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” S-stop…stop it,” I struggled, feeling her nipples pressing against my chest.

Collette didn’t stop. She ran her tongue up my neck, kissing my flesh tenderly up to my ears.

Suddenly, I felt her soft warm mouth close around my ear and she s----d lightly on it. Something like an electric sensation ran throughout my entire body from my head to my toes.

I always knew the ear was a sensitive part of the human body but I never knew it to be this sensitive.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. I felt myself melting as Collette’s tongue twirl around my ear, s-----g and licking it up like Ice-cream.

I stopped struggling, relaxing as I closed my eyes and let out a low soft moan.

Collette stared at my face and her tongue pierced into my inner ear. I contrasted and leaned heavily on her. She released my arms and held me tight.

The shower ran over us, wetting our naked bodies, our hair, our soul and our flesh.

By now, I was soo weak to even resist. That licking on my ear had drained the last strength left in me. If Collette wasn’t holding me, I’d have collapsed to the floor.

I was on a spell. A pathetic one at that.

Collette’s small slender hands held my face and she plunged my lips into another kiss. This time, her tongue licked my lips, savoring my breath, my mouth, my tongue.

I tried to resist but I was way too weak to move even a muscle. This girl was a demon.

Stop! Please stop!

Suddenly she stopped and released me. I slowly slide to the floor and folded up, Soo weak and wasted.

Collette stared at me for sometime, then she turned off the shower and left me behind, wrapping her towel around her body.

When I came out of the bathroom, she was gone and I could hear the bell banging for evening lessons.

It took me ten minutes to get dressed. Six of those minutes were wasted with me trying to steady myself from falling at intervals.

I’ve never felt Soo weak in my life.

Sharon was waiting outside the hostel when I stepped out. ” Geez, Lucy, you’re going to get us late to class. It’s past four already. Evening lessons start by”

” I’m here,” I moved slowly towards her, my book in my hand. ” Sorry I didn’t know I was keeping you waiting.”

She studied me. ” You okay, Lucy? You look like you just took a fall.”

I glanced up at her and looked away. ” It’s….it’s fine. Nothing happened.”

I would’ve told her what happened but then I’d only sound stupid. Maybe she won’t be surprised though. I mean, this is an all girl’s school, right?

Does this means it’s quite normal for girls to get intimate with each other?

During evening lessons, I couldn’t concentrate as usual. My mind, body and soul was outside the classroom. I was thinking deeply about Collette.

Golly, I’ve never thought about a girl this way before.

Why was she doing this to me all the time? Is she really attracted to me? If she is, then why does she always stop when she could’ve gone extremely far? Doesn’t she hate me after all?

My mind woke up as another disturbing thought hit me again. Or wait, could it be she’s a member of the LILIES?

” Lucy!” Someone called hoarsely.

I glanced up sharply to see the chemistry teacher standing over me with her hands on her waist.

” Ma?”

” We’re you paying any attention in class?” Chem teacher asked.

” Not necessarily,” I answered.

Chem teacher frown deepened. ” And what was it Soo important to you that you refused paying attention in my class?”

I would’ve told her my roommate, the council president was trying to screw me and that I think she’s a member of the LILIES and that I couldn’t get the thought of her out of my head and that I hated chemistry and the class was too boring for my taste.

But I didn’t tell her all these. That would’ve been a disaster.

So instead, I apologized. It wasn’t really like me to apologise but this school was beginning to wear me out. If I don’t apologise, it’s going to turn out against me in the future.

” I’m sorry, ma.”

Chem teacher glared at me and I could tell she hated my guts but I didn’t care. She was the most boring teacher I’ve ever met. I wondered how the other students ever managed never to doze off in her class.

Evening lessons ran quickly and soon it was dinner. I hadn’t eaten a real meal since I arrived here so I relaxed and ate my meal at the cafeteria with Sharon seated opposite me.

” Sharon,” I called. ” Have you… well, umm….you know…”

” What?” Sharon asked, chewing on a chicken laps.

I nibbled on my food, thinking how best to say it to her. ” Well, I was Just wondering. Have you ever been seduced by your fellow girl, before?”

Sharon raised an eyebrow. ” Why would you ask such a question?”

” Hey, it’s just a question. You can choose not to answer it if you like.”

She smiled. ” Actually, we get that a lot in this school.”

” We do?”

