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The Demon Empress

It was precisely then the so-called True God-ranked entity was actually before him.

If another person had been in his place, perhaps that person would assume that this woman was just bragging to impress others. Yet, Chen Xinjie could tell that everything this person said was the truth because he, too, had experienced approaching that rank in the past.

If it was true that she was missing only the Godhood Tablet, then she was definitely god-ranked now.

This person was truly a miracle. Besides, the miracle was displayed so clearly before him now.

For this reason, he wanted to know the person’s identity. More importantly, it appeared that she had cultivated to this rank as a soul beast!

Yet, there was no record of any soul beast cultivating to achieve Godhood in the history of mankind based on the Douluo Continent’s records. Even the leader of the ten great beasts, the Beast God Di Tian had yet to become a god.

If this woman before him was the whale with an enormous body earlier, it signified that she had truly cultivated from a sea soul beast previously.

In the legends, Tang Sect’s first ancestor, Tang San killed a million-year deep sea whale king in the past. However, the deep sea whale king’s body was not as huge as the person’s before him based on the records.

If she had already achieved the god rank, everything could be clearly explained.

The sea soul beasts required vast living spaces as compared to the land soul beasts. The top level sea soul beasts did not have mankind as their natural enemy, so they were able to live longer than the land soul beasts.

Even if this were the case, it would not be easy to break through to the god rank so easily, right?

“Who am I?” The woman sneered once. “Haven’t you been searching for me for a very long time? How dare you ask me who I am?”

An electric radiance flashed past Chen Xinjie’s mind when he suddenly realized something. The words escaped his lips as he said, “Demon Empress. You’re the Holy Spirit Cult’s Demon Empress!”

The woman smiled. “You’re becoming wiser just as expected. That’s right. I’m the Demon Empress. I bet you didn’t expect this, right? You’ve been searching for the Holy Spirit Cult’s cult master all this time only to find out that the cult master is not a human but a soul beast. Moreover, it’s a sea soul beast.”

Chen Xinjie’s heart was overwhelmed with shock. Just as the Demon Empress said, he really did not expect the mysterious Demon Empress, whom the entire soul masters’ world was looking for all this time, to be the Holy Spirit Cult’s cult master, the leader of all the evil soul masters in the world had actually cultivated from a sea soul beast into human form.

It was simply unbelievable!

No wonder he had never heard of any news about any powerful evil soul master being promoted to the top position in the Holy Spirit Cult. Even an imperious man such as the Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa became her subordinate. He was joined by the Ghost Emperor to assist the cult master in governing the cult.

They were the two quasi gods. On the other hand, how could these two quasi gods compare to the Demon Empress before him currently?

“You’ve succeeded in building the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array at last!” Chen Xinjie felt oppressed in his heart. He knew that the Demon Empress did not break through to the True God rank and the plane’s boundary on her own. She had used the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array to batter the plane, so she could finally break through this rank to become a true god.

Upon hearing his words, a piercing coldness suddenly shot out from the Demon Empress’ gaze. “Succeeded? I can only achieve success if I’ve more time. D--n, you humans interrupted me at the crucial juncture such that I couldn’t shrink the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array and condense the Godhood Tablet by devouring the abyssal creatures and your life force to create the Divine Realm. It’s you and your people who ruined my precious thing here and destroyed my work for thousands of years. Hence, all of you must die. I’m going to use you and everyone else’s lives and the enmity of the entire plane as the sacrifice to rebuild the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array!”

Upon listening to her narrative, Chen Xinjie was enlightened.

It turned out that everybody was led by the Demon Empress. It was apparent that she opened the abyssal passage and guided the abyssal creatures in not to help them, but to use them to complete her terrifying Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array which was full of evil.

The act of condensing the Divine Realm was arduous. In any case, the Godhood Tablet would only appear when the Divine Realm was created. Even the weakest Divine Realm would require a large amount of energy to support the creation process.

So, where would the energy come from?

A few thousand dead souls were sacrificed for the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array to take form. However, where would the energy needed for the next process come from? Her goal was not only to destroy the human world. She had also included the abyssal creatures in her scheme. She wanted to use the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array to devour the abyssal creatures brought over by her. Together with the humans killed, she would then turn them into the foundation to condense the Divine Realm.

All the lives in Thule would then become the means for her to condense the Divine Realm.

At the same time, she would devour the entire Douluo Continent plane without the slightest hesitation just like the abyssal Sage King to strengthen the Divine Realm she built for herself. She would then become a god.

This had been her scheme all along! Everything made sense now.

The Holy Spirit Cult’s vicious plan had already been implemented when the Holy Spirit Cult worked together with the Spirit Pagoda to attack Shrek City. All that followed later was actually to aid in the effort to make it a success which included the attack on the Blood God Army to trigger the abyssal tide.

The failure of the Blood God Army was perhaps not as important to them, because they managed to make contact with the abyssal plane through the abyssal passage guarded by the Blood God Army at the time. They decided to open up the second passage in Thule and brought over the abyssal passage which resulted in the confrontation.

The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array was finally revealed which allowed the Demon Empress to utilize the power of the great array to open up an even larger passage for the abyssal plane so that they could bring over even more abyssal creatures.

Her target included the million soldiers of the mankind legion for her devourment. Everything was just a stepping stone for her to create the evil Divine Realm.

Even the Demon Empress did not expect that mankind’s ultimate weapon, the Eternal Heaven would be so powerful which far exceeded the powers of the other two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition.

The most important part of her plan was already completed. She had finally possessed the God power to launch the attacks against mankind’s legion to draw in even more powerful abyssal creatures and mankind’s powerhouses so that she could utilize the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array to make a clean sweep of them all.

Then, the Eternal Heaven exploded.

It turned out the Eternal Heaven’s beam had destroyed the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array, along with her wild ambitions and hope.

Even though she managed to rely on the God power to escape from the epicenter at its most critical point, her God power was already fully formed. Thus, her dream to establish the Divine Realm was shattered.

The Demon Empress was wild with rage. She never expected such a large number of abyssal creatures to fail to withstand the assault including the Divine Origin-ranked Spirit Monarch. She found it unbelievable.

The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array was destroyed. So was her plan. It would not be an easy feat for her to get the opportunity to enshroud such a large number of powerful abyssal creatures!

She turned her enmity into action. The abyssal creatures would not give in so easily anyhow. Thus, she seized the opportunity to work with the abyssal creatures to defeat mankind first before she sought the opportunity to rebuild the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array. When the array was completed, she would then figure out a way to build her Divine Realm.

It was only that there would be uncertainties in this case. She was quite reluctant to accept it.

Hence, she felt an intense rage as she confronted Chen Xinjie at this very moment.

Chen Xinjie felt waves of icy coldness run down his back. Nevertheless, he felt grateful to the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. If they had been as selfish as the Spirit Pagoda in the past and chose not to utilize the Eternal Heaven, the insane Demon Empress would have built the Divine Realm. Consequently, the entire Douluo Planet would be doomed.

Fortunately, the Eternal Heaven was launched at the critical juncture. It gave everyone a slim chance of survival. Even though the Demon Empress was already a true god, she was still affected by the planar suppression because she failed to build the Divine Realm.

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