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Multicolored Tear

TL : GoldenLung

“First lot, ten hundred-year Tianluo fruits. As we all know, Tianluo fruit is one of the best Heaven and Earth treasures for prolonging one’s longevity. It has the function of eliminating waste and drug residues from the body, and purifying the blood. Hundred-year Tianluo fruits are hard to come by. Whether it is consumed by a soul master or an ordinary person, it has considerable benefits for the body, curing diseases and cleansing negative emotions. These ten Tianluo fruits are from the exclusive orchard of Shrek Academy and are top-notch quality. The starting price is 100,000 federal coins, each time increasing is by at least ten thousand.”

On the screen, ten resplendent green fruits were displayed, each one shining like a crystal. Under the light, they looked faintly transparent, as if there was a halo flowing inside, which made for a very strange sight.

Lan Xuanyu and the others looked blankly, Tianluo fruit ? They had never heard of it and didn’t know what it was. According to its introduction it seemed quite miraculous.

“You don’t even understand what kind of Heaven and Earth treasures are useful. What are you doing here ?” Tang Yuge’s voice came out unhurriedly, and Lan Xuanyu discovered that, since who knows when, she was already sitting next to them.

Lan Mengqin said defyingly : “You know?”

Tang Yuge said indifferently : “Of course I know. If you have free time, you can spend a white emblem in exchange for a book on Heaven and Earth treasures and study it hard.”

“Thank you.” Lan Xuanyu said sincerely. Tang Yuge’s suggestion was very useful. On Shrek Academy’s exchange list, most of the things he had seen, especially in the Heaven and Earth treasure category, he did not know what they were for. At best, he could guess that the energy contained in them seemed pretty great, but nothing more specific.Without knowing if it was suitable for him, he could not buy something that could assist in his cultivation.

After coming to Shrek Academy, Lan Xuanyu had for the first time truly tasted the benefits coming from external cultivation ressources. The training session in the Sea God Lake, the assistance from the black rank emblem, and the special meditation room in Shrek Academy’s dormitory, were all really helpful. After being here for only such a short period of time, he felt that the results of his cultivation were already better than everything he had done during the previous half year.

He still didn’t quite know what benefits these Heaven and Earth treasures would bring to his cultivation. The Tianluo fruits in front of him seemed not bad ! Regulating one’s body and removing impurities were undoubtedly beneficial to cultivation. It was really time to learn more about Heaven and Earth treasures. It was necessary for his future exchanges at the academy or auctions such as this one.

The auction had begun.

Standing on the stage, Ling Yiyi looked down at the spectators with a smile, constantly reporting numbers one after another, and they would then be displayed on the big screen.

“Okay, bidder number 398, 170,000. Bidder number 124, 180,000. From room 7 on the second floor, 190,000…”

In just a few moments, the price of the ten hundred-year Tianluo fruits surged to more than 300,000 federal coins. From this one could see that the starting price of Shrek’s Auction House was definitely not high.

Tang Yuge’s voice sounded again, “I’ll give you a suggestion. If you see something, take part in the auction immediately, don’t wait later. After we Shrek students participate in the auction, generally there will not be too many competitors.”

Lan Xuanyu was moved, “Thank you, senior sister.”

Tang Yuge glanced at him, and did not speak anymore.

In the end, ten Tianluo fruits were sold at the price of 390,000 federal coins. If measured by emblems, it was close to the price of two yellow emblems.

Without any delay, the auction of the second lot started immediately. Lan Xuanyu and the others had never heard of it. Its auction price was a little higher than the previous Tianluo fruit, and was quickly sold out.

Lots were sold one by one, and Lan Xuanyu’s group of four who was participating in the auction for the first time all felt dazzled, but it was also eye-opening for them, and they unconsciously became more and more excited.

When the seventh lot appeared, Tang Yuge intervened. After Ling Yiyi had just announced its starting price, she immediately raised the number plate in her hand.

Lan Xuanyu’s group of four then saw how great of an advantage Shrek Academy students held. As soon as her number plate was raised, the bidders behind, who were already going to raise their number plate, all stopped subconsciously.

