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I woke up at midnight when I heard a strange sound.

Turning over, I looked around to see Collette face flat on her desk, sobbing silently.

The sleep in my eyes vanished like magic.

Why was she crying? What could possibly be wrong with her?

On the table was the chess board and some chess pieces, standing erect like a miniature battlefield. One look at her and I could tell she had been studying and playing chess as well.

This was really wearing her out. No wonder she looked Soo pale and tired. But……

But then again, why the tears?

Suddenly I saw it.

It was a little can wrapped around her palm. I tried to look it over but it was held too tightly in her palms. Whatever that can was, I had a feeling it’s somehow relative to why she was crying at twelve in the midnight.

Still, I can’t help but imagine how pretty she looked. She looked really cute even in tears.

I returned my head back to my pillow and slept off but this time around, my mind was opened. I was determined not to mess up today as well like I did Monday morning. One lesson is enough, I ain’t making the same mistake again.

Hours went by and it wasn’t long before Collette woke me up but this time around, she woke me at exactly

My eyes were red from sleep. Like seriously, I really hate it when someone disturbs me from my sweet sweet sleep but I knew if I don’t get up early, I wouldn’t make it for the assembly.

She stood over me, taping me up gently. ” It’s time for general morning devotion. Go join the other girls outside the hostel.”

I yawned loudly, covering my mouth with my hand. I checked the time on my bedside table and groaned. ” Isn’t too early?”

She didn’t answer. Instead, she left the room, leaving me all alone. This girl can snub for Africa, eh!

But I wasn’t going to repeat the same mistake I made on my first day at school. I grabbed my blanket, wrapping it over my body like some Egyptian mummy and sluggishly left the room.

I wasn’t the only one who was thoughtful enough to grab a blanket. It was freezing cold outside the big hostel.

Every girl, big and small, juniors and seniors lined up neatly in rows and columns as we began morning devotion.

To my surprise, I couldn’t find Collette or the other members of the Council. Wherever they were was ofcourse none of my business but I just couldn’t help but wonder why they were exempted from worshipping God and prasing him for such a wonderful morning we’d all woken up into.

Finally, morning devotion was over and the girl leading prayers stepped aside.

Suddenly the council arrived, looking neat, smart and huge in their school uniform.

It was then I understood why they were absent during general morning devotion. They were taking their bath coolval stories so they could dress up before the girls.

How smart.

Collette stood afar back with her clipboard as Temi mounted the podium.

” Good morning, girls,” she said in a stiff strong voice.

” Good morning, senior Temi,” we replied in unison.

” I’ll go straight to the point,” Temi announced. ” Now it has come to our notice that some of you girls are in possession of cell phones, using it during lights out while everyone else is asleep. It’s against the rules and as you all know, there are huge penancies for such ignorance to the rules. Do not try our patience. We the Council has decided to kindly ask the perpetrators to decline from using these cell phones in the hostel and in school at large. You have until tonight to dispose of the phones else if you are caught, we’d destroy the phone and sign a suspension letter to be signed by the principal. I’m I clear?”

The girls echoed. ” Yes, senior Temi.”

” Another thing,” she continued. ” No cooking or eating of cooked food in the hostel. Last night some girls were caught preparing soup with an electric stove. This is terribly bad and a much bigger crime. Cooking in the hostel is risky. You may not know this but when you decide to cook in the hostel, you might run a risk into setting the hostel on fire, putting countless innocent lives in the line. That’s why we are against it but some stubborn girls were heedless to our warnings. They don’t respect our rules. Because of that, the council has decided to write an expulsion letter to be signed against these girls. We won’t mention their names but we do hope this scapegoats sound like a good warning to the rest of you.”

At the end of the devotion, we were told to return back to our rooms and clean the hostel. Because I shared a room with a member of the Council, I was given room head.

A room head is like a House keeper. Our job is to make sure our room was swept, mopped and cleaned. Other’s swept outside the hostel or cut grass.

Taking care of the room was fun for me because it was never dirty. That’s because Collete’s such a neat girl.

However, I ensured I washed the floor and cleaned the bathroom just to avoid her wrath. I don’t want her getting all mean on me again.

When I was done, it was already Golly, Sharon wasn’t kidding when she said time flies in this school.

Today I left the hostel earlier with my fellow girls. We all had breakfast which was tea and bread with egg sauce.

I was heading up the counter with my tray when someone from behind tapped me playfully.

I turned around to see Sharon with her big good morning smiles written all over her face.

” What’s up, Lucy,” she grinned. ” I guess this is the first time you’ve been up early.”

” I hate getting up early,” I said, happy to see her at least. ” But this school is weird. I had to change out of my old lifestyle and accept the new life this place has to offer.”

” You’ll get used to it,” Sharon spoke, collecting her own tray. ” That’s how I first started.”

