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The victim was says out in the news and also appeared in all other medias. KAY and bright parked down at one forest, he carry bright down and looking for a way of removing the bullet from her hand. Bright hold her hand, crying while KAY also was crying too, KAY went to a medicine store around and get some drugs for her. Bright have removed the bullet before KAY returned back.
When he came back, he met bright sleeping and slept beside her.

Early in the morning, bright wake up and started weeping, KAY as a man started petting her to please stop crying that she will be alright, After some times, he think of one of his friend called Joel, he ask him to come when he called him.

As Joel arrived, KAY ask him to please carry bright to the hospital and he decided to go and confess.

KAY ask bright to follow Joel and told her that he want gonna confess. A minute after bright suddenly come to KAY and slapped him SAY!
O Kay love
Why do you ask me to leave?
did I said am not Going to be okay?
Or did I told you that am tired Of this issue?
My love for you is unlimited but
Why will you just leave me I don’t care of anything even I were to die
I don’t mind, all I want is just to be in your love and
She is crying.

KAY said
Bright Honey!!!

Am very sorry I don’t just want you
To go to hospital but am scaring that
The thing is worrying you. Am very
Sorry for such habbit I love you too.
KAY hug her,

The following day, KAY, bright, Joel plan to cheat d!ckson and KAY call d!ckson
On mobile phone that he should bring &5,000b as ransom to Galaxy hotel in 8:00am and he promise d!ckson that he will release bright for him.

Early at 8:00am, d!ckson hold the brief case containing &5,00b to Galaxy hotel to fufil the agreement. as he enter the hotel, he couldn’t find anybody but KAY were in one corner hanging around. As soon as he saw d!ckson he move closer and snatch the brief case from his hand, point a gun on his head and said.

d!ckson! d!ckson!! d!ckson!!!

I want you to give me bright totally
I love her so much please don’t disturb
Us again, never send us police nor tracing
Our foot path let leave in happy life find
Another wife d!ckson please!!! d!ckson
And d!ckson said I have give you totally.

He point down the gun, join his friend Joel at the door and enter the car which Bright drove it fastly on, d!ckson after they escape, all of them were in money and they fix a day for their wedding ceremony.
KAY said

Bright my love it is time to have you
Legally in my midst it is time to appreciate
All your endeavors and to fufill my promise
Have made upon you, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
KAY dear thank you so much though, I love
d!ckson all because of money but I love you KAY
Form the bottom of my heart despite all difficulties

In our path we shall succeed.

They went to one car dealer and both of them bought a car and they bought one latest car for their wedding occasions and they went to the village where Bright were brought up.

As they arrived, everywhere seems strange to Kay and Joel, Bright as the citizen lead them and started greeting people. She introduced her neighours and relative to them and they were wine and dine together .

On the wedding day, Kay were in white suit and Bright were also in white with a veil in her head. Everybody were happy, dancing and rejoicing all over.

Infront of the clergy man, Kay and Bright exchange the rings and got into deep kiss, there were dance all over the church and everybody were happy. As soon as the programme end, couple of the day went to a building and started playing, Joel were at the entrance beside the car.
Suddenly, there were arrived of 3 jeep as they parked down it was d!ckson and his guards, unfortunately Joel was shoot to death and the couple was inside the building scaring. d!ckson and His guards were raining bullets all over the entrance

d!ckson as a leader enter the building and started looking for them with a pistle gun in his hand, Kay and Bright pass out through backyard when they realized enemy were all hang aside of the main entrance.

They ran to the car at the back yard and d!ckson shoot KAY at back.

Bright look into his face and started crying she enter the car and pull KAY inside and move fast.

As the bright left, d!ckson and his followers also get into their cars and started pursuing them. As bright were trying to escape all the cars were moving closer towards her. Eventually, bright misway them and turn down back in front of one lorry.

She quickly carry KAY inside one train and close the door on him she open it back and say KAY I LOVE YOU, bye.

As soon as she enter the car back, she saw those cars behind again.

If she is going straight those cars will be scratching and double crossing her.

If she turns, they will turns towards her.

After all stress, she later cross to a street of ocean called and (Blue ocean) and parked, she outlet her phone and send message to KAY that.

Baby let me sacrifice myself upon this
Issue I want gonna die please forget me
I love you, bye.

As she parked down, d!ckson and his guards also park and watch her next reaction. She start up the car back, raise it, apply gear and jump into the Blue ocean. d!ckson and his followers get down, look inside the water and they heard no water traces and notice. they move back, get into the car and they left.

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