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Anabelle la!d still on her bed and drew the flower adorned Bed spread over her body as the chilly breeze made contact with her brown creamy radiating skin. She gazed around the room. Its’ ambience was chilly and looked rowdy. Several non paramount things littered the room’s floor and her brain recalled the last night’s events.
She never knew she could Pour in such voluminous quantity till yesternight. She m0aned as her tender fingers probed magically, the sensitive entrance of her pinky meat flap and she inhaled the raw smell of gush on her fingers.

Her eyes fell on the croaking clock on her cosmetics sets, it was twenty past ten already, and the Sun was still cremated under the spine freezing clouds. She couldn’t believe she had slept that far. She must have had it pretty much then.

Acting on impulse, She decided to defy the chilly ambience and she flung aside the bed spread over her, stood up and walked enticingly to the little unit adjoining her room that served as her Toilet and as if in conjurement, the chilly breeze came to an indefinite halt. She stared admiringly at her huge perky chesticles through the mirror fixed on the westhern tiled wall of her mirror and she cupped them as would someone offering goods.

A pinky drooled flesh that poked out of her thighs drew her attention and she rubbed alluringly over it while she pinched her tits, trying to force an orgasm.

“Grrr grrrr grrrr,” her phone rang out from her room and she hissed, “who could that be?,” she thought and had no choice but settle for a below the par orgasm.

“Oh Ralph, you’re a spoilsports!” She lamented in a muffled voice as she accepted the call.

“Hmm, naughty girl! What’re you up to?” Ralph queried lustfully.

“Nosy dude! Anyway, I’m somhow feeling seriously turned on and could use an helping hand, you think?” She teased.

“I think? Ofcourse Girl, I’d be there before you envisage it,” Ralph declared and disconnected the call quickly before she alters her mind, she was a total psyc. No one could ever predict her.

“Oh Jeez!” Anabelle sighed, “guess I’ll need to keep myself entertain first,” She said and walked to her store, undid a pursed carton and grabbed a pair of Vibrators.

Anabelle was the other half of Jolade. She was tall, straight, intelligent, lively, encouraging and cheerful, a rule breaker and a psyc freak. She’d always go for what she felt she needed without damning who would be on the receivimg end.

No other twin had been so antonymous.

Jolade; reserved, gentle, serious minded, highly righteous, but even, she had the most strong-willed heart any lady could possibly have.

Anabelle, orignally christened Jayeola; sharp, creative, pretty psyc, bold, care free, very likeable and lovable, always willing to take a dare, entertaining, but possibly the best a lady could be, she hadn’t a heart to keep grudges nor hatred.
Her actions had always been on impulse, sheer impulse.

Jolade drove under the seemingly steaming heat of the aftrnoon through Afromedia slowly and lacklustrely. Work hadn’t been okay. She just couldn’t bring herself to normality. She just couldn’t get her mind off straying onto Anabelle’s issue. The almost impeccable reputation she had built for herself ever since she started working there A year and half ago almost got shattered and soiled today. Her boss had given her a document to work on quickly as she was one of the most trusted hands available but to even her surprise and dismay, she miscalculated and almost cost the company millions of fortunes.

Her boss was also surprised and showed concern, So he held a one on one pivotal meeting with her, probably to ease the tension. He knew he couldn’t relief her of her duties.

She remembered his words distinctly as each had strongheadedly stuck to her Brain as if they were stickered there.

“Jolade, whats’ wrong?” Her boss, Mr. Onasanya had started.

“Nothing sir, I just got a little bit tired and apprehensive, guess the weekend must have worn me out,” she had countered and stared as would a newbie, around the brown colored walls of her boss’s office and the few essential pieces of furniture lying around lazily.

“No Jolade! We’ve been together for long now, you remember? This is definitely not the lady I have always known, c’mon, spill the ice. Is it a family issue or ….?” he persisted.

“None sir, I’m okay!” she ascertained and let out a dry smile that didn’d even seem convincing to her.

“Okay but I guess you’ll need to recuperate, so the company gives you a Two week leave feom tommorrow but, when you’l be back, we need the real Jolade Kingsley,” her boss granted.

“Thanks sir,” she gratitised.

“You’re welcome. Now, you can leave!” her boss dismissed.

She had stood up and walked out under a seemingly feigning effect and smiled again but inwardly, she was far from normal. Her heart had been thumping in her chest since the commencement of the meeting and she even wondered how her Boss hadn’t hear the sound.

Jolade and her Boss had been close associates right from her University days. He was an elder brother to her close friend and had always act same towards Jolade. He had always played the role of an elder brother she felt she lacked emotionally and had grew into a woman, with a mind frame of having a qualitative Elder brother.
And surprisingly, he had never approached her with ominous intentions, rather, always as an elder Bro.

“Pum pum pum pum!” a rowdy young driver’s continous and seemingly unrelentless horn Honking jolted Jolade out of her one sided thoughts and her heart screamed hyrestically when it seemed an incoming raging vehicle would ram its’ alloy head into hers’ but got relieved when she noticed it wasn’t out of control, it was just one of the rampant seemingly animalistic motorist toying about.

“But what if it had been real?” Jolade thought she heard a voice peeled in her head. “No! Never!” she whispered furiously.

She stepped on her accelarator and drove home in a sad state of mind with the little ounce of carefulness and composure her feeble mind could muster. Once home, Jolade couldn’t help than slump on the silky coach in her sitting room in her dirgy mode. Several piercing thoughts stabbed through her injured frail mind, “why in hell would Her parents and family find Jayeola more appealing than her? Don’t they see she’s evil? A devil? A back stabber? A this, a that?”

Growing up hadn’t been different either. Jayeola had always been the toast of everyone, even her boyfriends. But it wasn’t of much concern to her anyway, thanks to God they were identical halves.
She wouldn’t want anything to do with such person either ways. She tried sleeping but sleep abated her. It had always abated her since the past previous weeks. She even wondered if her parents were blind to her numerous atrocities, even Hakeem! Before she fell asleep, an issue that occured the day before lingered heavily on her mind.

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