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After night prep.

The girls were returning back to the hostel. I remained in class for some unknown reason.

During prep, while others read, I was busy, touching my lips. I could still taste Collette’s mouth. I could still smell her perfume and her shampoo against my face.

And that kiss.

That kiss! I could still feel that kiss!

My first kiss!

Holy cow! She just stole my first kiss. I’ve never kissed anyone in my life. I was saving my first kiss for the day I’d finally meet the man of my dreams. But Collette…..she….she just stole it from me.

I held my head and nearly shouted. Oh my freaking cheese! I can’t believe I’ve just been kissed by a girl.

What does that even mean? Why did she do that?

Fast forward, I’m at the hostel in my room. I was hungry but I didn’t feel like eating anything tonight. My mind was in a whirl. Too many questions banged my head but none could be answered.

Maybe a shower would be alright. I’ve got to clear my head else I’d run nuts.

I still haven’t met my roommate, Chi-Chi but I wasn’t bothered. I believe anytime soon, she’d be back. Trust me, I wasn’t excited to meet anyone anymore. I just wanted to be alone.

Moving away from my bed towards the large wardrobe, I began stripping myself off my uniform.

I was about removing my panties when the door swung opened and someone marched in.

I quickly grabbed a towel and covered myself up. Then I turned sharply to look the newcomer over.

I received a jabbing shock.

It was Collette.

She stood on the doorway, staring at me with her hand holding the door.

My eyes grew wider and my mouth opened, causing my lips to quaver. Wha—what in heaven’s name is she doing here?!

She looked me over, then stepped fully into the room and shut the door.

I took three steps back as she walked up towards me. ” Don’t….don’t come any close to me. I’ll scream.”

She didn’t answer nor looked my way. Instead she stopped before the big wardrobe and opened the closet door. I saw neatly packed uniforms arranged orderly in hangers.

To my horror, she began unbottoning her shirt. I grew hot around the neck as she took off the shirt and unhooked her bra. If I hadn’t looked away, I’d have seen her br**sts dangled off her chest.

Then her skirt and pant fell to the ground and she bent to pick it up. In a short while, she was clad in a large white towel and was wandering towards the bathroom where she shut herself in.

Next sounds I heard were running showers.

I stood transfixed on the spot, still gaping at the door of the bathroom. Just then reality strucked me. I turned my eyes back to her closet and saw a pile of textbooks near the shoe stack.

I saw her name. EZEH COLLETTE CHI-CHI.


I gasped in fright that I stumbled to the ground. My towel fell off and it was just me on the floor with my hands covering my mouth in fright.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!! It can’t be. I should have known.

She was my roommate.

” There must be some mistake,” I was speaking really fast to Temi. ” She can’t be my roommate. No, it’s not just possible.”

Temi was standing outside her room, watching me with surprised eyes. I wouldn’t say I blame her. I was supposed to be in my pyjamas, not in my towel standing before her room, raging my complaint.

I noticed other girls in pyjamas were staring oddly at me as if I was some crazy lunatic. But I didn’t care.

I want Collette out of my room. I want her out. That was all that mattered to me.

” Geez, Lucy,” Temi was scratching the back of her head. ” Take it easy. You’re sweating.”

” Screw the sweats,” I said, visibly angry. ” I can’t stay in that room with Collette. It’s either she leaves or I leave.”

” And why is that?”

I was getting fed up. ” Because I don’t want to. Is there a rule stating students can’t switch rooms?”

Temi smiled sadly. ” Definitely, Lucy. There’s that rule. Your hostel room remains your hostel room till you graduate. I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do for you.”

” This is an outrage!”

” Hey, Lucy,” Temi warned. ” Take it easy. You’re making a hell of noise. Plus, you shouldn’t be seen in a towel. You should head back and change into your pyjamas. If Collette or any of the student’s council saw you like this, you’d be in trouble.”

I glared at her. ” Aren’t you part of the student’s council as well?”

” Ofcourse I am,” she said, seriously. ” But I don’t want you to get in trouble. I’m telling you, I’m the nicest senior in this school. The rest aren’t soo nice. They’d punish you. Just rush back and change. You’ll be fine with Chi-Chi. I can assure you that!”

I was still glaring at her. ” How come you never told me she was going to be my roommate?!”

” That’s not important now, Lucy,” she held my shoulder, leading me towards the elevator. ” Chi-Chi isn’t that bad. She’s mean ofcourse but she’s really sweet. You’ll like her with time.”

She entered the elevator with me and pressed some numbers. The elevator moved down to my floor. Luckily, no one was seen outside the hallway.

Temi led me towards my room. ” Now be careful, you’re lucky I’m here wit you, else if anyone else saw you like this, you’d be in hot soup.”

I didn’t reply her but the moment I saw the handle of my door, I became scared.

I quickly turned to her.

” I’m scared,” I whispered.

Temi smiled. ” It’s going to be alright.”

And she opened the door and walked in with me.

” Where have you been, Lucy?” Came a calm tough voice the moment we entered.

Collette was seated behind the reading table, some textbooks opened before her, her eyes focused on something she was calculating with her calculator.

” Hey, Chi-Chi,” Temi waved, a little nervously. ” Umm…Lucy didn’t mean anything bad. She was just asking me to return her shampoo I borrowed.”

Collette refused to raise her face or admit the presence of Temi in the room. She was Soo engrossed in what she was doing I thought she’d forgotten about us.

Then she spoke. ” Why aren’t you in your pyjamas?”

She was talking to me but Temi spoke for me. ” Please don’t be hard on the girl, Chi-Chi. She’s naive about these things. She had no idea.”

” You can leave,” Collette said, stopping to drink a bottle of water. ” And try as much as possible to return her shampoo back.”

” I will,” Temi laughed uneasily then turned to me and whispered. ” Now be a good girl and don’t get in trouble. I can’t defend you all the time.”

I was like. ” You’re not going to leave me here…with her?!”

” Temi!” Collette warned in a cold voice. ” Leave my room.”

” Sorry, girl,” Temi whispered back to me. ” They’re your cards. Play them.”

And she walked out of the room, leaving me alone with Collette.

For a long time, there was silence. I slowly turned my head to see Collette. She was still busy, solving some problems on a sheet of paper with her calculator.

” Light’s out would be in five minutes,” she said, without looking at me. ” Go get a shower and climb your bed.”

This time, I didn’t protest. I went under the shower, washed up and raced back to change into my pyjamas. Then I climbed the bed and covered my face with the blanket.

I was shivering and I realized my heart was beating really fast. This was crazy. Really really crazy. I can’t believe I was going to be in the same room with the girl that kissed me hours ago.

What’s going to happen to me? What’s her plan? Would she come for me? How was I going to survive knowing I’d be spending the rest of my life with Chi-Chi.

The girl that stole my first kiss.

Suddenly, I felt restless movement on the floor. Someone turned the lights switch off and the room was plunged in darkness.

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