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AUTHORS POV••••••••••••

Peter stepped out of the school, feeling light headed.

He did his best. He made it through the sermon without flopping.

It may seemed impossible but it’s true. He was always nervous around women.

When he first got the request by the school principal, Mrs Cooker to preach in her school on Sundays, he was ready to decline but he was serving under the states arch Bishop. The Moment the bishop agreed to Mrs Cooker’s plea, there wasn’t anything he could’ve done.

Peter was 25 years old. It was his dream to become a Reverend father but he was bad at giving public speeches and he shys away from women.

The States bishop was very fond of him and thought it’d be nice if he had Mrs Cooker’s school as a pathway to his dreams of priesthood.

” Go get some experience, Peter,” the Bishop said to him earlier on Monday morning this week. ” You’re only going to organise the girls and give them the word of God for an hour. How hard can that be?”

What the Bishop never understood was Peter wasn’t yet strong in faith when in the presence of women. He once had his first s£xual scandal when he was a teenager, nearly impregnated a girl.

He wasn’t ready to repeat the same scandal but this school might seemed the likely place to bring back his old self.

An old version of himself he’s been trying to stop surfacing.

The girls were all beautiful and smart but one girl in particular held his attention.

It was the angel, Collette.

Seeing a taxi, Peter waved it down and got into it.

” Hilltop,” he said to the driver and leaned back on the seat as the car took off.

During the long drive, Peter’s brain was amassed with thoughts. He was still thinking about Collette.

This would be the first time in years he’d ever thought of a woman like this. The way she talked to him after Mass took his breath away.

She was Soo indifferent, Soo cold and unmoved by him and this excited him.

Unlike every other women that’s been attracted to him by his good looks even as a young priest, Collette was different.

She had that voice and looks that made him feel inferior. He wondered if she was a virgin or if she has a boyfriend or if she’s some naive foolish girl.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Peter shooked his head and brought out his Bible. He hated the fact he was having such dirty thoughts again.

He’s been trying to be sober off s£x for as long as he could remember. He didn’t want to venture in that journey again. But Everytime he tries, he ended up failing.

He must fight this. His faith wasn’t strong enough but he’ll try his best.

The first step however, he had to forget about Collette.

When he arrived home, he saw the pair of red female footwear at the front of his door step.


She was here already.

Peter knew she always had a spare key with her but today was a Sunday. He wasn’t expecting her today.

Opening the door, he stepped into his little apartment. Samantha was watching a movie in the living room with a bowel of popcorn in her arm.

Peter could see her school uniform folded on the armchair. She was on a red bum shorts with a black top that revealed her bouncing br£asts.

” Samantha, what are you doing here?” He asked when she didn’t notice his entrance.

She turned around and smiled at him. ” Hey, baby. Welcome back home.”

Samantha was a high school student from a nearby boarding school. It was a mixed school though unlike QA and not too popular.

Samantha lives in the same neighborhood with Peter. She’s been attracted to him ever since she saw him preached at her school.

Peter was surprised he also fell for her. It wasn’t long before they became lovers.

It became habit for Samantha to sneak out of school every Sunday afternoon to be with her beloved until sunset.

Peter had complained about the risks involved but Samantha was the most stubborn person ever to heed to advice.

Samantha was a very, very sexy girl for her age. Age eighteen. She had curves for miles that defined her as a woman. She had stunning brown eyes; the kind that you can get lost in, and never want to be found. Her black hair flowed down her shoulders like strands of silk. Her breasts were perfect for his eyes alone.

” What are you doing here?” Peter asked, moving into the bedroom. ” You should be in school not at a priests house.”

She followed him inside, abandoning her popcorn and movie.

Peter was seated on the large bed in the bedroom and looked at her.

She stared at him, still smiling. ” Don’t you want me today, baby?”

He bite his lips. She was soo irresistible in that red bum shorts and black top exposing her flat tummy.

” Yes Samantha,” he swallowed. ” I want you but….”

” But what?”

He wanted to tell her it was Sunday and he was just returning from preaching to some girls but what the hell. He’s been s------g her every Sundays so what difference does it makes?

” Never mind, Samantha,” he feigned a smile. ” Come to me. I want you now.”

