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Last night was crazy and I meant really crazy. I have my mind made up. By the end of the week I’m leaving and I’m never coming back.

I hated to say this but being such a sex toy in the hands of these girls killed me.

Last night, they showed me no Mercy. Too much riding throughout the night left me with little or no energy to go about my daily activities.

I’ve had enough. By the end of the week I’m leaving and no one’s goin to stop me.

As I chopped the log of firewood I was assigned that morning, I fell down to the ground and slept off. Unknown to me, my trousers zip was wide opened and visible to anyone passing by.

Then Cassandra came along.

She stopped by and stared at where I laid. Her eyes went to the firewood, then back to me, then finally settled on my exposed cassava?.

She stared longingly at it for a long time and when she couldn’t stand it anymore, she moved to me and tapped me up from my sleep.

I got up with a start as I saw her and looking down, I zipped up my trousers.

She didn’t say anything. She gestured for me to follow her and I followed her, curious about why she called me.

My anxiety grew the more when she led me to her room upstairs and gave me a broom and dustpan.

” I’m going to take my bath,” she made me understand. ” The room is a little dirty. I want you to clean it up.”

I nodded and she left for the bathroom in the other room. I didn’t move from where I stood until I heard the shower running. I began to imagine how she’d look like naked.

Turning away, I began cleaning up. I looked below the bed. The dildos had all disappeared. Even the book was no where to be found. It seemed as if I hadn’t stepped foot here before.

Because I was anxious to get out of here, I rushed my cleanings and proceeded to the door.

When I pulled at the handle, I received a shock.


That b*tch.

She locked the both of us in the room. What in God’s name is going on around here?

Someone called me from the bathroom. It was Cassandra. She was telling me to bring her towel to the bathroom.

I became scared and I couldn’t tell why.

This woman is a devil.

I grabbed the towel and with my eyes closed, I marched into the bathroom. She stretched forth her hand and collected it. Then I did a little peep. I saw her back turned against me as she wrapped her towel around her.

I was blown away. She had the most mouthwatering waist I’ve ever seen and a larger hip not to talk of her round big bumbum.

I instantly looked away. What was this woman up to?

She walked back into the bedroom and went towards the wardrobe.

I moved to the door and thought of how best to tell her I’m done with the cleaning and needed the door opened.

Cassandra then did something more shocking. She let go of her towel and it fell to the ground. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

Ever heard of Nicki Minaj? Then you’ll get the total picture of what I’m talking about. She had her figure. Especially the large bum bum.

She put on her transparent night gown and called me over. She didnt even wear a bra or under wear.

Like a fool I went to her and she gave me a body oil. She wanted a body massage and would I be able to help her?

I swear, hell would be waiting for me if I died tonight.

She laid back face flat on the king-size bed and I gently took off her night gown. I spill some oil on her back and began massaging it. I wasn’t good at body massage because I’d never done it before since I was born but Cassandra seemed to love it.

I avioded her armpits area and her laps and buttocks. I only concentrated on her back. But it wasn’t enough. She guided my hands to her buttocks then to her laps and finally to her chest.

I was straining with pains. My chairman between my legs was aching with pains from the stress of last night with the girls. I couldn’t bring myself to sleep with this lady no matter how strong her sexual urge was.

I was far more weaker between my legs to do anything. I needed a break and a three months break for that matter.

With Time, Cassandra began moaning as my hands were now rubbing her pssy. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as I pulled my longest finger into the walls of her pssy.

Well, if I can’t sleep with her, then I’ll finger her.

But Cassandra wanted more than that. And believe me but I wasn’t ready to give her that. I needed a miracle to get out of here and fast.

Just then, someone knocked outside the door.

Cassandra opened the door halfway and glared at the old lady who’d come to deliver her meal.

” I’m sorry, your grace for disturbing you,” the old lady apologized.

” I was praying. You interrupted me,” Cassandra barked at her.

They were still talking when I sneaked to the window and studied the landing. It wasn’t much of a height. And so while Cassandra talked with the old lady, I jumped out of the window and escaped.

I prayed for a miracle. Thank God for the miracle.

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