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Anabelle stared at the hairy masculine chocolate colored hand extended towards her sheepishly or maybe, mischeiviously. She considered taking the hand or ‘falling it’ as she had heard most young boys say. Truly He seemed nice.

Tall, masculine, seemed intelligent and hairy; just how she liked them and she had been crushing secretly on him since he entered the eatery and now, here he was, saying his name was Daniel and extending his hand for an handshake and though an intense urge to take the hand and sU-Ck on him was surging unabatedly through her entire body, she just couldn’t do it. She just kept getting the feeling that merely taking that alluring and enticing hand or making any acquaintance with him would incur several misfortunes and unfortunate events. She knew he would ask for something she wasn’t ready to get involved now, she knew he would ask for a relationship.

“Mr. Daniel, I’m Anabelle,” she eventually took the hand and smiled nervously though it seemed enticing, exposing her cute pinky dimples; something else she and Jolade shared to the so-called Daniel.

“Nice to meet you Cutie,” Daniel replied, “so, mind if I sit with you?” he continued and flashed his brightest Mr. cool smile and Anabelle felt tingling s£nsat!ons pacing around her body. Seeing Daniel smile, she realized his charms. He oft had on a gentle lost puppy expression platered on his face, but his words seemed contrary to that. He knew his way off heart with words and he carried around an aurora of something nice she couldn’t decipher then.
His pointed Nose seemed in perfect harmony with his seemingly embroided face and he stood at an estimated 6’8 inches. He had on a geeky looking Pair of glasses and he reminded her of Hakeem
“Well, you’re free!,” She conjured really striving to keep her excitement below the carpet and waved him one of the brass alloy Dining purposed chairs positioned in an round alignment with the round cream colored table and Daniel took his seat calculatedly. His ear buds had turned sour in an itchy anticipation of hearing that.

And that was how they got talking. Daniel wasn’t always talking nor eager to chat her up, atleast it didn’t seemed so but she had to give him that, he was surely an humorous guy. His face was shoning with excitement and joy. He talked in ‘is’ and ‘was’, he wasn’t desperately striving to impress and Jolade felt really impressed with that. She felt like she had known him for years and were now a newly married couple, it was a damn great feeling. It seemed the feeling was mutual as Daniel seemed like he understood her perfectly, like she was his Younger sister. ‘Young, lively, beautiful and intelligent’, it all summed his sister up.

“You look like my little cute sister,” Jolade heard Daniel’s voice reached her, “I’m sure you’d like to meet her and I’ll ensure that happens,” He smiled.

“Whao! Old verse Mr. Dan. That’s certainly no longerr in vogue, is it?” Anabelle replied.

“No no, You think I’m joking? I’m serious!” Daniel countered. “Yeah yeah yeah,” Anabelle nodded in a seemingly conjuring move and her face turn pale but Daniel knew what she meant and both broke out laughing simultenously. Another thing was mutual.

As Anabelle casted one last look for the night at Daniel as he made his way to his car, a s£nsat!onal tingling s£nsat!on swept accross her and she squirmed. So much fun within a night, she knew more would follow. She hopped into her car and smiled, she knew she needed to get home and let off soon.

Paul drove through the now sparsely populated highway furiously and speedily. He felt he needed to get to Jolade soon and the street lights flanking him on either sides seemed happy with his decision as they shone happily on his black Nissan auto maneuvoring crazily around.

He hadn’t been able to take his bath well.
Strange lusty thoughts just kept popping into his head at variable intervals with immense force.

He had never liked what his body was trying to tell him. He had never liked being caught in a cross fire between two ladies. He would do anything to see hat lady again, anything. He just wished she was slutty as Jolade potrayed but yet, Jolade’s love was still deeply rooted in his heart though things were changing gradually, he would never do anything to hurt her. His hormones were on high and his loin was groaning furiously due to the Invisible fire kindling in it. He just knew he needed to get off tonight.

After being behind the wheels for what seemed like ages, Paul finally got to Jolade’s cozy apartment with the fire in his Loins not giving him whatever allowance to think.

He knocked on her Main Door but got no reply and he gently pushed it in. The living room seemed partially dark and was poorly illuminated albeit for the dim light emission from the 42 inches television held up against the wall. He walked down the little corridor and stepped into Jolade’s room. The Door wasn’t fastened either.

