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Shrek’s Exclusive Area

TL : GoldenLung

After familiarizing a bit more with how the auction house is working, the four of them felt more confident. Together, their number of emblems amounted to quite a lot. Just the emblems obtained after exchanging their one million Douluo coins were enough for them to use for a while. Even Fatty got seven or eight yellow emblems.

Lan Xuanyu alone had more than twenty yellow emblems.

Walking into the auction room, they followed the people in front of them all the way in, and soon they entered a huge auditorium. The entire auditorium was semicircular, with a tall stage at the forefront, and the inside was separated into different areas. They quickly found the one for ​​Shrek Academy, right in the front, a row of about one hundred green colored seats.

Currently, 30 to 40% of the common area was already occupied, but there were not many people in Shrek Academy’s area.

The bidders saw them walking in wearing Shrek Academy’s uniform and couldn’t help but cast their eyes on them. However after seeing their age, their expressions calmed.

What Lan Xuanyu didn’t know was that there was an unwritten rule in this Shrek big auction house, that was, if people from Shrek Academy participated in the auction, they had to some extent priority. No matter what origins the other bidders were from, they would give Shrek Academy’s teachers and students a certain degree of leeway when it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Of course, under such a situation, each Shrek Academy teacher and student cannot win more than three lots.

When Lan Xuanyu and the others reach more senior years, the academy will actually tell them about that. They were just freshmen now, and none of the teachers would have thought that they would come to participate in the auction so early.

Walking into the ​​Shrek Academy area, the four people couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. This location was very good, in the very front at the middle, one could clearly see everything on the stage. This was a place that belonged to Shrek Academy, a glory that belonged to Shrek.

This was the first time they had realized how glorious it was to be a member of Shrek Academy. From the time they were eating until they came to the auction house, the school uniforms on their bodies made everyone unconsciously show consideration for them. This was Shrek!

The four of them chose the front place and sat down in the center. There was no one else anyway. The seats from this special area were very comfortable to sit on, soft and flexible. It was basically similar to leather sofas. Sitting on them, their waist and hips were well supported. Even if one sat for a long time, one would not easily get tired.

As the start of the auction got nearer. the light in the entire auction site began to dim. Except for the Shrek Academy’s exclusive area, the other areas were already overcrowded.

“Why are you here?” At this moment, a slightly familiar and somewhat surprised voice sounded, causing the four of them to look around.

Tang Yuge, who was also wearing a green school uniform, was looking at them with surprise.

Because of the weak light and the different location, they had only seen other students from Shrek Academy there before, but they had not noticed that it was her.

Towards Tang Yuge, the four of them had an extremely deep impression. This third-year senior sister had shown a strength that shocked them to the core during the battle in the Great Soul Arena. If it were not for Lan Xuanyu betting everything by dual buffing Yuanen Huihui in the end, causing Yuanen Huihui to transform, they would have almost certainly lost against her invincible Great Five Elements Divine Light sweeping.

This was still under the condition that Tang Yuge couldn’t employ her Battle Armor. Otherwise, they definitely had no chance at all.

That battle also made them fully aware of the gap between different grades. Yuanen Huihui, who was so talented, didn’t even stand a candle in front of Tang Yuge. The gap between them was unmeasurable.

Currently, the four of them felt a little embarrassed to see this senior again. They had obtained a large amount of Douluo coins from her, which allowed them to have the amount of Shrek emblems they had now. They had made great profits. Without that, they couldn’t even sit here and have the right to participate in the auction.

“Senior sister, we are here to participate in the auction too.” Lan Xuanyu said with a smile, with a look as harmless as a small animal.

Tang Yuge frowned and said, “Where is Yuanen Huihui? How is he now? I heard that he fell into a coma after the match. Is he awake now?”

Lan Xuanyu was stunned for a moment. He had thought of Tang Yuge’s various possible reactions, and most of these were not well-intentioned, and he did not expect that the first thing she asked about would be about Yuanen Huihui’s situation. Lan Xuanyu also vaguely saw a trace of worry in her eyes. Was she worried about Huihui? But wasn’t she supposed to be on bad terms with Huihui?

With some suspicions in his heart, Lan Xuanyu said, “He has already awakened and is training behind closed doors. After that time, his Martial Soul seemed to have undergone some changes, there should be no major problems.”

It was a secret that Yuanen Huihui’s Martial Soul had mutated, and he naturally wasn’t going to reveal it easily.

Hearing his words, Tang Yuge’s expression relaxed a little, she nodded without saying nothing, turned around and left. She did not mention at all the hundreds of thousands of Douluo coins before they had won from her.

“Quite magnanimous!” Qian Lei whispered in Lan Xuanyu’s ear.

Lan Xuanyu said, “It’s our senior sister after all! She seems to care about Huihui a little bit.”

At this moment, the light of the entire site suddenly became dimmed, and the slightly noisy conversations became quiet in an instant. A bright beam of light fell from the dome and fell on the stage in front. Before anyone noticed, there was already one more woman on the stage.

When the four Lan Xuanyu saw the woman standing on the stage, they were all shocked.

She was wearing a white long dress, with little decoration on her elegant dress, and her long hair curled up on top of her head, revealing her long neck. Her beautiful face was smiling, and her gestures and posture casual, unconsciously giving people a sense of closeness.

The most important thing was that they all know her, she was the counselor Ling Yiyi who participated in the entrance examination! They didn’t know whether she was a teacher or a student at the time.

When Lan Xuanyu saw her, his expression was particularly weird, and he noticed that Ling Yiyi had also noticed him, her eyes silently communicating with him.

Lan Xuanyu hurriedly smiled at her, showing his white teeth.

“Welcome everyone to the Shrek Great Auction House. The monthly large-scale auction welcomes and thanks the support of the bidders. Here, on behalf of the auction house, I would like to thank all the bidders for their love.” Ling Yiyi said with a smile on her face. She talked with grace and in a poised manner, all the while without losing that feeling of closeness, easily producing a good impression on people.

There was a thunderous applause in response from the bidders.

Ling Yiyi smiled and said: “I won’t waste everyone’s time anymore. Next, we will start today’s auction. Let me tell you in advance that we have lots of lots in numbers and kinds. There will naturally be many good stuff. So, please get your number plates ready.”

After hearing her talk about the number plate, Lan Xuanyu and the others remembered that they didn’t have one. They looked around and found it beside their seat. There was a number plate next to each seat in ​​Shrek Academy’s exclusive area with a number on it.

What a special treatment ! There was no need to register, nor did they need an assigned number plate. It wasn’t that much of a big deal if one thought about it, Shrek Academy had a small number of students, and it was too easy to recognize them, not to mention Shrek Academy being their voucher.

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