Black Book Chronicles

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Note: 18+ ? adult contents


Jide was my best friend right from childhood. We’re like brothers. He lost his parents at an early young age and my parents took it upon themselves to support him until he was old enough to take care of himself. Now my parents are dead too, leaving me a nice inheritance to enjoy. I was one of the youngest richest youth in my locality and possibly the most handsome of them all.

” Like seriously man,” Jide continued his tale. ” Those girls are the bomb but the mother Superior is a pain in the ass. She’s very dangerous. She was the one who sacked me. If it wasn’t for her, I’d have still kept my job.”

” This your job,” I cut in. ” What do you do anyway.”

” Very simple, I feed the chickens, do the gardening, cut the firewood because at the Covent, they don’t use gas. Mobile gadgets aren’t even allowed. No WiFi, no Facebook, no electricity. They’re very old fashioned,” Jide explained.

” And you’re being paid, how much?” I asked.

” Fifteen thousand naira,” Jide said. ” It isn’t much but at least I get fed there.”

I looked away in disgust. ” What a place to live in. I wouldn’t take up such a job if it’s that terrible. Such a shame those young girls preferred going to a Covent.”

” Yeah,” Jide nodded. ” It’s quite a pity. But they asked for it. Believe me, some of these girls were born into rich families. They just wanted to dedicate themselves to God.”

I shrugged. ” Funny enough, I’m also a virgin.”

Jide laughed. ” Yeah, I remembered now. So when are you going to break it.”

” Break what?”

” Your virginity ofcourse.”

I rolled my eyes. ” I don’t know. Maybe never.”

Jide groaned. ” Boris, don’t you think it’s about time you grow up. You’re not longer a kid. Go get yourself a woman for once in your life and get some joy out of her. Or if you like, you can visit the nunnery and ask one of the young nuns, they’d love it.”

I laughed at his joke. ” Nice try, Jide but that’s not happening either.”

But then again it strucked a nerve in me.

Black Book Chronicles - S01

Black Book Chronicles - S01

1 year ago