The chef behind the counter placed steaming cups of tea on our trays, a nice load of fresh bread and a plate of fried egg sauce.

I liked this school for their incredible meals. No wonder mom decleared QA to be soo expensive.

While Sharon and I ate, a girl from nowhere came to our table. Sharon seemed to recognize her and that was how the three of us squeezed in the same table.

” Hey, Lucy,” Sharon waved to the new girl. ” Meet Mia. She’s also an SS.1 student but in a totally different class from ours.”

I liked Mia on first sight. She had the same energy as Sharon. They really do have something in common.

” I’ll take it you two are roommates,” I said, smiling at Mia.

Mia and Sharon laughed. ” Actually, no. Sharon and I stay in different rooms. Our rooms are just opposite each other.”

That was explanatory enough but I had nothing to say to her again.

” By the way,” Mia began excitedly. ” My roommate and I had a real adult time last night.”

I glanced at her. ” Adult time?”

” Yeah,” she winked at me. ” Real adult. We just watched a triple X p--n video last night on her phone.”

Sharon looked sharply at her. ” P--n?!”

Mia opened her teeth. ” That’s right.”

Sharon went wild. ” Why didn’t you tell me?!”

” It was risky calling you into my room at that time of the night, Sharon,” she rolled her eyes. ” Besides, I wouldn’t want to be caught with a phone last night.”

” Isn’t phone a contraband?” I asked, feeling left out. ” The hostel head said—”

” That’s what she said,” Sharon huffed. ” A lot of us bring our cell phones to school. You just have to be smart enough. If you’re smart, you won’t be caught.”

” That’s right,” Mia winked at me, unbuttoning her shirt Midway to expose her cleavages.

I gasped when I saw a small cellphone between her br**sts. No one would know it was there unless they decided to strip her.

” Wow,” I smiled inwardly. ” You girls are really smart. So you use that thing to watch p--n?”

Mia buttoned up her shirt, fixing her tie neatly. ” Not all the time. Just when I get h---y. It’s stress relieving, trust me.”

I hid a grin. Yeah, I understand what she meant but I’ve never watched a p--n video. I watch a lot of movies back home especially romantic exotic movies. But I never watch p--n—never.

Whenever there was a s*x scene in a movie, I skipped it instantly but these girls….these girls go about watching real p--n without making a fuss.

I really felt like a vegetable. These girls were deep in sin. I’m still the pure one.

” Sometimes I wish we had a boy in the hostel,” Mia said, mixing her tea with her teaspoon. ” It gets really lonely and boring knowing you’re surrounded by your own gender. With a boy around, the atmosphere would change, don’t you think.”

” I guess so,” I replied, imagining how crazy it sounded to have a boy in an all girl’s hostel.

” He won’t survive,” Sharon laughed, finishing her eggs. ” Imagine how many girls would want to ride his meat. He’d die for sure.”

Mia and I laughed. It sounded funny but it’s true. With the lots of crazy stuffs going on in this school, I don’t suppose any male would survive a day in our hostel.

The day rolled by slowly.

I still haven’t read anything. To my horror, I realized I was slacking back terribly in my studies. Almost everyone had gone far in the academic curriculum of the year despite the fact that school was just resuming.

I’m not an A student. I’m more of a “C” student. Back at my former school, we were not that crazy about getting high marks or being the best academically.

But this school….. This school was different.

It’s like a competition. Everyone is Soo d--n smart. I learnt the dumbest student in school gets no less than two As, four B’s and three Cs on her grade scores. This scared me for I was a straight C student.

Everyone gets great grades which means if I don’t study very hard, I won’t see a single C only F.

I consulted Sharon about my new fears.

” Hey, don’t let it bother you,” she reassured me. ” Continuous Accesment test is still weeks far away. I’m pretty sure before that you’ll pick up. You just have to study a little bit harder. Don’t worry, I’ll help you study if you want.”

But it wasn’t as easy as she made it looked. Class was always boring, I doze off in-between lessons, I hated nearly all my teachers and the subjects were soo difficult to understand.

It’d take a miracle to make me like this school. I just can’t seemed to cope.

Then there’s Collette. Almost everyone calls her Chi-Chi but I was more used to calling her by her first name.

Back at the hostel, she’d keep her distance, being her usual cold self. All she ever did was returned back, take a shower and then leave to return later at night to study after lights out.

My bed was still wet so I had her bed all to myself for the next two days. Within those two days, I’ve come to discover a strange pattern with my roommate.

She always sleep around and then wake up at exactly to study again.

At intervals during studies, she’d play a little chess for fifteen minutes, then returned back to her book. She usually study four different textbooks at the same time. She’d be solving a maths problem and also be jotting down notes from her biology textbooks and still have enough time to read chemistry.

I’ve never seen anyone Soo hardworking in my life. No wonder she’s a straight A student. Somehow I envy her a lot.

