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Now I was drowned with a lot of commotion. Mary and Sandra shared me with the other girls. I was getting weaker and weaker by the day but the girls didn’t seemed to care.

All they were concerned about was getting their satisfaction. I was now in two minds wether to leave the Covent or to stay.

On a good Saturday afternoon I was cleaning the girls rooms as usual when I noticed something strange and curious.

There was a door that stood wide opened accidentally. I was curious because that was the only room I hadn’t cleaned since I began this cleaning job. I went into the room and peeked in. It wasn’t a room but a staircase leading up to another room high up the stairs. I was curious so I went in with my broom and dustpan.

Climbing each stair brought out excitement in me that I’d never felt before.

I stopped in front of the door and knocked.

No answer.

I looked behind me. I was all alone. Everyone else had gone for prayers.

Putting a little pressure on the door, I felt it moved. I stepped into a big room, much bigger than the other girls rooms. It had everything to make you comfortable although there wasn’t a fridge or television but it was homey and nice.

The bed in the middle of the room surprised me.

King sized bed with satin covers and fluffy pink pillows. If I’m not mistaking, only one person in this Covent owns this room.

That would be Cassandra.

Holy sh*t. I had to get out of here fast.

Then my broom fell down on the floor. As I bent to pick it up, I stopped and stared below the bed.

What I saw sent spider legs crawling up my spine.


Big fat dildos. Some were black, some were pink, some were red and they all come in different shapes and sizes.

To be honest, I was shocked to my bone marrow.

What were these sex toys doing in the room of a high ranking nun of a Covent?

Other questions came but I was too lost in my thoughts to answer any of them. I rose to my feet and stared at the bed. Underneath the pillow was a book.

A novel.

I fished it out and stared at it.

Black Book Chronicles.

That was the name of the creepy novel. I stared at it and from the looks of it, I could tell it was a brown novel probably written in the 19s.

I scrambled out of the room and left immediately for my stable where I laid on my bed and thought about Cassandra.

That woman must be deeper in the things of sin than I was.

I glanced at the novel and opened it.

Black book Chronicles.

I wondered what’s Soo special about this book but i was determined to read it all the same.

The first story sounds kinda funny from the title:


It was about a virgin orphaned girl who was adopted into the Church. She was naive in the things of God but she had a zeal to serve him. She made an oat to give God the greatest service she can offer to him but she was confused how to go about it.

So this innocent girl of 16 met a friar and told him of her oat. The friar told her if she must offer God her greatest service, she should go to the deserts and pray and fast for revelation on how to go about her service.

Well to me, as foolish as the girl was, she went and prayed in the desert for days without food and water.

One day, she sighted a hut with a camp fire. Approaching the hut, she met a holy man. After the man must’ve given her bread and some water to drink, he asked her why she was alone in the desert for she was such a young girl.

The girl told him her mission and asked if he could help her in growing her spiritual faith and teach her more about the things of God.

The holy man stared at her. She was of no doubt, beautiful and young. If he kept her with him, he’d be tempted to sleep with her and he was not the type to commit such sins before God.

And so this holy man refused and sent her away to another holy man who he said was more holier than him.

When the young girl arrived and told the holy man about her mission, he too, afraid he might be tempted as well, sent her to another holy man a little further away from him.

And so the girl came to this young holy man who after she must’ve told him her mission, he agreed to teach her the things of God and assist her in her mission.

After spending two days with this young man, he began having tempting sexual urge towards the young innocent girl. She was Soo beautiful and young and ripe. But he was a holy man. He can’t commit such a sin before God.

Then after a while he succumbed into temptation and he began plotting on how to take this girl as his own. He didn’t want to frightened her nor did he want to rape her.

He suddenly thought of an idea.

The next day, he called the young girl into his room and sat her down.

” My dear, it’s about time you offer your greatest service to God, today. Are you sure you are ready?” He asked.

” Yes, sir,” she answered. ” I’m ready to do anything.”

Now the young man began to lecture her about the devil. He told her why the devil was cast to hell. He explained to her how harsh and mean the devil was and how God loves people who puts devil into hell.

The girl listen with intense attention. ” So you mean people who pleases God the most are people who puts devil Into hell?”

” Yes,” he said. ” Are you ready to put the devil Into hell?”

” I’m ready to do it,” she said.

” Good,” he smiled. ” Anything you see me do, you do it without hesitation you understand?”

” Yes, your grace,” the young girl said.

Then this young man started stripping off his clothes until he was stark naked. The girl also got rid of her clothes. Then the man knelt down in a position as if he was about to pray. The girl also did the same.

When the man looked up and saw the beauty of the girls body, he’s manhood started to rise, strong and stiff.

The girl watched this and marvelled. ” Sir, what Is this thing that you have that I don’t that is rising from your body?”

He winced in pain and began growling. ” My dear, this is the devil I’m telling you about. He’s killing me. He’s causing me Soo much pains and discomfort.”

The girl laughed and clapped. ” Wow, meaning I’m better off than you. It must be very painful.”

” Yes,” the young man said, ” but you have hell. And God loves people who puts devil Into hell.”

The girl looked underneath her and nodded. ” Oh, I understand. So what will happen if you put devil into my hell?”

The man smiled. ” Then the devil will leave me alone and I’ll be free of his torture.”

The girl looked amazed. ” Just like that? Well let’s try and put your devil into my hell so that we can save your life.”

” Thank you, my dear,” he said and he opened her legs and went in.

The girl cried for it was her first Time. It made me think of the young nuns I’ve disvirgined.

” Oh my,” she cried. ” This devil must be a wicked one for he even torture my hell with his big head.”

The man consoled her and the devil left him.

The next day, the devil returned back and the girl was willing to freely opened her hell to get rid of the devil.

With Time she began to enjoy her new job of putting devil into hell and whenever she sees the devil rising, she grabs the young man and returns the devil back to where he rightfully belongs.

I stopped reading this very Interesting story and smiled.

So this was what Cassandra was enjoying every night before going to bed. I ran back to her room and quietly hid the novel back into her pillow. There were other stories to be read but there was no time to read all.

I was certain about one thing though. Cassandra was a bad, spoilt, dirty, pervert ???

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