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The nine dragons

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Ripples appeared on the surface of the calm water and it spun swiftly from the inside out, producing a vortex inside the giant pool within seconds.

The people who were walking into the mall noticed the changed and exclaimed in surprise as they stopped to watch.

In the next moment, that circling vortex slowly moved upward until it separated itself from the pool.

“Water tornado?” Nan Cheng blurted out. She was a controller of ice elements and was naturally quite familiar with the water elements too. Being able to form a water tornado from a hundred meters away was not something an ordinary rank 6 Spirit Emperor could do.

This meant that this young girl next to her must be above the rank of a Spirit Emperor.

Furthermore, that water tornado continued rising and in a split second, its highest point reached the level close to where they’re standing.

A silver light flashed in Nana’s eyes and the center of the water tornado kept splashing as a water dragon slowly emerged and actually soared upward with a cry.

As they were standing quite close, Lan Xiao and his family could see everything clearly. That water dragon didn’t only look like a dragon, it seemed very life-like; it had whiskers, claws, and scales. It was more than ten meters long, its eyes glistened as it circled around and caused a bit of chaos below.

But all of this was just the beginning. While everyone was in shock, the water vortex shrunk slightly and another water dragon appeared, followed by the third, and then the fourth…

All of the water in the fountain was used up when the ninth water dragon was formed and it flew around in the center of the mall, leaving only a gigantic water droplet that was five meters in diameter suspended in the middle of those beasts.

The nine water dragons were going around this hovering gigantic blue water droplet. It was a grand sight, there were people out looking through the railings of every storey and the staff in their shops ran out to look at it as well.

The customers were gasping in shock as they recorded it using their Soul Guidance communication devices. This was spectacular! They thought that it was a surprise planned by the mall.

And at this very moment, Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng were so stunned that they couldn’t close their mouths. ‘This… is this really done by Nana?’

‘If it was really done by her, then what level of control did she have over the water elements, huh?’

Nana turned and looked at Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng. “Is this good enough?”

Nan Cheng asked with an investigative tone. “You… are you a Titled Douluo?”

Nana was taken aback. “Titled Douluo? I think so.” She wasn’t sure herself and she had only begun learning things about this world recently. She roughly knew what a Titled Douluo was and subconsciously, she thought that she wasn’t one but she somehow felt a connection with this title. From Nan Cheng’s earnest gaze, she felt that she should admit to it and this would allow the other party to accept her.

“Titled Douluo!” Nan Cheng was so excited that her face reddened. She was already a rank six Spirit Emperor but she had not met a Titled Douluo yet and even with the advancement of the Soul Guidance technology, a Titled Douluo was still the most honorable people in the Federation.

Nana pointed with her right hand and the water droplet started to descend. The nine water dragons chased after it and when it finally landed in the water, it didn’t make a splash much less a sound as the water surface returned to its usual calmness. If not for witnessing the scene before that, nobody would have noticed that something happened here.

Lan Xiao’s cultivation wasn’t at Nan Cheng’s level yet so he couldn’t judge which level of cultivation could achieve this but the words ‘Titled Douluo” left a great impact on him.

Nana then said, “You should have a record of my number so you would be able to contact me. When are all of you returning to Heaven Luo Planet?”

“Tomorrow,” Nan Cheng replied instinctively.

Nana nodded and squatted, she rubbed Lan Xuanyu’s head gently and said, “See you tomorrow, then.”

Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng still felt like they were in a dream when Nana’s retreating figure was completely out of sight.

Titled Douluo? If the other party was really a Titled Douluo, then there was nothing to be suspicious about. Putting everything else aside, just the support given by the Federation was enough to put them at a level above the others and they have a generous remuneration. No wonder she wasn’t calculative with money. Could it be that she really had a connection with Lan Xuanyu?

Lan Xiao furrowed his brows and asked Nan Cheng. “Maybe she found out about something?”

Nan Cheng shook her head. “Let’s not overthink it. All of the detectors couldn’t even find anything, even as a Titled Douluo, how could she tell just by looking at him?”

“Daddy, Mommy, what are you guys talking about? Auntie Nana wants to be my teacher?” Lan Xuanyu looked at them with his big eyes.

Nan Cheng then said, “Do you like Auntie Nana?”

“Yes, yes, I do.” Lan Xuanyu kept nodding and was pleased as he looked at the Silver Dragon Emperor Douluo garage kit in his father’s hands.

“We’ll see how it goes. If I didn’t remember wrongly, there aren’t any available seats left for our return trip so I’m not sure how she’s going to come along. I do have her number but she doesn’t have ours and if she could find us, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to reject her.” Lan Xiao smiled bitterly.

It wasn’t an easy task trying to reject a Titled Douluo who picked you, especially when the other party had no ill intentions at all. Even on the surface, Nana really liked Lan Xuanyu that she didn’t even mind revealing her abilities in front of other people.

Their interest in shopping declined substantially. They simply walked around, listened to the exclamations of the customers who saw the nine dragons and went back to the hotel shortly.

The spacecraft waits for no one so early in the next morning, they packed their luggage and returned to the Heaven Dou Space Center once again to take the spacecraft and leave.

“Will Auntie Nana come along?” Lan Xuanyu looked around in the waiting room but he didn’t see Nana.

“Daddy isn’t sure either. Maybe we really have to depend on fate.” This was what Lan Xiao said but he didn’t really want to see her stunning figure to prove that fact.

Nan Cheng didn’t really mind. If a Titled Douluo really taught her son, it obviously wasn’t a bad thing. With regards to being jealous, honestly speaking, ever since she saw Nana’s looks, she didn’t have this sort of feeling at all. Firstly, because Lan Xiao will be leaving soon after returning home and secondly, she believed that with Nana’s appearance, she would not be interested in her husband. When her son grows up, he should have a slight chance of finding such a beautiful girlfriend.

They didn’t see Nana even after they boarded the same 7703 spacecraft that they took for their round-trip to the Heaven Dou Planet.

Lan Xuanyu was slightly upset and was still pouting when the spacecraft ignited and took off. He asked Lan Xiao to contact Nana but Lan Xiao rejected him and simply told him that they would meet if they were fated to but it’s like fate had not arrived just yet.

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