Must Read : Quality of love - Season 1 - Episode 7

3 years ago

At d!ckson parent house Joy were in sad mood saying.

There are just some days which everything
Will seems wrong, and nothing feels rights,
And it is today. Despite all love I have for
KAY he later dropped me out
if KAY divorce Me because of another person else outside

it Should not have pain me than snatching my
Brother’s wife before their early marriage
The crazy thing people always say is divorce is like hearth brake
But for me it feels like other part of my body is Broken too.

She Cried! Cried!! Cried!!!

While KAY and bright were keep moving, they Feels save from the police patrol team but unfortunately police car appear behind them unawarely. KAY as a driver move speed and police car were running after them inclusively.

Suddenly, kay departed from the road and enters one field, as he was driving for safety he saw one balloon in front with its rope stair below.

KAY broked the bag glass of the car and asked bright to jump over inorder to climb the balloon through the rope stair.

Bright jump as he said and she climb up the balloon while KAY turn back, he also leave the stearing and hold the rope stair, climb up.

The car was going ordinary without anyone inside and parks away the police car which resulted into fire.

As soon as KAY joined bright in the balloon, he met the driver and a woman. They were happy, and the balloon moves on it trip. d!ckson was very angry when he heard the victim and started shaming the police for not capable of catching ordinary two person.

Some minute to balloon’s stop over point, bright and KAY jump into one ocean below them because they think it may possible that the police will have lay hand bush for them in the balloon’s stopover point.

After quitted their journey and jump over the ocean, they find their way out and all their dresses were getting wetted. They off their clothes for drying and bright drawn kay hand, hug him and say.

I have gold some days passed
I have silver some years back
But I loss everything today because of you my Love

I only see you in limited before
But now that we are here
I think I will always see you every minute


I am entirely yours bright, that if I might have all
The world given to me, I could not be happy but
Only in your love. I LOVE YOU TOO.

After drying their clothes, they dressed up and lunch to a small hotel around the area. Bright went for bath and KAY were in the room shining her shoes.

After bright finish bathing she said.

Kay my love
Look into my eyes ball
Police are on the way
To arrest you for stoling my heart
Hijacking my Feelings and driving me crazy
See you in court.

She laughed.

O my dear!

You are scaring me but if that should be
I will let the judges aline that your smile
Creates the sun, your eyes sparkle,
Your voice is my play list and your hearth is
Forever in my soul, you are my inspiration
There is no hesitation you’re everything to me
You make my days beautiful and
My night feels wonderful I LOVE YOU
And am ready to bare any section that made upon we then.

He laughed.

KAY close to her and they started romancing, Kissing each other as these act were continue Suddenly, the police arrived and both of them are scarring every rooms, bright and KAY jumped down through the window and that is when KAY saw a bike.

They both climbed up and KAY drove fast and police car were behind them pursuing. With all couple efforts to strive for safety, they cannot make it and all their efforts were later proved abortive when the machine is not more moving.
KAY as the drive tried to restart the machine but it seems there is no more fuel in it.

KAY drove close to a long vehicle beside him and ask bright to climb up while he was pushing her inorder to climb up before the machine will totally stop. As bright hold the steel of the car to climb up the police man shoot her hand and she relaxed. She want to drop down but KAY supported her and she later make it.

KAY also climbed up and there are cars par ked inside the long vehicle. Kay make use of these opportunity to tackle the policeman, and he started jacked down those cars in order.

As he was jacking down those cars, cars were blocking police ways and it resulted to accidents. KAY and bright enter the last car and drove it away.

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