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Meeting Nana again

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Nan Cheng was about to pay for the bill and lowered her head for a glance, but Lan Xuanyu had disappeared from their sides.

Lan Xiao laughed, “It’s fine, he can’t run that far. Handle the bill, I’ll look for him.”

The advanced hypermarket was installed with a perfect monitoring system, thus, it was impossible for any family to lose a child. Lan Xiao believed that Lan Xuanyu was being naughty and merely ran off somewhere.

Indeed, Lan Xuanyu just wanted to have some fun. At the moment, he stood inside a Garage kit shop and gazed at the kits with a face full of desire.

Dragon Emperor Douluo’s golden garage kit had opened his interest in the detailed mold. ‘But Mom previously said that we can only have one. All of these are rather expensive.’

His eyes landed on another silver kit with a gigantic pair of wings expanding from its back. Its head that was full of silver hair fluttered in the air and it wielded a silvery-white spear along with its purple eyes and a cartoonish face.

“Little boy, do you like this?” The salesperson had noticed him earlier. Seeing how good looking he was and that there was not too much of a crowd, she came over to humor him.

Lan Xuanyu nodded his head. “Aunty, can this silver Dragon Emperor Douluo be cheaper?” When he bought the Dragon Emperor Douluo previously, he saw the silver dragon emperor Douluo as well but having been restricted to only choose one, he chose the Dragon Emperor Douluo. At that time, Nan Cheng had mentioned that the two were a pair; the Silver Dragon Emperor Douluo was the Dragon Emperor Douluo’s wife.

The salesperson laughed: “I can’t help you with that. This is the 30th limited edition one; the armor was made using uncommon metals and we do not have the power to cut the price!”

“Oh.” Lan Xuanyu pouted. “Thank you, Aunty. I will come back here in the future to buy it.”

Seeing his adorable expression, the salesperson giggled. “But you have to be quick, there are very few of these limited edition ones left. We only have one of it here.”

“Ah?” Lan Xuanyu became anxious, he had a deep liking for the kit.

“I’ll take it.” Right at this time, a sweet-sounding voice came up.

The salesperson stood up immediately and upon seeing the customer, her eyes lit up. “Woah, where did you buy your costume from? It looks so similar to the Silver Dragon Emperor Douluo.”

Upon hearing that someone was interested in the only remaining set in the store, Lan Xuanyu instantly panicked and turned.

But when he saw his ‘competitor’, he was stunned. She had silver hair, purple eyes, and the same black mask.

“Aunty, it’s you.”

Nana looked at him with her gentle eyes before she knelt down and raised her hand. After some slight hesitation, she was no longer able to control herself as she caressed his adorable cheeks. “That’s right! Do you like this kit? Aunty will give it to you as a gift.”

“Ah! Ah? No, no. Mommy said that I cannot accept gifts from anyone,” Lan Xuanyu replied immediately.

Nana then smiled. “I’m touching your cheeks now, right? We can treat this as payment.”

Lan Xuanyu was startled, he was obviously unable to comprehend the transaction. The salesperson had already taken down the Silver Dragon Emperor Douluo armor kit and was in the midst of wrapping it up.

Seeing his creased eyebrows, Nana could not help but to calm him down by caressing his glabella: “It isn’t good to frown, you look the best when you’re happy.”

“Aunty, can I really get it?” Lan Xuanyu asked in suspicion.

Nana giggled. “Of course you can. Aunty will bring you to find your daddy and mommy and convince them, alright?”

“Really?” Lan Xuanyu’s big eyes lit up immediately.

Nana did not understand why, but upon seeing his excited expression, a gush of emotions had risen from her heart and she had the impulse of buying the entire world for him.

“Of course.” Nana’s expression behind the mask was one of extreme tenderness.

Lan Xuanyu suddenly pulled her hand and placed it on his face. “Aunty, I’ll let you touch my face a few more times.”

