Must Read : Quality of love - Season 1 - Episode 9

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Flash back where the man was resting. He woked up after all remembrance and he realize the noises of cars around. He was very scared, he stood up, collected his phone from the repairer and he find his way out. As the cars parked down, it was d!ckson and his followers again. They enter the building and carry the man repairer outside asking where the man from him. The man was at corner looking them. He just left now, the man replied.

d!ckson was very angry and he eventually slap the man and they left. After they left, the man fall out from the corner and jumped into the forest.

Overnight, the man made a visit to one canteen near PLAZA He made call to one among d!ckson guards which he seems there are friendship status in his blood.

When the man picked up the call, he cannot speak louder because d!ckson his boss was with him.

The man said,

Hello James
Am KAY please I wanna see you at
Canteen around 9:00pm please I will
Be waiting for you, bye.

James replied okay I will come.

Before 9:00pm, the man were already in the canteen waiting for James.

When James arrived, He met him crying.

He was confused, eventually he said
James! James!! James!!!

I know I did wrong, I know my bad deeds
But don’t let us step on that please I want
A favour from you, that you should please tell me
Where bright, is he cried.

d!ckson warned you in earlier he warned you
Both in-door and out-door you dispose all his
Says now see your self. though am less concerns
But I need to fix out your bad deeds.

James never complete his words suddenly d!ckson call entered. James was very scared because he think may be d!ckson have seen him.
he picked it and d!ckson said.

Where are you, am expecting you now

Okay sir
He replied
James replied.

He stood up, saying good bye and he went out.
some minute after, it was rain.

The man move out from the canteen, suddenly he saw cars infront with the light blinking emergencies.

He stopped and d!ckson with his followers get down from the car except James (the driver).
d!ckson moves closer and pointed a gun on him.

Suddenly James start up the car and hit d!ckson at leg absolutely, James open the door for KAY which they ran away.

When d!ckson stand up, he was very angry and get back into the car pursing them. with all James effort to strive safety, everything were proved abortive.

d!ckson shoot James from the car and he cannot drive any more which he later parked down. The man look him and James gave him weapon he said.


I cant make it again am very sorry your
Bright is at blue ocean and he died.

d!ckson and his followers get down from their cars walking toward the man. The man eventually carry the weapon and shoot all of them to death.

He was very tired and he tried to move closer to the car but suddenly Joy shoot him from the back.
He looked back and he dropped the gun, enter the car and moves on.

Joy was very sad and she started crying for a pair of sadness that made visitation to her at a time Firstly, d!ckson death Secondly, the loss of KAY

The man get to the blue ocean, look around and he did not see any traces in the river. He stand in the ocean tips and jump down.

In the down side of the river he imagine that bright move towards him and said. KAY, I LOVE YOU.

He was very happy and event wally he died.

The following day, early in the morning. The navy agents saw their corpse on top of the river. It was so sad, they buried them at the same place and they name the area a COUPLE GRAVE.

THE END………….

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