Stepping in, He heard the splashing and trickling of water in the bathroom and he wasted no time in getting out of his shorts.

Sneaking up, He stared discreetly and admirely at the Huge fleshy looking pair of Böobs that defied gravity and stood proudly on Jolade’s chest and Anabelle’s image sneak up his head again.

“No!” he whispered noiselessly as if being scared of being nabbed. Getting Anabelle out of his Head was what prompted this idea in the first place.

He saw Jolade bent a liitle to straighten her toes and her freshly shaved pinky meat flap poked nosily out of her thighs. Paul gasped. It seemed he never believed Jolade would be a girl to shave off the hair of her Pubic area. Quickly, He pulled his only piece of fabric to his toes and stepped out of it, exposing his vigorous itching Cougar.

The fluorescent illuminating bulb never seemed to help matters either. At that moment, Jolade seemed just like an expertee Ebony Adult movie star with oil draping over her seemingly Soft skin.

Paul tip toed stealthily and when he eventually was inches behind Jolade, completely Unclad just as she was, He grabbed affectionately and cupped distinctly Jolade’s moundy Böobs and he thought He heard Jolade gasped. Jolade made to turn but couldn’t as he held her in place and tilted her head towards him before engaging her alluring pretty mouth in a s£nsu@l tender Kiss. It was slow and affectionate.

Not breaking the Kiss, Paul ammended his posture and brought the anticipating tip of his venomous cougar unto her. The tip touched Jolade’s Butt crack and she quivered. Paul felt the s£nsat!ons running accross her Body and he proceeded further and touched the swollen Meat flap through her thighs, still not breaking the kiss. Slowly and utmostly effectively, he fingered Jolade’s meat flap s£nsu@lly and pinched her Böobs in a kneaded manner. Firstly, he dipped in a finger and he felt her organ endeavouring to customize itself with it. When it seemed okay, he dipped in a second finger with much effort and She m0aned between clenched teeth. Paul couldn’t believe she was that tight. He continued fingering slowly, mantaining a tempo until He heard Jolade’s voice, “Go faster Paul, go deeper!” and that was the magic. He pumped his fingers in and out of her enticing and dripping Vägîna faster and stronger and he heard her m0an!ng, “fùçk Paul, füçk füçk—,” she was saying but stopped midway as her Orgasm hit her and she switched over to Shouting incoherent unintelligible words between muffled m0ans, “Yeu, yeu, yeahu…,” she was saying and when her orgasm subdued, she leaned on Paul and ran meek strokes accross his Cougar.

When she recovered a bit, she realized Paul had gulped a handful of her Feminine juice as the remnants dripped down his chins.

“Oh thanks Love!” she muttered and descended to her feet immediately. Her hands held gently Paul’s raging cougar and she guided it to her Warm coated mouth. She ran the tip of her toungue over the tip slowly and Paul m0aned pleasurably. She took his Cougar whole in her mouth gradually and soon enough, was gagging and blowing on it. Paul saw her tender long fingers wrapped around his shaft and he m0aned incoherently about. The pleasure seemed much and Paul just couldn’t control himself and he shoved in his Cougar in an attempt to fûçk her mouth and she gasped, obviously surprised by the act and she accidentally drew Paul’s cougar too in and it touched her throat’s wall. Paul couldn’t control hisself and his orgasm hit him severely. “Ahn ah ah!” he shouted ina muffled voice and before any form of protests or approval, Paul sent thousands of Cûm in Jolade’s mouth and she swallowed it off, not that she had a choice anyway.

Gazing at Jolade’s mouth dripping of his cûm got Paul harder and his deflating Cougar hardened immediately in Jolade’s hands, “Hmmmm, it doesn’t goes down, does it?” she asked and kissed His cougar affectionately and before ‘Jack robinson’, both were on the Large bed, wrestling nudely and intimately with one another,

“Fûçk me hard, fûçk me hard” Jolade gave out a large shout as Paul’s cougar slipped in her Pinky already dripping meat flap and the light went off. Paul switched it off.

After making out for almost a 120 minutes, Both collapsed on each other. Exhaustedly and really spent, both fell deeply asleep in each other’s arms but not before Paul had whispered, “I love You Jola!”.

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