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It was a fresh beautiful Monday morning. But it wasn’t for me.

I was stirred from my sweet sweet dream. I groaned, trying to return back to my sweet sweet dream but the stirring returned back again.

Then I remembered Chi-Chi and I jumped to my feet with red eyes to stare at her.

She was standing over me, her clipboard in her hand, her eyes lowered and tired. ” Time to get up. It’s”

And she left me without saying anything to me. To my surprise, she was already in her uniform.

Wait! Was I still sleeping? Who’d be in her uniform at in the morning?

The moment she left the room, I returned my head back to my pillow. My eyelids were very heavy. I hadn’t slept well last night.

I was awake, watching her from my blanket at her bed. She was calm and quiet when she sleeps, unlike me who’s always restless. And cute too. I’ve never seen anyone sleep soo cute in my life.

What was the matter with me? I waited for a while before I slept. But now I’m awake. Gosh, I’m deadbeat from sleep. Maybe a five minute sleep won’t be Soo bad.

And that was how I closed my eyes and dozed off. That was a terrible mistakes. I risked a five minute sleep on a Monday morning.

Suddenly, from nowhere, water splashed on me. I jumped up in a mad frenzy and looked wildly around me.

My heart sank. I was surrounded by the student’s council.

Five of them.

One held a bucket of water which she’d emptied on me and my bed.

” What are you doing here?!” One of the girls barked at me with a voice soo harsh it broke my bones. ” Do you think this is your father’s house?!”

I ran my hand across my face, still confused.

The one with the bucket dropped the bucket on the floor. She consulted her wrist watch. ” It’s Breakfast is already over and you’re still snoring in your sleep? Where did you come from?! The village?!” It was then I realized I f*cked up. I glanced at these tall seniors. They were tall and mean looking. I couldn’t see Temi nor Collette. I was all on my own.

” What’s your name?” Another of the girls asked.

I didn’t answer.

” Answer the question!” The one with the bucket slapped me.

I held my cheeks, feeling tears prickling up. ” Lucy.”

” Class what?!”

” SS.1D.”

” Fine,” she wrote on her clipboard, then yelled at me. ” After lunch, you’ll wash up the entire plates. Now dress up and run for morning assembly.”

I was snobbing when I tried to get to the bathroom. The girls yelled at me to get dressed instead.

” But seniors, I need to take my bath!”

That ended up with another dirty slap. ” You need to take your bath and you woke up at 6:45! My friend would you dress up and run for assembly?!”

It didn’t take me two minutes. With these five mean seniors watching me, I wore my uniform and ran out of the hostel.

It got worse when I arrived late at the assembly.

Collette and Temi were standing beside the principal, Mrs Cooker as she addressed the students.

Everyone turned to me as I arrived. I was disappointed when I realized I was the only latecomer at the assembly ground.

I felt deflated. If there were one or two latecomers, it wouldn’t have looked Soo bad but I was the only one and I looked a mess with my soaked body gluing my uniform.

Mrs Cooker was a big fat woman with dangling jade earrings and heavy jewelries around her neck and fingers. She wore a traditional dress that fitted her shape. One look at her and I knew instantly she was no nonesense woman. Her eyes reflected that.

” Who is that dirty, gross looking girl?” She announced over the microphone in her hand, pointing at me.

I felt like the entire school was staring at me. The teaching staff, the non teaching staff, the students and the student council.

I sighted Vee, my guardian and I could see her shocked expression.

” Council president!” Mrs Cooker turned to Collette. ” Who is that girl?!”

I was shocked. Council president?! So Collette was really the Council president!

Collette stared at me with that deadpan expression on her face. ” Her name’s Lucy, ma’am. She’s a new student. She registered in yesterday.”

” This….this thing?!” Mrs Cooker yelled, then turned to me. ” Who is your guardian young lady.”

My mouth was shaking and I was about answering when Vee stepped out and stood before me.

” I’m her guardian, ma’am.”

Mrs Cooker turned red, then returned back to her yellow colour. ” Is this how you teach your wards. To come late to assembly grounds?!”

