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Anabelle thought about the issue for the umpteeth time but just couldn’t bring up a reasonable theory behind everything. She just couldn’t fanthom what went amiss between her and her half. They never held any fracas, to warrant such a situation or maybe, so she thought. Jolade had packed out some couple of months ago but she had at first, seen nothing wrong in it, afterall, Jolade wasn’t a kid neither was she. She had thought that finally, Jolade was ready to move out of her cage, her self imposed cage that had always made her the object of various mean tricks.

However, contrary to what she thought, Jolade had grew withdrawn the more. She had been keeping to herself like a loner and had been avoiding her calls, maybe deliberately or not.

She had literally metamorphised into something worse than what she first was. She couldn’t figure what could have caused the sudden aggression from a sister out, not just a sister but a blood sister. She couldn’t notwithstanding how she endeavoured, not until yesterday.

Carefree Anabelle, on being literally air-like yesterday, decided to visit Jolade’s abode, probably to sort things out between sisters and bring back the good old days. She had got there by Twelve noon only to meet her front door shut and pursed. “She must have gone to church!” she had thought and had remained in her mini car outside, awaiting her arrival.

After almost using an hour futilely, she beheld Jolade in an approaching Car with a man whom she presumed was the Mr. Right. The cute man alighted the car first and had opened the door for Jolade’s exit, when he saw her through the wounded down section of her Car.

“Anablle, right?” the man exclaimed and she went numb. He was cute, tall and goodlooking as she had loved them. He seemed caring enough and intelligent but she knew he was way off bounds but still, risked flirting lightly with him.

“Ye…..,” she had alighted also and had opened her mouth to answer when Jolade’s voice caught her, “your crazy, Anabelle?”.

She at first never understood what Jolade meant and gazed wide eyed at her when she heard her repeat it, “You’re certainly crazy! Now leave”, “leave now Sluut,” she heard her continue. “Leave! You have Mark, okay? Now, leave!”

Abashed but not angry, she had got back in her car and drove home as fast as she could.

After gulping down a bottle of her favorite wine, she had visited their parents to narrate what she went through in her half’s hand and co-incidentally, Ahmad was there.

“Jolade did that?” her mom yelled after listening to her, “Get me my phone Hakeem!” her mother had ordered and had proceeded to call and verbally lashed Jolade severely over the phone. Anabelle thought she heard her crying. She had cheered up again and had forgotten what ever it was that happened.

Her heart was too fragile to hold grudges and beside, Hakeem had told her she looked her best when smiling.

She had count it off but now, here she was.

Somehow, she had found herself going over everything. She never felt there was the need for her half to be angered over Mark’s issue, that was something too little to take notice of.

Mark was her illegal boy friend back in secondary school and at their age then, they’d already done what adults always did, and girl, could he do it! They had lost contact after graduation when Mark’s dad had shipped him away but as fate had played out to be, she had stumbled upon Mark on a day Mark and her half had planned a date.
Ofcourse, there was no way she would have gone ahead had she known about it earlier but Jolade was pretty secretive, she never told her about her union with Mark, so, when she met him, she never saw the wrong in having things with Him that same day. To cut everything right, she did it with him that day and they got busted by Jolade.

Not seeing Jolade’s card, she never knew anything was wrong there and had even laughed it off. She had even fantasized having a threesome with her half. Days later, Jolade had ranted out everything and though not seeing herself wrong, she had apologized to her just to get things right and Jolade had seemed like things were okay, she never knew She took things this far.

“Grr grrr grrr grr,” Jolade heard her phone rang out from the Living room and she quickly wiped the tiny particles of raw capricots that seemed stuck gleefully to her Hands and ran to the Living room to receive the incoming call.
When she picked up the phone from the Glossy Table it la!d on, the caller identity read ‘Paul’ which prompted a sigh escape her lips before using the connect button.

“Hello,” Paul’s baritone voice reached her ear buds and she quivered.

“Hi Paul,” she replied, desperately straining to conceal her nervousness.

“How’re you doing?” Paul inquired.

She thought about what to say but she thought she was doing nice, afterall, she was preparing a supposed Dinner of vegetables and Semolina, “so, I’m cool!” she shrugged to herself, “Nice, you?” she replied.

“Nice too,” she heard voice somewhat awkwardly as it always sounded whenever he was lost at what to say. “So, sort things out with Anabelle yet?” paul confirmed her observation in a croaky voice and she felt queasy, it seemed like the mere mention of her half brought her bad luck.

“Hum Paul, I can’t! I just can’t! She’s evil, can’t you see that?”

“What? You mean you never bothered to after my instructions?”
she thought she heard Paul screamed.

“Paul, I can’t!” she yelled exasperatedly before proceeding, “Imagine the other day, she was flirting with you despite my presence, you call that something decent?” she seemed mellowingly and she felt she heard Paul’s heart thumped, they were both aware of what Anabelle’s brief visit had created.

“No Jolly!” she heard Paul’s voice after some minutes which she considered those of mooting and then, the voice continued, “she’s your sis, agreed. She betrayed you, agreed. But you found me, didn’t you? Honestly, I can’t get married to a lady whose family are an eyesore for. Honestly!” poaul dragged.

Jolade’s heart thumped violently. Blood flowed repulsively through her body and she felt a powerful wave of renewed hatred surged through her body. That Sluut made her this, now she’s about to lose Paul too?

“No!” she yelled uncounsciously and Paul overheard, “Okay then,” she heard him sighed.

“Wait Paul, wait! Can we meet tonight?”

“Hmm, I’l be there soon, just keep the door open.”
Paul agreed, “Bye,” he muttered.

Jolade sighed wearily and frustratedly. She felt a bone of her’s itching up in regret of why Anabelle was her half. She blamed herself for acting on a stupid impulse when she showed Paul the only picture she and Anabelle still shared.

She wished she would just go back in time and make a reversive turn to everything.

She remembered his reaction some couple months ago when he got angry. Although he was caring, nice and all, he definitely was a man of his words. She wondered if he meant his take on families. He was definitely joking.

Paul groaned in confusion. He felt like an abandoned and lone hunter. He couldn’t decipher the new feeling that had been surging through his blood since he met Anabelle in person.
Truly, when he saw her picture, she looked beautiful but behelding her yesterday, it had created a feeling he couldn’t totally understand.
The feeling was awkward, really awkward. It was familiar, yet strange to his body, notwithstanding, it was exciting and intoxicating. He sighed and his forehead etched up in confusion. He got up and trudged to the toilet, he needed to dress up.

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