“Haha, you cheeky little monster, to know how to sell your appeal at such a young age, you are really adorable.” The salesperson blurted out and giggled.

Nana suddenly turned her head and her purple pupils turned cold. She stared at the store owner and questioned, “What did you say?”

The quick-witted salesperson broke out in cold sweat. In that moment, she felt as though her entire body was enclosed in a block of ice and had turned into an ice statue. Unknowingly, she started trembling.

Lan Xuanyu was also taken aback. He pulled onto Nana’s hands. “Aunty, what’s wrong?”

Nana was startled for a moment and her expression quickly returned to normal as she spoke to the salesperson indifferently. “Please, do not speak of such unnecessary words.”

Intense palpitation pervaded through her entire body. The salesperson complied in panic, she lowered her head and focused on wrapping the kit.

“Xuanyu, why are you here? You made Daddy run around to look for you. Eh, it’s you!” Lan Xiao finally came over. After turning for a few rounds, he caught sight of the garage kit store and as expected, his son was inside.

But he did not expect to see Nana as well.

Nana’s unique appearance was easy to recognize. Naturally, it was not hard for him to remember her.

“Hello.” Nana nodded her head politely towards him.

Lan Xuanyu saw Lan Xiao and he immediately lowered his head as though admitting his mistake. “Daddy, Aunty wants to gift me the kit, can I take it?”

“Ah?” Lan Xiao looked at Nana in surprise.

Nana then said, “Your child and I are fated. Seeing that he likes it, I bought it for him. I hope that you can allow him to accept it.”

Lan Xiao immediately replied, “That’s not right! To come together by chance, how can we accept your kindness. What about this, I will pay for it and thank you for your kind thoughts instead.”

“Long live Daddy.” Lan Xuanyu jumped for joy eagerly.

Nana was about to say something, but seeing Lan Xuanyu’s excitement, she kept it in.

“Long live Aunty, too.” As though he sensed something, Lan Xuanyu smiled and pulled onto Nana’s sleeves.

Lan Xiao paid for the kit, he accepted the Silver Dragon Emperor Douluo’s Battle Armor kit and caressed his son’s head. “When we return, say that Daddy bought it for you, otherwise you’ll get a scolding from Mommy.”

“En, Daddy is the best.”

Lan Xiao had a look of helplessness. In fact, he and Nan Cheng were never able o endure his son’s begging. But little Xuanyu had been especially sensitive since he was young and rarely begged them for things.

“Bye-bye, Aunty.” Lan Xuanyu waved towards Nana reluctantly and followed Lan Xiao.

Nana stood in place as she looked at the backs of both father and son, with her hands still being able to feel the softness and the gentleness of Lan Xuanyu’s hands. Its indescribable feeling stayed in her throat for a very long time.

Was this a coincidence? Definitely not. In fact, she had sensed it the day Lan Xuanyu’s family arrived in Heaven Dou City and she could especially sense Lan Xuanyu’s location.

She could not control her emotions and unknowingly arrived here, only to appear before Lan Xuanyu once again.

‘I don’t want to leave him.’ That was the only thought in her mind.

Subconsciously, she stepped out and followed them from a distance until she saw Nan Cheng. Lan Xuanyu stood between Nan Cheng and Lan Xuanyu as the family of three continued to stroll in the hypermarket.

Seeing the kit in Lan Xiao’s hands, Nan Cheng gave some comments and even poked Lan Xuanyu on his forehead. Unknowingly, Nana had subconsciously clenched her fists from witnessing those actions. But her rationality got her to calm down because she saw Lan Xuanyu hugging onto Nan Cheng’s thighs as he attempted to act cute in front of his mother.

‘He is truly adorable!’

Furthermore, another emotion had appeared in her heart, could it be, envy? She struggled to take a deep breath and as though she finally decided on something, she quickly stepped forward.

“Please hold up,” she called out as she arrived behind Lan Xiao’s family.

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