” Not all my wards are like this, ma’am,” Vee said respectfully and confidently. ” There’s the council president and numerous others. They’re all my wards and they behave accordingly well. Lucy just registered in yesterday. With time she’d adjust. I’d make sure of that.”

Mrs Cooker glared at her then at me. ” President?”

Collette answered. ” Yes, ma’am?”

” I want you to deal with her after assembly. Make sure you punish her very well. By the time you’re done with her, I’d like to see some improvement. Else I’d hold you responsible.”

” I’ll do just that, ma’am,” Collette answered and stood far back, watching me without any expression.

Vee tapped me on the shoulder. She had an apologgic face on her. ” I’m sorry, little Lucy but I’ll have to ask you to kneel down until after the assembly.”

I nearly cried again. Could this day get any worse.

After assembly, I was the talk of the school. Everywhere I went, I overheard my name in whispers from the girls around.

As a result, I didn’t make much friends as I hoped I would. I was the weirdo now. No one wants to associate with me.

At class, I was given the backseat near the window. I liked it though but it made it difficult for me to socialize with my classmates. No one seemed interested in me.

Except ofcourse, that girl.

I noticed her, smiling at me during class but I couldn’t see her clearly Because she sat Soo far away from me.

SS1.D class consisted of over sixty students. I noticed each student was smartly dressed and very quiet and attentive during lessons.

They only talk to each other after lessons are over and they’re usually soo quiet when they speak to each other.

This was way different from my former school for we were terrible noise makers.

This school was not my thing. I was beginning to really hate it a lot.

Finally it was recess. I couldn’t stand to my feet to go buy something to eat from the tuck shop. I was rather ashamed or frightened.

So what I did was to lay my head on my desk and let myself go.

Suddenly, someone walked up to me and sat on my desk. When I raised my head, it was Sharon.

Sharon beamed at me. ” What’s up, Lucy. Man, you had a bad day, haven’t you?”

I groaned. ” Tell me about it. Where did you come from?”

” Are you kidding me? I’m your classmate. The girl staring at you during lesson? I’m that girl.”

I grumbled. ” Sorry, I didn’t recognize you. I’m the back bencher, remember?”

She laughed. ” You’ve got to take it easy, Lucy. You’ve been the talk of the school since last night after dinner. I’ve never seen anyone soo popular in such a short period of time.”

I pulled a face. ” Are you going to stop Makin fun of me? I got a lot on my head already.”

She felt sad about my predicament. ” Let me guess, you got out of bed late today, right?”

” That’s right.”

” Didn’t Senior Collette wake you up?”

” She did, at”

” Really?” Sharon screwed her eyes. ” That’s strange cause we all get up at exactly”

I was shocked. ”! For what?!”

” Oh you know, we undergo morning devotion, then we clean up the hostel, then our rooms and bath and before you know it, it’s It’s creepy but time flies here really quick. At around 6:15, we’ve had breakfast, 6:30, we’re at the assembly ground and 7:00 we’re in class to begin the day’s lesson.”

” That’s bullsh*t!” I nearly yelled.

Sharon shooked her head sadly. ” No my dear, that’s what we call discipline. A lot of these girls started this school from junior class so it’s in our blood. We get up really early. I’m surprised though senior Collette chose to wake you around”

I wondered why.

” And you still went back to sleep?” Sharon laughed. ” I can imagine your shock when you realized it was”

I frowned. ” I guess you heard what happened at the hostel this morning.”

” Hey, everyone did,” Sharon became pitiful as she touched my face. ” My, how many slaps did you receive?”

I slapped her hands away. ” As many as you can count.”

She smiled. ” The Students council, eh? You better be careful with those group of girls. They’re very dangerous. Everyone is scared of them, including the seniors. That’s why you should have a school mother.”

” I’m deadbeat,” I moaned.

” Hey,” Sharon touched my head. ” I’m here for you, okay? We’re friends. Come on, tell me your punishments, I’m sure the council gave you some punishment for waking up late and missing breakfast. They always do. So what is it?”

I looked up at her. ” I’m to wash all the plates in the cafeteria after lunch.”

Sharon whistled. ” That’s bad. There’re over a thousand plates. You can’t handle that alone.”