” I’ve met a few girl couples but at the end of the relationship it just doesn’t work out,” Sharon paused to take a sip from her can of Pepsi. ” You see, we girls are naturally attracted to each other. It’s some sort of motherly instincts that lies in us. We play with each other’s hair, share the same bed, call each other sweet names, do silly stuffs together and share our secrets. That’s why we’re women. We feel comfortable with each other in our own skin. But it’s not the same for men. Men are different. Think about it, you ever seen a man calling his fellow man sweetheart or darling?”

I wrinkled my nose in disgust. ” That’s gross.”

Sharon smiled. ” But girls go about calling each other sexy cute names and no one is throwing a tantrum. That’s just what we are. We’re like lovers although I wouldn’t call it actually love. Just that most girls take it too far with the attraction stuff. They end up letting their hormones get the better of them and that attraction turns instantly into an insane love that’s sexual and uncontrolable.”

I stared at her, surprised at her theory. ” Where did you get all these information from?”

Sharon laughed. ” Hey, I’ve been schooling here for the past six years. I’ve seen stuffs you’ve never seen before. It’s one of those things that goes on in an all girl’s school.”

” That’s crazy.”

” Yeah I know, right?” She continued on her chicken. ” But you don’t have to worry about me. I don’t feel attracted to any girl. Ofcourse I’ve seen a lot of those dirty stuffs going on around this Academy, I ain’t that stupid to get myself engaged in such things. I have a boyfriend back home to think about.”

This sounded like the best way to change the topic. ” Oh,” I leaned forward, smiling. ” So you have a boyfriend. What’s he’s name?”

Sharon glanced at me from under her lashes. ” That’s none of your business.”

” Oh come on,” I poked her, playfully. ” Let me in on some juicy stuff.”

” Keep your voice down,” she whispered, smiling. ” You’re becoming too loud.”

” What’s his name?”

” Who’s name?”

” Your boyfriend.”

” I’m not telling,” Sharon laughed. ” Lucy you talk too much. From what I’m gathering about you, I’d say you’ve never had a boyfriend.”

” I’m too young to get one,” I said. ” I’m just turning sixteen.”

” That’s sweet,” Sharon grinned. ” I’m seventeen. You’re not going to tell me you haven’t been kissed by a boy yet?”

I’ve had my first kiss but it was with Collette not with a boy but I didn’t tell her that. She might freak out.

” I’m a virgin.”

Sharon didn’t seemed surprised. ” That’s good to know. I lost mine last year. Trust me, lots of these girls here were once in your shoes. But the moment we go for long vacation and returned back, not many of them resume school. Some get pregnant, some lost their virginity and brag about it in the hostel.”

” So why did you lose your virginity?” I asked, feeling I should get to know this girl better.

Sharon shrugged. ” Being a virgin is tough, Lucy. It’s like a burden we girls carry with us. At such young age when our hormones are at their peak, the temptation is strong. You see a cute guy and you’re feeling all wet and h---y, you watch a little p--n video and you feel like masturbating, trust me no one suffers more than we virgins. We hang out with our friends and hear them talk about how good their boyfriend’s are in bed and how big and satisfying his meat is and we’re yearning for the same pleasure. I couldn’t wait till marriage. Marriage is a long way off. So when I met my boyfriend, I didn’t hesitate to let him have it. I have no regrets ofcourse but now I realized that he’s more dear to me now than he was when I first met him. I can’t seemed to leave him, knowing he’s my first. That’s what I call life. At least the burden is lifted.”

” You’re one crazy girl, you know that,” I said amused. ” You should be a psychologist.”

Sharon became brightfull. ” Hey, that’s exactly what I want to study. How did you figure it out.”

” It suits you,” I returned back to my meal. ” But I guess you’re right. It’s somehow feels like a burden.”

Suddenly, the cafeteria became silent. The students Council have arrived.

Collette and the rest of the council walked everywhere, marking the lists off their clipboards.

I watched Collette from the corner of my eye as I used my complete set of Cutleries.

She didn’t look my way. Instead she was focused on what she was doing. One of the council approached me and stood before Sharon and I.

I instantly recognized her. She was the senior that woke me up with a bucket of water today. I can never forget that face in a hurry.

She was very dark in complexion and average with high cheek bones, sunken eyes that were pretty in their own little way and small boobs.

