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Truly A God

“Why choose death when you can live happily? There are only two things in life that are worth living for. One is to be with my lover and the other is to fight against an opponent I deem worthy. I’m in luck as I’ve encountered both recently. What else is more wonderful than this? Come, let’s see how capable you are of killing me.”

“Divine Origin! Did you suppress your cultivation base in the past?” The consciousness transmitted by the giant whale seemed astonished.

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie unleashed the Divine Origin spiritual cultivation base which matched the giant whale’s at this exact moment.

Chen Xinjie smiled calmly. “It’s only by deceiving heaven’s destiny that we can live. I won’t be able to leave this world. In order to live a few more days, I will need to have some reservations naturally.”

At this point, he felt melancholic. He could not help but recall the most glorious battle in his lifetime.

The battle took place in the sky above the sea. He fought a ferocious battle against the man who was reputed to be the number one soul master under heaven.

It took three full days and nights! They did not stop to rest over the course of the battle as they constantly devoted all their efforts in fighting against each other. Both their spiritual cultivation bases had already achieved Divine Origin at the time.

The final result was a draw!

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie’s true capability was equally matched to the number one soul master’s on the continent in the past, who was none other than the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming.

Only the both of them knew the final result of that battle. It was known as the battle of the sky and the sea in the soul masters’ world.

After the relentless battle, Chen Xinjie made a public announcement that he lost to Yun Ming. Hence, the status of the Atlas Douluo as the number one soul master on the continent was established.

In reality, they were actually equally matched. Even though the battle took place in the lofty sky above the sea, the sea power that could be utilized was limited. Based on their cultivation bases, Chen Xinjie was really not that much weaker than Yun Ming. Moreover, the Atlas Douluo had the advantage of being in the sky.

The love of a person extends to the crows on her roof. He had already disappointed Long Yeyue, so he did not wish to suppress Shrek. As a result, he made a public announcement that he had lost to Yun Ming.

Yun Ming did not bother to explain. In their opinion, the objective of the battle was not in its result, but something that they had wanted to do at the time.

Just like the Limit Douluos in the Holy Spirit Cult and the Spirit Pagoda who were seeking the opportunity to achieve Godhood, that battle was for the same purpose.

The Atlas Douluo and the Boundless Sea Douluo joined hands for a collision above the sea. They wanted to challenge their most powerful strengths in the world. The collision was to assess whether they stood a chance to break through the limits and the bottleneck of the quasi gods, just so they could get a sense of the God rank.

The result was disappointing, to say the least. Although they were barely affected by the plane at the time, they felt nothing but emptiness when they broke through the limits of the plane.

Perhaps, their abilities were enough to achieve Godhood, yet their strengths were not enough to build a place which could bear the weight of Godhood, which was the Divine Realm!

Without the guidance of the Divine Realm, they could only return to the Douluo realm in the end, regardless of how powerful they were. They were suppressed by the plane once again.

During that period, both Chen Xinjie and Yun Ming were exceptionally depressed. It was already their best efforts, yet the result was they had failed just the same.

Chen Xinjie was older than Yun Ming since he was from the same generation as Long Yeyue. His Divine Origin spiritual cultivation signified that a portion of him was already God-ranked. Consequently, the plane had an intense awareness of their existence. Hence, he and Yun Ming chose to suppress their spiritual cultivation bases to weaken the resistance against the plane, so they could live inconspicuous lives.

However, how could he still suppress his cultivation base as he confronted such a formidable enemy?

After Yun Ming’s passing, the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie was the number one soul master on the continent which he deserved! For the time being, he was that person at the very least!

“Very well! I regret not being able to fight against Yun Ming. It seems like your abilities are no less inferior than his. Thus, you’ll be my first human sacrifice after my breakthrough!” The giant whale’s icy cold voice was heard once again.

Suddenly, it raised its head. Soon after, a piercing purple-gold radiance bloomed from his body akin to an explosion.

Its ginormous body which was over a thousand meters in length began to shrink. A naked body slowly appeared in the sky.

He could not see her appearance under the cover of the purple-gold mist. However, he could tell it was a woman.

At the same time, the surrounding sea transformed into large areas of purple-gold when it was transforming into a human.

Chen Xinjie clearly felt that the sea was being tainted by a terrifying energy at the moment, and it was repelling his soul power.


Chen Xinjie’s pupils constricted immediately. There was a look of astonishment and incredulity in his gaze. The energy which infiltrated the sea and transformed it completely into purple-gold energy should not exist in the human world.

The woman had completed her transformation by now. She walked on the sea surface toward Chen Xinjie a step at a time and gradually revealed her original appearance.

She looked exquisite with a pair of straight, sharp brows, and an icy cold gaze which emitted a purple-gold glow. With every step she took, the air around her warped slightly as if it was trying to repel her from this world. However, the purple-gold seawater below her was turning denser and heavier.

Chen Xinjie was absolutely certain this was his first time encountering the woman. The aura she emitted shocked the number one soul master on the continent.

“You’ve not only achieved the Divine Origin spiritual power. Your soul power has already…” Chen Xinjie’s heart was shuddering. He had never felt this way before even when he was fighting against more powerful opponents.

Yet, he realized that he was incapable of controlling his emotions at the moment.

He had lost count of the years. The thing he had been yearning for now appeared before him. Someone had actually succeeded.

“Yes, this is God’s power!” Her purple-gold dress was blowing in the wind. The woman’s voice was icy cold, but there was also a hint of arrogance and pride.

“You’re already a God?” asked Chen Xinjie.

The woman dressed in the purple-gold dress said calmly, “My spiritual power and soul power have already achieved god rank. However, this damned world doesn’t have a place to support me. Thus, I’m still not a god if compared to the gods from before. In any case, I’m a god to all of you! If you say that you’re a quasi god, then I’m truly a god!”

“You and all of mankind deserve to die. All of you must die! I’m going to use all your negative emotions including your fear of death, enmity, rage, agony, and helplessness to condense the Godhood Tablet and create a Divine Realm. Hahaha, hahaha!” She laughed aloud hysterically. The sea shivered and reverberated with her laugh.

Chen Xinjie’s shock had turned into astonishment in the meantime. His heart sank, and he could not refrain himself from asking, “Who are you actually?”

A true god! It was a rank which no one from this realm could ever achieve since the Holy Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao achieved Godhood in the past. Godhood was only half a step away.

It was extremely difficult for one to achieve the Divine Origin spiritual power, but spiritual power still belonged to the human body. Obviously, it was cultivated within the body. Nevertheless, there was still a chance. On the other hand, soul power was different as it belonged to this world.

In order to break through rank-99 of the soul power to the legendary rank-100 and beyond which is the god rank, one must first break the world’s boundary. Only by doing this would one be able to charge through to the god rank.

Naturally, it was easier said than done. It was impossible to fight against the power of an entire plane by oneself. It was difficult to fight against the power of a plane for a god who was not especially powerful in the Douluo Continent plane.

Chen Xinjie had no idea how to assess it, but he had attempted to break through that rank before. It was a joint effort with the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming. The efforts of the two topmost quasi gods with the Divine Origin spiritual power were futile. One could only imagine how difficult it was!

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