I covered my face with my hands. ” I’m doomed.”

” You’re not doomed,” Sharon held my shoulder. ” Don’t worry, I’ll help.”

I looked at her from my fingers covering my face. ” For real?”

” For real.”

This was my first friend. I was happy. I smiled. Technically the first smile I’ve smiled since I step foot here.

” Thanks.”

” Now that’s what I’m talking about,” she poked me. ” That’s the smile I was looking for.”

After lunch, Sharon stuck with me. She help me cleared the dishes and together, we washed the plates.

It was fun with Sharon. We talked and gossiped as we washed. She took it as an opportunity to give me the full gist of the school.

The most interesting part of our gossip was about THE LILIES.

THE LILIES was some sort of secret reading group. But most of the girls at school took it as some sort of secret society group.

Like the Illuminati.

But THE LILIES were different. They’re major aim was to achieve academic excellence and become the best of the best. It sounded like a nice secret reading group but not much is known about this group.

It was rumoured that some members of the council were part of THE LILIES.

That’s because THE LILIES were terribly intelligent girls. They were soo intelligent, they could beat any teacher in any academic year.

They’re the straight A’s students. No B’s, no C’s—just A’s.

” It’s quite easy to recognize a member,” Sharon said. ” They’re very quiet and keep to themselves; that’s one. Second, they’re very intelligent and brilliant. Third, they’re soo smartly dressed. And fourth, well they’re more into girls.”

I stiffened. ” Girls?”

” Hey, I don’t know,” Sharon said, washing a big spoon. ” I’m not a member but that’s the rumours I heard. They’re really great academically. I learnt if you’re a dullard and you join THE LILIES, your academic performance would skyrocket. You might even get elected as council president in the future.”

” You mentioned something about girls,” I said, thinking about Collette and that kiss. ” Are they really into girls?”

” Yeah, they don’t date boys,” Sharon rolled her eyes. ” As far as I know, the LILIES are more into books, no romance, no make-up, no fun, nothing.”

Does that means Collette was a member?

” Why didn’t you join?” I asked Sharon.

She shivered. ” Hey, not everyone can get into the LILIES that easy. Besides not all the girls are interested. I don’t have to tell you how many girls are happy they aren’t part of that weird reading group.”

” Doesn’t that sound like a confraternity?”

” Sounds like it but it’s not,” Sharon said, putting away the last plate. ” Hey, we’re done. Thank goodness.”

We returned back to the hostel together. I was glad I finally made a friend. As I took my shower, I kept thinking about what she said:

” It’s quite easy to recognize a member,” Sharon had said. ” They’re very quiet and keep to themselves; that’s one. Second, they’re very intelligent and brilliant. Third, they’re soo smartly dressed. And fourth, well they’re more into girls.”

They’re more into girls?

I placed my hand on my lips and felt it. That kiss. Why does it still linger in my mouth.

The warm water ran down my back down passed my br**sts and over my body.

My mind flashed back to last night

I saw Collette grabbing my wrists and pushed me against the wall, pinning me firmly so I couldn’t move.

” Stop!” I struggled, yelling at her. ” Let go off me. What are you—”

Her face came out of the darkness and I saw her lips opened down to my face. Before I knew it, her lips closed around my mouth.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I tried remaining calm. Why was I feeling soo wet underneath?

Just thinking about that kiss had gotten me in the mood.

My first kiss.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung opened. I turned sharply to see Collette.

My heart jumped into my throat when I saw her. She was wrapped in her big white towel.

She saw me against the shower and she narrowed her eyes.

” Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, turning the shower off as I reached for my towel. ” I was about leaving.”

I noticed she had removed her towel and was walking towards me.

Before I could reach my towel, she’d grabbed my hands. I gasped when she pushed me up against the wall, holding both my hands up above my head.

I stared at her.

She was Soo tall and pretty with her br**sts dangling before me. I noticed how red and pointy her nipples were and her skin was as soft as…..

She turned on the shower and as the warm water wet our bodies, she reached for my neck and brought her face close.

I shut my eyes, feeling my heart racing and my body heating up.

The moment her tongue licked the flesh of my neck, I flared my eyes opened and gasped.

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