The boobs fascinated me. For a senior, she really do have small boobs. I can boast of well proper developing br**sts but this senior had nothing to write home about.

One look at her and I already hated her.

” Your complete set of Cutleries,” she asked, curtly.

We obeyed and showed her. She marked something on her clipboard and hissed at me. ” You’re lucky you didn’t act any drama today, Lucy. Else, I’d have you wash the plates tonight.”

I didn’t say anything.

When she left, I whispered to Sharon. ” Who’s that black witch?!”

” That’s Efua,” Sharon whispered back. ” She’s a Ghanaian.”

” A Ghanaian?!” I was surprised. ” What’s a Ghanaian doing in a school like this? In this country?’

” Stop asking stupid questions, Lucy,” she rolled her eyes. ” A lot of these girls comes from rich homes. Some of them fly from different countries to school here. It’s no big deal.”

” Well I don’t like her!”

Sharon smirked. ” That’s understandable. No one ever likes her either.”

At long last, dinner was over and we were told to observed night prep. Sharon and I shared the same seat during prep but we didn’t read as others were reading. We were talking about other things.

But that didn’t mean Sharon was stupid. At some point, she’d cut off our conversation and take a look at her book. She explained in as much as she loved to chat with me, we still had to study.

I hated studying. It was too much work but I pretended to study with her. I tried studying but I was distracted by one thought. My mind kept dwelling on bed time.

I imagined Collette and I alone in the room tonight. I had no idea what was going to transpire next between us. I just had no idea.

Before I knew it, bedtime was already here. I dreaded bedtime more than anything. This was one creepy time of my life.

Collette wasn’t in when I arrived which was good though. I quickly rushed a shower and began preparing for bed.

My bed was soaking wet from the water Efua poured on me earlier this morning. I hadn’t had the time to take it out to sundry it.

My heart sank as I stared at my wet bed. I don’t want to catch a cold. How do I sleep on a wet bed?

Just then, the door to my room opened and stepping in was Collette. I turned sharply to see her approaching the wardrobe.

” G—good evening,” I managed to greet.

” Evening,” she said without looking my way.

I stood beside my bed, my arms behind my back, my eyes staring at my feet as she undressed into her pyjamas.

From her luggage, she pulled out a boardgame. I recognized that game.

It was chess.

She also drew out a big book with the title: MASTERING CHESS!

Without giving me a second glance, she wandered over to the study table and placed the boardgame and the book on the table. From her bedside table were some mathematics and physics textbook and a calculator.

She took the textbooks as well, settled down on her seat and began studying them.

I waited for a while but nothing was said between us. Just when I was about thinking of sleeping on the floor, she began.

” What happened to your bed?”

I stiffened when I heard her voice. ” Well, this morning senior Efua woke me up with a bucket of water….”

” Serves you right,” she spoke, pressing her calculator as she scribbled some solutions on a sheet of paper. ” I woke you earlier enough. Why did you returned back to sleep?”

” I dozed off. It was a mistake.”

She still wasn’t ready to meet my eyes. ” Mrs Cooker wants me to punish you severely for your irresponsible behavior today. So how do you intend we do this”

” Do what?”

” Your punishment.”

” I don’t know,” I said, nervously. ” You’re the senior. You decide what to do with me.”

She stopped and looked up at me. One look at her eyes and I went cold then hot, feeling my heart growing warmer.

She stared at me for sometime then returned back to what she was doing. ” Where would you sleep now?”

” On the floor? My bed’s wet. I can’t use it.”

She shooked her head. ” We don’t allow students to sleep on the floor. You’ll catch a cold. Use my bed instead.”

I was like, for real?!

” Oh no,” I laughed uneasily, staring at her bed as if it was some monster. ” You don’t have to.”

” I’m not asking you to use the bed,” she said a little impatient. ” I’m telling you to use the bed.”

” B—but…where would you sleep?” I asked, kicking the thought of having to share the bed with her.

” Don’t worry about me,” she said curtly. ” It’s nearly lights out. Goodnight Lucy.”

” But I—”

” I said goodnight,” she repeated, this time a little louder.

I could see it was her bed or nothing. This was scary. I had no choice.

I took my pillow and spare blanket and climbed her bed. To my surprise, I saw a teddy bear but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

The moment I climbed the bed, I smelt everything about her. I smelt her body heat, her perfume, her warmth all in one bed.

It was as if she was beside me, naked on the bed.

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