Walking into his room, she sat down on the bed.

“Ok, the lets do this!” she said.

Peter took off his robe. The way he does it made her h---y–it always does. He never complained cause he knew she was going to get him the relief he needed.

She also stripped herself off her clothes until they were both naked on the bed. Peter lightly touched her neck lightly. She cooed and laid fully on the bed, waiting for him.

Just the way he like it. He started to kiss her neck lightly, running his hands through her hair, grabbing the back of it and tugging backwards.

She moaned lightly.

“G-Give it to me, Peter,” she asked in a childish voice.

Peter kissed her more.

Inching his hand down her side, he laid it on her soft stomach, slowly running it up to her chest, feeling her br£ast in his hand. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds.

He knew it. She wanted it…

Peter sat back on his heels staring at her s£xy body lying on his bed, with the look of horniness in her eyes.

Why was he suddenly scared? Why can’t he resist this young girl Everytime she comes around to visit?

“ I’m waiting, darling…” she said softly, waiting for him.

Wrapping his hand around her br£asts, he slowly lowered his head onto her nîpple and circled his tongue around it, feeling it getting hard in his mouth.

She purred, holding his head.

Peter played with her other nîpples as he s----d on the one already in his mouth.

His other free hand ran down her stomach, finding its way to her p*ssy.

She was very wet. He moved his middle finger around in a circle where her c--t would be.

She moaned loudly. He really hit the right spot.

“Faster!” She said, very demandingly.

He obeyed.

As he rubbed her c--t faster and faster, her p*ssy started to get saturated with her sweet juices.

She had an amazing p*ssy, very chubby lips, very pink. Her hole glistened with her juices.

Running one single finger down her p*ssy to her hole, Peter slid a finger in.

She squirmed.

Slithering down to her dripping wet p*ssy, he spread her legs. She put them on top of his shoulders and forced his head right into her soaked c--t.

He was immediately greeted with the sweet taste of young p---y. Licking it up and down, he flicked her c--t with the tip of his tongue vigorously.

She wanted something more. He was willing to giving it to her.

Peter stared down at his hard s---t and noticed his pre-c-m at the tip of his p£nis. He grabbed the base of his c--k, hiding it away.

Samantha noticed. A smile swept across her face

“Come here..” she said, motioning him over with her finger.

Peter happily obliged. He crawled over to the side of the bed, she reached her hand out and grabbed his c--k. The tip of it was covered in pre-c-m very much.

She immediately reached her head over and ran her tongue across the tip, licking all of the nectar up. She smiled and bobbed her head all the way down Peter’s s---t.

It felt amazing, her warm tongue massaging his c--k.

Up and down, faster and faster she went. He was ready to blow his load in her mouth when she stopped suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with a confused look on his face.

“Not yet. You need to hold it in…” she said. ” I want you inside of me.”

She was always this way. It excited him all the time.

She was stroking him again with the gentlest of touches. His c--k was erect, and at its peak of 5inches.

Putting her hand to her mouth, she spit on it for lubrication and went back to stroke him.

“Oh..Keep going..It feels soo good. Go faster please.” he said.

She pushed his c--k into her mouth and s----d like her life depended on it.

“OH MY! That feels so good! This is awesome! Gosh, I’m going to c-m. Keep s-----g, milk my d*ck.” he said.

Samantha was shocked at his choice of words although it wouldn’t be the first time.

She suddenly sat him up on the bed and s-------d his thighs. Her hot wetness pressed against his skin.

“I liked that,” he confessed in the dark.

She didn’t say anything. She held his throbbing c--k and fixed it inside her soaking wet c--t. It went it without stress.

” I’m going to give you a good cow girl style,” she whispered in his ears and she began to grind herself against his c--k.

Peter sat still and gladly let her do her thing. He moved his hips in rhythm with her movements and that seemed to enhance her ride. She searched blindly for his wrists and when she found them she lifted his hands to her br£asts.

“ Touch my nipples, baby.” She held onto his wrists, making sure he didn’t pull his hands away. “ Yes, that’s it. You know just how to touch me, don’t you?”

