that she had won a deal with the fashion company, a car and a cheque for 5 million naira.

When she was given the mic, she thanked the organizer of the show and also she dedicated the victory to God and to her little sister who believed in her.

The show finally came to an end, Angela and her sister were given a VIP treatment as they waited for the prize that Angela had won. They had given the car key to her and she was only waiting for the contract agreement and the cheque for 5 million naira.

She was waiting patiently with her sister, when Alex and his sister walked in, Alex arrived when the show was over and Princess brought him into the VIP area to introduce the winner to him

“Big bro, that’s our winner” Princess said smiling.

One stare at each other, Angela was shocked.

“Angela, this is my big brother” Princess introduced innocently. Alex smiled within.

“So my tormentor has a name” he thought

Before Alex could react, Angela touched her sister and signaled her to leave with her.

“Angela where are you going? Please wait” Princess said at once but she didn’t respond.

She left with her sister, leaving the car key behind. And then Alex was forced to open up as he told his sister everything.

“But she won this competition and she deserved to be rewarded, big bro what do you suggest we do?” Princess asked and Alex chuckled and said “I have an idea”

The next day, Angela was surprised when her Landlord congratulated her.

“Angela I saw you on television, you won the fashion show, I am so proud of you, but why didn’t you tell me about the competition?”Chief Bello said and Angela was speechless.

Everywhere she went people recognized her from the show and they would congratulate her.

In no time she somehow began a popular figure as everyone seems to recognize her from the fashion show, the part that got the people’s attention was when she said that she had learned how to sow from her late mother.

Alex was the one who gave out the recorded video of that fashion show to every media house in the country. But still Angela had refused to come for her prize.

Then one day Alex stormed Angela’s apartment with the prizes she had won, The cheque for 5 million, a two years contract agreement that needed Angela’s signature and a car key.

When Alex knocked on the door, Angela came to the door, she was shocked when she opened the door and saw “rich monkey”.

She almost shut the door but Alex came prepared, as he held the door so tightly.

“What’s your problem with me?, You don’t even know me?” Alex asked angrily.

But Angela couldn’t say a word.

“Okay I’m sorry, I apologise for everything I have done wrong, please you need to come outside, I brought your car, here is the cheque for 5 million, and I also came with the contract agreement that needs your signature, you won all these things” Alex added

“No I didn’t, I believe you might have given me all these out of pity, you know that i was out of job and you conspired with your sister to make me the winner, I don’t want your charity, I am not impressed, please go, I don’t want your charity” Angela said almost in tears

“I did not even know that you were participating in the contest in the first place, why are you so difficult? I am innocent, I didn’t plan anything, trust me you won this fair and square, why are you doing this to me? Ever since I meet you, I have wished that I will never see you ever again but some how I kept running back into you, I never planned for any of this to happen, you won yourself a prize, this is not a charity, I have never seen a girl like you, your ego is something else, what?” Alex thundered.

Their disagreement and noise alerted everyone in the compound including the Landlord

Would she believe Alex?

The Landlord is hiding something! What would that be?

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