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I can be his teacher

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Lan Xuanyu smiled widely when he turned his head and saw that it was her. “Silver-hair Auntie, it’s you again.”

Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng were surprised; Lan Xiao had already told Nan Cheng about meeting her previously.

Nan Cheng then asked, “Can we help you, Miss?”

Nana hesitated for a moment and replied, “My name is Nana and we’re really fated to be able to bump into each other again. I really like Xuanyu, could I, could I get to know all of you? Could I visit him next time?”

Lan Xiao and his wife looked at one another and Nan Cheng said, “Miss Nana, we’re not from Heaven Dou Planet actually, we live at Heaven Luo Planet and we’re here for vacation. So…”

“I can follow you guys to Heaven Luo Planet!” Nana blurted out.

“Ah?” Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng were stunned.

If the person before them was an ordinary person, they would suspect whether she had ill intentions but they have already seen Nana’s appearance that day and there wasn’t any girl that could compare to her — at least not anyone they know of.

A stunning beauty like her actually liking Lan Xuanyu to this extent, they had to hand it to her.

“Sorry, I am so rude.” Nana combed her long silver hair and smiled bitterly. “I’m not sure why but I felt a special connection with him the first time I saw him.”

Lan Xiao didn’t really know what to say as this was simply too abrupt. “Miss Nana, you might need to calm down a bit.”

Nana glanced at Lan Xuanyu and said, “I can actually be his teacher.”

That night, not only did she see it in her thoughts, she even felt the spirits fluctuating in this family of three.

“He is a Spirit Master, so am I and I should be able to teach him,” she added.

“And your spirit is?” Nan Cheng asked quizzically.

Nana looked at Lan Xuanyu and a subtle hint of light flashed past in her purple eyes. She then said in the next moment, “I know the ancient style of martial arts and my spirit is… a water element control type.”

“Such a coincidence?” Lan Xiao looked at her in disbelief.

All these seemed too much of a coincidence. The first time would be considered as one but meeting at the same time and having the same type of spirit really was too much. Also, she likes Xuanyu and wants to be his home tutor, but how did she know that they needed one?

Lan Xiao had always been an intelligent man, he could naturally put all these incidents together and they didn’t look like a coincidence at all! Hence, he immediately raised his guard as he looked at Nana.

“Sorry, but can we ask what you do for a living?” Lan Xiao asked seriously.

“Me? I am a teacher; I teach ancient martial arts at Heaven Dou Institute of Science and Technology.” Nana replied.

‘She’s already a teacher?’ Lan Xiao was surprised. At this moment, Nana had already taken off the Soul Guidance communication device off her wrist and handed it to him.

Each person had their own Soul Guidance communication device in the Federation, it was tied to their vital signs and nobody was allowed to use someone else’s private information. Handing her own Soul Guidance communication device to him showed how sincere and trusting she was. This kind of act was rare now that the Federation had placed high importance on a person’s privacy.

Under normal circumstances, Lan Xiao would not have taken the other party’s Soul Guidance communication device to pry for some private information but for his son, he took it and used his own Soul Guidance Communication Device to establish a connection wirelessly.

Nana’s Soul Guidance Communication Device was activated and he saw all the information regarding this lady.

Name: Nana, Age: 25 years old, Ancient martial arts teacher at the Federation Institute of Sciences Heaven Dou Branch, a tier-three job ranking.

The introduction was very simple and there wasn’t any complicated information or any history in it. According to what Lan Xiao knew, this should be set by Nana herself while blocking everything else which was normal for anyone. Every record in the Soul Guidance communication device had to be accurate and reliable since this was a serious matter to the Federation. It was very difficult to alter the information in the communication device and even if a genius could do that, it would be a crime that would have some serious punishment.

“You can take it back.” Lan Xiao handed the device back to Nana and with a stern voice, he said, “Miss Nana, we appreciate your love and validation of Xuanyu but I have to tell you that our family had already spent a large portion of our savings just by coming to Heaven Dou Planet for vacation. As a teacher from the Institute of Science and Technology, your fees must be quite high and I’m afraid we won’t be able to afford it. Moreover, if you came to Heaven Luo Planet with us, you would be giving up your job here. I won’t be able to bear this responsibility.”

He was very honest. His family could not afford to have a home tutor from Heaven Dou Planet indeed. They already could not bear the tuition fees and travel expenses, not to mention the compensation to her that was equivalent to what she was getting from the Academy of Sciences.

“I don’t need you to pay, I don’t want money, I just like this child a lot and I want to teach him. I will bear all the expenses that I would need so don’t worry.” Nana replied without hesitation.

“Ah?” Even Nan Cheng felt that something wasn’t right, this was too good to be true. She then knitted her brows and followed, “But Miss Nana…”

Nana seemed to understand something, she lowered her eyes and looked at Lan Xuanyu who was looking at her with his big eyes. “Sorry, I might have crossed the line but I really have no ill intentions. Also, I can prove that I have the ability to teach him and do not have any intention to cheat you guys.”

As she spoke, she walked over to the railing at the side of the corridor. Every corridor here was suspended in the air as the various levels in the mall overlapped with one another to form a unique pattern.

The railings were made of metalized glass and were about 1.9 meters high that was taller than most adults to avoid the danger of people falling over.

Nana walked to the side of the railings and looked outside of the protective cover.

Lan Xiao and his family followed her as well while thinking of what she wanted to prove.

Lan Xuanyu followed Nana’s line of sight and looked outside. It was empty, the mall had a huge empty space in the middle that was over 100 meters high and from where they were standing, it appears that they were also looking at a 100-meter drop.

On the first floor of the store is a huge fountain pool than spanned about 50 meters in diameter and every half an hour, a torrent of water would gush out from it. It was one of the most important landscapes in the mall and initially, Lan Xuanyu was quite excited to see the big fountain.

At this moment, there was no water spurting out from the fountain and the surface of the water was as smooth as a mirror. Looking at that fountain, Nana mumbled to herself, “I should be able to do something.”

As she spoke, she slowly lifted her hand and pressed on the glass protective cover in front of her.

In that moment, Lan Xiao’s family instinctively turned to look at her. They wondered about what she was doing and they were curious as to why they couldn’t feel Nana’s Spirit Power fluctuating.

Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng couldn’t feel it at all and just at this moment, Lan Xuanyu suddenly felt a slight warmth coming from his left arm. He instinctively took two steps toward Nana and he suddenly felt an intense desire to get close to her.

Nan Cheng thought that her son was merely curious so she quickly pulled him back and didn’t allow him to get close.

And at this very moment, there were sudden changes to the water in the fountain.

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