Peter lightly toyed with her nîpples; stroking them, caressing them, rubbing them with his thumb.

Her moans were all the signal he needed to let him know he was doing it the way she wanted. She pounded harder on his c--k, keeping a steady pace for several minutes. The only sound was the occasional loud moans emitting from her mouth.

“Oh, yes,” she rasped. ” Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes!”

Peter could tell she was approaching c----x, but she strictly held herself despite her body’s inclination to go faster. He had to admire her control.

“Say the word,” Samantha pleaded under her breath.

He knew what she wanted.


“Mmm, more…”

“ Samantha!” he kept his voice low and slow. He was about cumming as well.

“Yeah… say my name, baby!”

Her c--t was so wet and warm. ” Samantha!”

“Mm hm… louder!”

” Samanthaaaaa!!!”

“Do you want to c-m inside my c--t, baby?”

“Yes…” he was surprised. He’d never cummed in her before.

“Fill my c--t up with your c-m, baby. I want your c--k to f--k my c--t full of c-m. I want…nnnnn…ahhhhh!”

Her body shuddered as he clamped down hard on both her nipples and s----d as he gripped her full b*ttocks and rammed his c--k faster inside her.

She continued grinding down hard, prolonging her o----m as long as she possibly could, getting everything she could from it.

After another shudder, the two lovers exploded in a body quavering o----m and she melted down onto the bed in each other’s arms.

They breath heavily, sweats dripping off their dark skin and Peter sighed.

He’d released his seed in her. This was the first time he’d ever done that to her and it felt Soo f*cking good.

” Are you safe?” He asked her.

She nodded. ” I just finished my period, baby. I’m free.”

“I’m going to be a zombie in church next Sunday,” Peter mumbled and looked away into the darkness. ” I’m such a bastard.”

•••••••••END OF AUTHOR’S POV••••••••

November 1st was on a Tuesday and every first of November was visiting day in QA.

I was excited for two reasons. One, I’d be finally meet my mom for the first time ever since I schooled her. Secondly, November is my month cause come 6th of this month was my birthday.

I’d be officially 16.

” Will your family come visiting tomorrow?” I was asking Collette after we just returned back from school on a hot Monday afternoon which is a day before visiting day.

Collette was going through her clipboard, marking some stuff off it. ” I told them not to visit.”

This surprised me. Who on earth wouldn’t want to see their family after being locked and cut off From the world for weeks? I guess she was pretty much used to it.

But all the same, why?

I asked her the question. ” Why?”

She was drumming her hands on the reading table, thinking, calculating and rewriting something in her clipboard.

” Lucy, I’m busy right now,” she said, her hand on her temples. ” I need peace and quiet. Go take a bath and prepare for evening lessons.”

I knew that was her way of saying she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Kicking off my shoes, I stood up and walked over to her, my bare feet Making little noises over to her.

Before she knew it, I stood behind her and my arms wrapped around her neck. I leaned in and kissed her cheeks.

She didn’t react. She was still, marking what I had no idea what it was on her clipboard.

I kissed her cheeks again. She glanced at me from the corner of her eyes.

” What do you want, Lucy?”

” I want some attention, Collette,” I whispered in her ears.

She went hot then red. ” Lucy, I’m busy. Maybe later we’d do something.”

That was what she said the last time and we didn’t even do anything.

She was avoiding getting intimate with me.

Releasing her, I rounded the table and snatched the clipboard off her hand.

She stood up sharply as I ran around in the room, laughing at her with the clipboard waving her over in the air.

” Lucy, give it back!”

I was smiling seductively at her. ” Come and get it off my hands then.”

She saw the game I was playing but she doesn’t look like she was in the mood for some games.

She moved towards me with determined strides, her face hard and remote.

I ran towards the bed to aviod her coming closer but she was faster than me. She caught my hand and drew me towards her.

Seeing she was going to collect the clipboard off me, I made to lose my step. She immediately caught me but that was my trap for her.

I immediately pushed my weight on her and we both collapsed on my bed.

” You’re too playful, Lucy,” Collette said pulling away from me snatching her clipboard from my hand. ” There’s time for everything. Right now I’m very busy. Go take a bath and prepare for evening lessons.”

