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Anabelle heard her phone rang as she stepped out of the kitchen and she hastened her steps towards her bedroom from which it was ringing.
“Good Evening Ma,” she greeted as she picked, her cheery voice bustling of life. It was her Mum.

“Evening ‘Oko mi’, Bawo ni?(How’re You?),” Her mom inquired.

“Mo wa dada ma(I’m okay ma)!,” she answered.

“Bawo ni se?(How’re you doin with your Job?)” her Mum replied.

“Everything’s good Ma. How is Dad doing?” she switched over to English.

“He’s fine Dear!” her Mum replied. She too answered in perfect english.

“So, efe prove pe esi wa in vogeu, abi? (so, you want to prove you’re still in vogue, right?)” she teased.

“Iwo lo mo! (That’s left to you!).” her Mum got the jibe. “Bawo ni oro Oko ta jo so? (Whats up with the issue of an Hubby we discussed?)” her mum continued.

“But Mummy, mo sese pe Twenty six ni na, Jola nko? (But mum, I’m jut Twenty six, what about Jola?)” she countered.

“Hmm Jaye, Iwo ati ikeji e yi sha! Iyen okan mi o, Iwo ni mo ba loro! (Hmm Jaye, you and this your half! Anyway, I think I’m talking to you, not her!) ” her Mum replied jovially.

“Oh o! Oda na, ma fi to yin leti to baya! (Oh o! Okay then, I’ll inform you when it’s time!)” she sighed out, frustrated by the turn out of the conversation.

“Oda na! Ma jem pe e ma o, so gbo? (Okay then! But I shouldn’t call you again, okay?)” her mum conjured and she made a show of punching the air excitedly.

“Okay, Oda bo ma! Ke ba mi ki Daddy,(okay, my regards to Dad!)”

her mum agreed and Jolade quickly added, “Ke pe Jolade na o! (call Jolade also)”.
“Jola, abi? Mo ti gbo(Jola, hum? Okay, I get it!)”
Anabelle thought she heard her Mum’s voice harden immediately but she shrugged it off, afterall, she was their Mum.

Jolade disconnected the call and her Mum’s reaction stuck clearly on her heart. It seemed like Her mum never really liked Jola. It seemed like she had always being on her side right from when they clicked Eighteen. She remembered their first year at the University when they got involved in a mere fracas over some toiletries and their Mum got to know about it. She had ranted so much on Jola and Jola had for the first time, left home to stay with a Guy she barely knew. Something happened then but her Mum took care of everything, it was more like a case of exploiting a lost and dillusioned girl. Many more cases had occur between them and her Mom had always been a red-head over her. Anabelle sighed.

She just felt she knew what’s what.

Jolade snuggled closer to Paul as he stroked her bare Butt cheeks lightly and she giggled when He cupped her sensitive Böobs. Though her eyes were still shut, seemingly relishing the beautiful moment they were sharing while enjoying the tingling spine shivering wave surging through her body, Paul knew she was awake but he never bothered to wake her. He stared at her pretty face for a while and as customary, was held spell bound by her captivating aurora and charm but his heart just couldn’t come to terms that someone so beautiful could have such a malignant spirit.

It was almost irreconcilable. He ran his fingers accross her hair and left them at her nape, softly caressing on it. He strayed his other hand accross her enticing and alluring body and finally came to a halt at her Pûssý lips.

He wondered if to bring up the topic at such moment. It seemed really romantic, and he didn’t wanted to spoil the ambience “but what other moment could be better than now?” he caught himself asking. Judging from her breathing and at the occasional twigling of her body, it seemed she was enjoying every bit of it.
Her Unclad body pressed against his seemed very Erötîc, He certainly wished the beautiful moment could just continue.

“Jola!” he called after much mooting but before she could put off the facade of just waking up, several thoughts ran accross his mind.

Why was he even doing this? It wasn’t like he had ever bothered about issues like that in his previous relationships.

“Hm mm,” Jolade prompted him out of his thoughts and smiled seemingly wearily at him, “whats up?”
“Hum, nothing!”
he said after a lot of calculations and when he saw her ‘You’re unbelievable’ stare with her mouth dangling downward, he quickly added, “Just wanted to see your beautiful face,” and placed a kiss on her lips.

“Well, thanks,” Jolade replied and she appeared surprised when she realized it was past seven already, “You can take a shower, I’ll prepare breakfast,” she broke the kiss before putting on a creamy night gown that stopped just above her Knees and wiggled away. Ofcourse, Paul knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath and it only succeeded in making him harder.

Once Jolade was out of the room, His thoughts returned almost immediately. He wondered what was amiss, he definitely knew He wasn’t striving just for Peace to reign. It seemed like he had an ulterior motive which wasn’t clear to him either.
He just hoped he would be able to control hisself.
He was now seeking for self control, he was no longer trying futilely to push the thought out of his mind. He knew very firmly, that though gradually, He was definitely falling for Anabelle; Jolade’s twin slutty sister.

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