I was surprised she still hadn’t made a move on me yet. It’s been two days since that incident at the bathroom. I had expected she’d creep on me in my sleep but she didn’t.

She definitely kept her distance from me as if I really wasn’t interesting to her anymore. One time I woke up around midnight to see

Her sleeping on the floor and with her blanket wrapped around her.

I was heartbroken. She mentioned students don’t sleep on the floor but here she was sleeping peacefully on the cold floor while I used her bed. I felt really bad for her.

And so after the two days were up I finally had my bed all to myself.

We were preparing for lights out when I glanced at her. ” Um… senior?”

She was ironing her uniform on the study table. ” What is it?”

This was the first time in two days she’s spoken to me. She was her usual cold, remote self.

” I just wanted to say, thank you.”

” For what?”

” Lending me your bed while mine was getting dried,” I said nervously cause it was hard talking to her with my eyes. Not that she ever looked my way anyways. ” I appreciate your help and concern and well, I’m sorry for acting soo strong-headed on my first day at school with you. I guess we didn’t start off on the right foot.”

” Apologies accepted,” she said softly. ” Now go to sleep.”

That was her way of telling me she didn’t want to be bothered. Still, I wasn’t going to go to bed without an answer to the questions I’ve been harbouring for the past two days.

I remained where I was, staring at her as she neatly ironed her skirt. I was silent and the only sound that came between us was the on and off clicking sound of the electric iron in her hand.

” Why aren’t you in your bed yet?” She asked curtly. ” Lights out is in two minutes.”

I didn’t answer her. I remained where I was, staring at the iron in her hand.

Suddenly my hands balled into fists and I courageous looked up and faced her fully. ” Tell me, why did you kiss me on my first day at school?!”

She suddenly stopped ironing and raised her face. When her eyes jammed mine, I felt myself melting but I tried keeping a straight face.

She stared at me for sometime then returned back to her ironing. ” Go to sleep, Lucy. It’s lights out already.”

My lips were trembling but I said it. ” No I won’t.”

The bell outside banged. It was lights out but I didn’t give a f--k. I’m not going to be intimidated anymore. I want answers and I’m going to get them tonight.

Collette switched off the electric iron and gently sat it on the table to let it cool off. Then she arranged her skirt and shirt on a hanger in her wardrobe and closed it shut.

” And why won’t you?”

” Because I need answers.”

She leaned on her wardrobe, staring at me with her arms folded. ” Answers to what, exactly?”

” You,” I answered. ” Answers to you. I don’t understand what you are or who you are. You went ahead to kiss me on my first day at school, after that, you began pushing me away. If that’s not enough you nearly raped me in the shower and since then, you’ve been acting soo differently towards me. I’m confused.”

Collette cocked her head to one side. ” You’re confused or you’re conceiving the idea of wanting me to kiss you again.”

I frowned. ” That’s not what I meant.”

” It is what you meant, Lucy,” she moved away from the wardrobe towards her bed. ” By mere looking at you it’s obvious you want me to touch you.”

” Are you in love with me?!” I asked sharply.

She halted instantly before her bed and glanced at me. ” What makes you think I’m in love with you?”

” Stop answering my questions with questions,” I said angrily. ” You’re just avoiding the issue. I asked a simple question. Are you in love with me or not?”

She narrowed her eyes and looked away. ” Maybe.”

Maybe? I was shocked beyond words. What does she mean by maybe?

Before I could utter another word she continued.

” You talk too much, Lucy,” she said. ” I’m a very private person and I like my peace and quiet but you always keep running your mouth. I guess the best way to keep you shut was to—”

She didn’t say anything else again. She was suddenly quiet as if she was thinking. ” Kissing you doesn’t mean I have any interest in you. It simply means I want you to shut up and grow up. You’re too childish for my liking.”

I felt myself go red. ” I hate you, Collette.”

She became angry. ” I hate you too, Lucy.”

There it was, out in the open. ” I guess now we all know the truth about our feelings for each other, don’t we?”

She frowned. ” I guess so too. Then why are you crying?”

I was shedding tears cause I felt hurt. She just wouldn’t get it. ” Why I’m I crying? Well, let’s see, you stole my first kiss, you made an impression you were interested in me and then of a sudden you’re shutting me out. That’s a great way to be a senior isn’t it?”

Her face went blank and deadpan. ” If that’s what you think, then yes it might seemed so.”

I had no idea where the courage came from but I pointed my finger at her. ” I’m going to give you a strict warning, Collette. If ever, you ever kiss me or touch me again, I’ll report you to the school principal. If she doesn’t do anything about it, then I will. I’ll involve the police.”

She replied in her calm quiet voice. ” So long as you keep quiet and obey the rules, I have no business with you.”

And without giving me another glance, she mounted her bed and covered herself with the bed cover.

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