Ling Yiyi smiled and said: “Shrek’s seat, number 36, 180,000, once.” Unlike with other bidders, she directly began the countdown and did not wait to see if there were other bidders. Right at the start of the auction, she shouted the number directly. It could be seen that this was already the norm here.

It was a pear-shaped fruit, only one, thousand-year grade. Its effect was to enhance one’s sensibility to life energy. Lan Xuanyu looked back at the bidders behind, and many people’s eyes looked very ardent. Obviously, this kind of treasure seemed very popular.

But for Lan Xuanyu, it was of little use. His affinity for life energy was already high enough. At his level he did not need any treasure to increase it, he was on the contrary troubled by digestion problems now.

“Twice, thrice, deal!”

Without any competition, Tang Yuge successfully won the lot she wanted.

All pairs of eyes from Lan Xuanyu’s group lit up, that felt quite great ! Getting what you want at the starting price, it was probably not more expensive than the academy’s exchange price, and might even be cheaper. No wonder Tang Yuge would choose to come here for exchanging.

Lan Xuanyu regretted his lack of knowledge. There were so many Heaven and Earth treasures, but most of them he did not know. This was a bit embarrassing. Good stuff, the price was right, but he didn’t know which one was really suitable for him. Although it was a good deal, it was still quite expensive and he couldn’t buy randomly. It seemed that he really had to catch up in this area after going back. Not only did he need to look up the information, he was also going to ask his teacher for advice and see what suggestions he had.

“Next, this lot is quite special.” The screen went dark, and Ling Yiyi walked to the center of the auction booth and said with a smile: “This lot is of unknown origin and function, and is quite fantastic, so we don’t have any specific introduction. I can only describe it simply. Everyone, please look at the screen.”

The screen lit up once again, and a tear-shaped gem was displayed. This gem was very beautiful, one could see that it exuded a faint multicolored halo, but it was hard to tell its size from the screen.

Inside the tear-shaped gem, one could faintly see the existence of a crystal inside emitting a dim multicolored halo.

If one looked at it more carefully, one could feel that the crystal itself seemed to be of nine colors : blue, red, yellow, cyan, gold, black, silver, green, and purple.

Among them, green and purple were in the center, and the other seven spread outward, which made for a very peculiar sight.

Ling Yiyi smiled and said: “Everyone has seen how beautiful this tear-shaped gem is. I believe that any woman would feel difficult to resist the temptation. Moreover, it is very peculiar : no matter what part of the body, it would produce on its own a thin lace and entwine itself. No matter how many tests we did, the source of this thin lace is still unknown.”

“What’s more peculiar is that this gem does not have any energy fluctuations. At least with our current technology, it is impossible to detect any traces of that. It looks like just a beautiful gem. Only, from its dazzling appearance it should not be so ordinary. Therefore, we have decided to call it the mysterious nine-colored gem. Even if only used for decoration, it is very beautiful, not to mention, you might discover something surprising.”

“It comes from the extreme north of our Mother planet. It was discovered by an expedition team buried in the ice and snow. It is impossible to detect for how many years it has been there, it has no energy. To guarantee the veracity of that information, we can tell you that it has been tested by top federal research institutes, and the results are still the same as what I said before. Therefore, I think it is most suitable as a collection item. Because of its peculiarity, we will first show you the actual item first, and then start the bidding.”

While she was talking, a small cart had been pushed out. A girl in a long skirt pushed the cart to the center of the auction stage. There was a displaying counter on the cart, covered by a red cloth.

At the moment the cart was pushed out, Lan Xuanyu’s body, who was originally just curiously looking at the colorful gems on the screen, suddenly shuddered.

Everyone else was still watching the stage, and no one noticed his changes.

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu’s face flushed fiercely, and he was having difficulty breathing. He only felt that his heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and the originally stable gold and silver vortex suddenly became frantic and was rapidly spinning. An unprecedented thirst appeared in his heart, and there seemed to be voices from inside calling out, expressing an unparalleled thirst.

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