I watched her go, disappointed I didn’t get the attention I was seeking for. What’s up with her anyways?

” My mom would come visiting tomorrow,” I said, rising to my feet.

” That’s great Lucy,” she replied, settling on her seat. ” Have a good time with your mom.”

” I want you to be there with me,” I said unbuttoning my shirt.

She didn’t look my way. ” I’ll be busy, Lucy.”

I pouted. She was beginning to get on my nerves.

” I’m busy, I’m busy, I’m busy,” I whined. ” Don’t you have some time off? Come on, stay with me tomorrow. I want you to meet my mom.”

She said nothing.

I watched her, boiling. ” Alright then, maybe I’ll ask Efua to accompany me tomorrow. She wouldn’t hesitate for a split second.”

The effect couldn’t have been any better.

She quickly answered. ” I’ll make time for you tomorrow. But let’s keep it brief with your mom, okay?”

And that was how I convinced Collette to stick with me tomorrow.

I ran up to her and hugged her from behind, kissing her cheeks again. ” Thanks, love. You’re the best.”

She closed her eyes saying nothing. Then she grunted. ” As long as it makes you happy, I’m good.”

I hugged her tighter.

Tuesday…… Visiting day.

QA owns a picnic field where parents could meet up with their kids. On this day, there were hundreds of people seated with their daughters on blue spotted blankets on the green grass as they brought cooked food and provisions for their daughters.

It was a joy seeing QA girls seated with their families, chatting and laughing.

Collette accompanied me around the sea of faces until we eventually got to see my mom.

She was waving us over. ” Over here! Lucy!”

You Know that feeling you get when you finally get to meet your mom after such a long time of being apart?

That was the kind of feeling I was experiencing now. I ran to her,hugged her and began crying.

Mommy hugged me tighter, laughing. ” Lucy dear, stop being a cry baby for once, okay? I’m here.”

” Good afternoon, ma’am.” Collette greeted approaching us.

Mom looked up at her and grinned. ” You must be Collette, right? My daughter has said lots of good things about you.”

” She’s a good girl, ma’am,” Collette said smiling as well but I knew those smile were not genuine.

Collette rarely smiles. Never.

Mom burst out laughing. ” I hope she didn’t give you any trouble? Lucy could be troublesome especially with her mouth.”

” Mom!” I beat her on the arm. ” Stop it.”

It was very good to see my mom again. She brought me my favorite meal.

Cooked Beans and roasted plantains with some pieces of a big barbecue fish. I ate like a pig.

Collette ate little watching me with interest. She and mom were talking but I realized she barely said a word.

Mom was doing all the talking, Collette only nodded and said two or four words.

It was at that moment that I noticed something strange.

Mom was getting younger and fresh. She did put an extra effort to look beautiful today.

Ever since I lost my dad, mom had resigned anything that has to do with makeups or beauty treatment. She was all about working and working and working. She rarely had time to take care of herself.

But today, she looked ten years younger and more beautiful. Collette must’ve noticed cause she kept staring at my mother as if she was the only thing of interest in our little picnic.

Hmm…. Hope Collette isn’t crushing on my mom oooo!!!

I will kill person Bayi

” So dear,” mom was looking at me now. ” Your birthday is next week right?”

This was the part I was waiting for all day. ” Yes, mommy. So what are you going to get me? Are you going to send a big birthday cake just like you did at my former school?”

Mom laughed, showing off her white teeth. Collette kept looking at her.

” Not really, dear,” mom places a hand to her purple lips and thought. ” But I’ll see what I can do. Still, I have a bigger present to you. Much better than a big birthday cake.”

This was good. I leaned in hopefully. ” Well, tell me, tell me! What is it, mommy?”

She handed me a well designed envelope. ” Here, take this.”

I collected it and glared at it.

What the f--k!

This was a wedding invitation. It read Susana Weds Benjamin.

I shot a glance at mom. ” What the hell is this?”

Mom brought forth her hand. I saw a diamond ring on her finger.

God nooooo!

Mom smiled excitedly. ” I’m engaged, baby!”

Collette stared at me and she was surprised to see how my skin had turned pale, drained of all my blood.

God nooooo!

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